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  • Nancy protects Shane and Silas from new enemies; Dean and Doug team up to topple Celia; Andy makes a new life plan that involves Audra.

  • In this week's episode of Weeds. . . With the arrival of sudden new enemies, Shane and Silas needs Nancy's protection. Meanwhile, Andy plans his future with Audra, while Doug and Dean make a plan to put an end to Celia's marijuana business.


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  • Nancy freaks out as Cesar bandages Shane's arm in the back of Esteban's moving car. The bullet went through his arm. Shane's in shock, and a little drunk from the booze they're giving him. Nancy wants to go to the hospital. Esteban calls his men and tells them to find out who sent the shooter.

    Cesar says they can't go because hospitals report bullet wounds and besides, he was a nurse in the army. He'll handle dressing the wound.

    They drive over a bump. It was the shooter. Nancy copes by chugging liquor a monster gulp of vodka.

    Doug tries to sell You're Pretty cosmetics outside a gym, asking young Nature Scouts for advice. A woman comes up, recognizing his product. She asks Doug if he knows Celia. He says he's got the same stuff. Good, she says, because she's out of "eyeshadow." Then she adds that her husband would kill her if he knew how much she spent on weed.

    Doug pauses, asking what she's talking about. The Nature Scout clarifies: "She thinks you're selling pot like your friend, you f---- idiot."

    Dr. Dr. Audra Kitson (Alanis Morissette) bandages Shane's arm. She gives him Percocet, which Andy immediately breaks into.

    A series of visitors drops by Shane on the couch in Esteban's house.

    Silas notes that every time he thinks s--- can't get more eff'd up, s--- gets more eff'd up.

    Nancy tries to keep from crying. Andy enjoys his narcotics.

    Esteban tells him no one will be getting inside or near him, then he gives him his watch as guilt-balm.

    Cesar begs him not to tell anyone he was a nurse. "Say 'medic.'"

    Nancy apologizes again.

    "It was bound to happen sooner or later," Shane says.

    She promises him he'll never get hurt again. He tells her to worry about baby Stevie Ray.

    Celia finds Ignacio, her previous coke hook-up, prepping for a Lucha Libre fight. She's momentarily mesmerized by his cup. They talk business. She needs weed, a steady supply. He agrees and after a lively negotiation, they settle on a 20 percent cut.

    Ignacio goes to fight as Perro Insano. In case your Spanish is rusty, his dog mask and rabid growling should help translate "insane dog."

    Nancy finds Cesar in the yard. She thinks the bullet was meant for her. She asks who wants her dead. Cesar says "a person who will not stop until she gets what she wants."

    He tells her she'd never get close to Pilar.

    She picks up his gun and aims it at him, suggesting she just go after the person who's been informing to Pilar instead.

    He couldn't go through with it because he realized her death would be the end of Esteban.

    She says she'll forget his momentary lapse in loyalty because he spared her life. But he her hurt kid. She checks that he's right handed, aims right and tells him to count. On "two," she shoots him in the left arm.

    Andy sneaks up on Dr. Kitson rifling through Esteban's medical supplies. He demands a date for his silence. He suggests hearing some jazz (he cites "Dr. Teeth," the Muppet, as a jazz musician). She says no.

    He asks why she flirted with him at Stevie Ray's "weenie roast."

    She says she was too harsh with him on the date, so she gave him a second look. And that's when she saw he was hung up on Nancy.

    He denies it, but says he's trying to man up by playing baby daddy. He accuses her of just making excuses. She's about to leave when Cesar comes in, holding his arm, and calls her on her pilferage.

    Silas checks in on Shane, staring into space in the living room. He hasn't taken any pain pills yet. He says he likes the way it feels, he doesn't have to think about anything else.

    He says it's great.

    Silas finds this understandably disturbing.

    Dean moves Celia's stuff into her condo. He admires her steel-lined door, four door locks and video-monitored front door. He says she's "scary good at this." But he asks how he'd get in. She suggests he develop a secret knock.

    When he's in the hallway, she locks the door and calls security on the "sweaty Jew" in her hallway.

    Nancy tries to sell Silas on traveling Europe on Esteban's dime. He leaves tomorrow.

    Esteban comes in and tells Nancy he has been replaced as candidate for governor.

    Doug confronts Dean, who says Celia forced him to steal their weed. Dean says he got screwed by her, too, they're in it together.

    Doug pours himself a nice steaming cup of coffee. First they have to get even.

    He tells Dean to whip 'em out and dunk 'em. And no prepping first, "flaccid in the acid."

    Dean only tries to argue for a moment, then realizes he's stuck. He dunks in his man bits.

    Nancy tries to convince Esteban to fight Pilar, but he says there's no point. She won. Now they can get married. He can't put her or her family in any more danger. She asks if he'd win if it wasn't for her. He says yes. She tells him to do it.

    Silas finds Nancy and Esteban poolside and tells them he doesn't want to go to Europe. Nancy says he has to because Esteban is running as an independent. Silas doesn't think his brothers will be fine around her.

    Floating in the pool, Shane refuses to apologize for burping and demands more beer after his is warm.

    Instead, Silas says he'll be moving in.

    Andy visits Nancy with paperwork to put Esteban on the birth certificate.

    Nancy asks if he has a plan.

    He's going to go back to the house and chart out the topography his life and call a girl who calls him on his crap.

    He sees that Nancy loves Esteban and is "going down a road."

    He kisses her sweetly on the cheek. They tell each other they think they're happy for the other.

    Andy's skipping the wedding.

    Esteban and Nancy get married in the kitchen with Ignacio (weeping with happiness in a powder blue tux) and Silas and Shane as witnesses. The cake is Entennman's.

    Nancy visits Guillermo, her old dealer partner and recent life-threatener, in his conjugal visit trailer. She's there on business. She wants Pilar dead. She brought wedding cake.

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