Fright Night (2011) Poster


Sandra Vergara: Ginger


  • Ginger : Good show tonight right, baby-cakes?

    Peter Vincent : You were late again on the "Devil's Torture Chamber".

    Ginger : I have something for you, look.

    [she gives him the middle finger] 

    Ginger : You were early again. In the bedroom.

    Peter Vincent : Fuck you!

    Ginger : I will fuck myself. Someone's gotta do it.

  • Peter Vincent : Ginger, we got a delivery.

    Ginger : [eating ice cream]  I'm watching my program! You get it!

    Peter Vincent : You're TiVo-ing it, you lazy cow!

  • Charley Brewster : [entering Peter's penthouse and seeing his artifacts]  Wow. This is all his stuff?

    Ginger : He started collecting tarots and Ouijas. Gateway stuff. Now scholars, they call him for answers. Those books, the forgotten texts, the Agrippa. He's read them all.

    [Charley tries to touch an item] 

    Ginger : No, no. Don't touch anything. He's PMS-y today. Sensitive little girl. Over there, that's haunted antiques. Cursed stuff! And that's... that's Peter's honorary degree from LVSU. But he got it off the internet.

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