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Leslie Mann: Linda



  • Blu : [as Tulio is making strange bird like noises in front of him]  Linda! Little help here! Linda?

    Linda : Wow! You're actually communicating!

    Tulio : Yes! Yes! I introduced myself and shook my tail feathers counter clockwise, thus referring to his dominance.

    Blu : [to himself]  I did not get that at all.

  • Tulio : I'm not really built for this weather.

    Linda : Oh, are you looking for some books?

    Tulio : Books? No! No! I have come six thousand miles, looking for him.

    [pointing to Blu] 

  • Linda : Um. Look, I know you're doing your job, but I can't... well, Blu is very particular. And we have our little routine here. And we're not big on travel. Heck, he doesn't even fly!

    Tulio : But of course he can fly.

    [takes Blu and inspects him] 

    Tulio : He's a perfect specimen.

    Linda : Uh... what you are doing?

    Tulio : Don't worry, their natural instincts always tell them to fly.

    [he lets Blu go so that he will fly] 

    Linda : Wait! Wait! Wait! No! No!

    [Blu crashes on to the ground] 

    Tulio : Well, almost always.

    Linda : Blu!

  • Linda : [to Blu after picking him up from his fall]  Are you okay?

    Tulio : Perhaps he's too domesticated.

    Linda : It was very nice of you to stop in and squawk around and throw my bird. But now it's time for you to go.

    Tulio : Well... I... I'm very sorry. I'm... I'm very sorry. But... wait... wait! Linda! Linda!

    [Linda walks him out of her shop] 

    Tulio : This could be our last chance.

    Linda : Have a safe flight.

    [she shuts her shop door in his face and walks away] 

    Tulio : Linda, please listen to me! If we don't do this, his whole species will be gone!

    [he throws his business card through her shop door post flap] 

    Tulio : Just think about it.

  • Linda : [crying after finding out Blu has been taken]  This is all my fault!

    Tulio : No, Linda! Linda! Please! This is not your fault.

    Linda : You're right. It's not my fault. It's your fault!

    Tulio : What?

    Linda : With your little bird talk! And that whole 'last of his species'! Well, you know what? Squawk, squawkety, squawk, squawk! Haah!

    [realizing what she's done] 

    Linda : I'm sorry! I didn't mean to curse!

    Tulio : I... I don't understand. Sylvio is the best guard in the business!

  • Police Officer : [Linda and Tulio watch as Sylvio gets questioned by a police officer]  So let me get this straight? You were attacked by a little white bird?

    Sylvio : Yes! With this rag!

    [he holds up a small white rag] 

    Sylvio : He held it to my mouth, like... like this!

    [he holds the rag against his mouth, takes a breath and faints to the ground; the police officer catches the rag, takes a sniff of it and also faints] 

    Linda : We're doomed.

  • Tulio : You know your macaw is a very special bird. In fact, as far as we know, Blu is the last male of his kind.

    Linda : Really?

    Tulio : Yes. And recently we've found a female and our hope is to bring the two of the them together to save their species.

    Linda : Oh! Well, yeah! Sure! When can she come over?

    Tulio : Oh, no, no! She's in Brazil. Blu must come to Rio de Janeiro.

    Linda : [laughing]  Rio. Brazil. Oh, no! No. No. No. No. No. No! I never let Blu out of my sight. He needs me.

    Tulio : Oh, no! You... you misunderstand. It's all arranged. You will be with him every step of the way. And I will be with you.

  • Linda : [to Blu]  I promised I would always look out for you, didn't I? And have I ever broken a promise. I'm scared too. But I wouldn't make you do this if it wasn't the right thing to do. What do you say, Blu?

    [she holds out her hand in a punch, Blu touches his beak and punches his claw to her hand in agreement] 

    Linda : That's my big, brave boy. And we'll be back home before we even know it.

  • Linda : [in the bird sanctuary]  So, where's Jewel?

    Tulio : Oh, we have a special place for Jewel. She's a very spirited bird.

    Aviary Intern : Aahh! I'll say.

    [he turns and his face is covered in scratches and bruises] 

    Blu : She did that? Ah, charming! Okay, I wanna go home now!

    Tulio : [as he hears Blu squawk with fear]  No, no! Don't worry. I'm gonna make you look irresistible.

  • Linda : [Linda watches on the monitor as Blu and Jewel struggle, thinking they're mating]  Wow! That was fast.

    Tulio : Lionel Richie. Works every time. We should probably give them some privacy.

  • Tulio : Nice of you to join me for dinner. I often eat alone. Oh, uh... because, of course I work.

    Linda : [laughing]  I thought I was the bird nerd until I met you.

    Tulio : Yes. Right. Do you have a favorite bird?

    Linda : Well, obviously I'm a blue macaw kinda gal.

    Tulio : [laughing]  That makes sense. They are very handsome birds.

    Linda : Actually, it's the brains I'm more attracted to. I'm not so impressed by fancy feathers.

    Tulio : I know exactly what you mean. My favorite bird is a spotted owl. I've always been mesmerized by those big, round, intelligent eyes.

    [he looks at Linda's eyes which are big, round, and intelligent-looking] 

  • Linda : [last lines; Linda watches as Blu flies away behind Jewel towards the jungle]  That's my big brave boy.

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