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Tao Okamoto: Mariko



  • Mariko : This is Mieko from the hotel and her grandson, Hitoshi.

    Logan : Is he a doctor?

    Mariko : In a matter of speaking, yes. He's a veterinarian... student. Large animal.

    Logan : Thanks.

    [Logan tries to shake the boy's hand and the boy draws back fearfully] 

    Logan : Whoa.

    Mariko : You may have cut him once or twice while he was stitching you.

  • [Logan looks inside the Silver Samurai armor] 

    Yashida : Logan-san, don't look so shocked. With you at my side, I survived Nagasaki. Surely, I could survive this... It's all right. It won't take long. Dr. Green and I have been waiting. It's only this armor that's kept me alive. We built it to make me strong, so I can take what you would not give. And transfer your unwanted healing to my body. My legacy must be preserved. Your mistake was to believe that a life without end can have no meaning - it is the only life that CAN.

    [he begins to start turning younger from the adamantium] 

    Yashida : Hold on... We are almost there! The peace, the peace you've wanted. Your reward. You know, I'm giving you the very death you longed for. This feeling to be invincible, like you...

    Mariko : [stabs Yashida]  You are a monster!

    Yashida : Mariko, it's me! Your grandfather!

    Mariko : [stabs him again]  I buried my grandfather!

  • Logan : Your grandfather called me a ronin, a samurai without a master. He said I was destined to live forever, with no reason to live.

    Mariko : Was he right?

    Logan : Yes.

    Mariko : Still?

    [they kiss] 

  • Mariko : When I was a little girl, I had nightmares. I'd wake up and run to my parents. My father would get angry. "Go back to bed. Face your fears." My grandfather was different. He told me stories about Kuzuri, his friend. Who he met at the bottom of a well. He said the Kuzuri was magical and saved his life. He said Kuzuri would save me, too, as I slept in my bed. Who's Jean? Is she like you? What happened to her?

    Logan : She died. I killed her. Along with the Kuzuri.

  • Mariko : Am I wrong to think you might visit me soon?

    [Mariko and Logan kiss] 

    Mariko : Stay.

    Logan : I can't, Princess. I'm a soldier, and I've been hiding too long.

  • Logan : [sees a picture]  This is the guy from the funeral, the archer. He was your boyfriend.

    Mariko : That's Harada. We were village champions that summer. He with the bow and me with the knives.

  • Logan : So, where are we headed, Mariko?

    [Mariko doesn't answer] 

    Logan : Where are we going?

    Mariko : I'm going to the end of the line. My family has a home in the South.

    Logan : That's stupid. No offense, but they're gonna know to look for you there.

    Mariko : Not this place.

    Logan : Look, you wanna be left alone?

    Mariko : Yes.

    Logan : I understand.

    Mariko : Do you?

    Logan : Oh, yeah. Trust me. Problem is, if I do that, I don't think you're gonna live to see the end of the day. You can't pretend shit isn't happening when it is, Princess, unless you want to die. In that case, you're playing this perfectly.

  • Harada : The Viper woman is evil, but we both know that. But she's a mean to an end. An end your grandfather wanted. You need to trust me. Is that hard? We were meant to be together. We still can be.

    Mariko : Perhaps.

  • Logan : I was here when it happened. It's how I met your grandfather. We hid in there.

    [points to a former bunker] 

    Mariko : I heard the stories. My grandfather would say what happened was proof that everything in the world finds peace. Eventually. That man can recover from anything. Maybe you, too.

  • Mariko : I am the head of this family now.

    Viper : And why do you suppose that is? Why do you think the old man chose you? Because you are strong? Or because you are weak?

  • Logan : So the other night at the house, when you uh... ran out in the rain, what did mean?

    Mariko : My grandfather was dying.

    Logan : You knew he was gonna die, he'd been sick for a long time.

    Mariko : It wasn't his death I feared.

    Logan : What then?

    Logan : What did he tell you that night? Mariko, why did your father hit you?

    Mariko : I was trying to warn him.

    Logan : About what? What did your grandfather tell you?

    Mariko : He told me... that in three days, when they read his will I will become the most powerful person in Japan. He gave it all to me.

    Logan : The company.

    Mariko : I didn't want it. He knew that. I don't understand why he gave it to me. It was all my father dreamed of.

    Logan : And that's why.

  • Logan : What about this fiancé of yours, Nostromo?

    Mariko : Noburo.

    Logan : Does he know about this?

    Mariko : No.

    Logan : Why are you marrying him? He seems like kind of an asshole.

    Mariko : My father arranged it, last year.

    Logan : What?

    Mariko : It gives him better access to the political theater. To disobey my father would be to dishonor him. I don't expect you to understand. You are not Japanese.

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