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Rila Fukushima: Yukio



  • [Logan throws Noburo off the balcony of his condominium... into a swimming pool] 

    Yukio : How did you know there's a pool down there?

    Logan : I didn't.

  • [after Logan is given a bath and haircut by Yashida's servants, he follows Yukio to meet Yashida. He notices her smiling] 

    Logan : What?

    [Yukio continues to smile] 

    Logan : What?

    Yukio : You look nice.

    Logan : I feel violated.

  • Noburo : Shingen! Shingen!

    Logan : Keep going.

    Noburo : Since he got sick... old man Yashida spent billions on doctors, healers. Stockpiling adamantium at his lab in the North... secretly trying to prolong his life. He brought the company to the edge of bankruptcy! He was obsessed with you!

    [chatters at Yukio in Japanese] 

    Logan : [punches him]  English!

    Noburo : Shingen lied, protected the old man... concealed the debt from stockholders and the board. He tried to be a good son and thought he'd be rewarded.

    Logan : And then the old man left everything to his granddaughter.

    Yukio : [glares at Noburo]  If Mariko got all the power, she would dump his ass.

    Noburo : It's true... Mariko would have NEVER gone through with the wedding... not once the will was revealed... She never took to me...

    Logan : Oh, really? A class act like you?

    Noburo : Shingen promised me a fortune for my help.

    Logan : So you put a hit on his daughter. Is that it?

    Noburo : Political careers do not last forever...

    Logan : That's right...

    [grabs and hauls Noburo] 

    Noburo : Wait! Wait! No! You wanted the truth. I TOLD YOU THE TRUTH!

    Logan : I didn't like it!

    [hurls Noburo through a window] 

  • Yukio : You're a soldier, and you seek what all soldiers do.

    Logan : And what's that?

    Yukio : An honorable death. An end to your pain.

    Logan : Who says I'm in pain?

    Yukio : A man who has nightmares every night of his life is in pain.

  • [last lines] 

    Yukio : So, have you decided?

    Logan : What?

    Yukio : Mariko says we can go wherever we want. Just say where.

    Logan : What are you doing?

    Yukio : I'm your bodyguard. So, where do you want to go?

    Logan : Uh... Let's just start with up.

    Yukio : And then?

    Logan : We'll see.

    Yukio : Interesting.

  • [Yukio leads Logan to the bathroom, where they are greeted by two women behind a hot tub] 

    Yukio : Shizo and Saki are going to disinfect you. Give you a shave.

    Logan : Like hell they are!

    [Yukio draws a knife at him] 

    Yukio : Get in the tub!

    Logan : Whoa.

    Yukio : Get in the tub!

    Logan : Really?

  • Logan : A lot of people have tried to kill me, and I'm still here.

    Yukio : Yeah, but you're different now, aren't you? They can hurt you. They can kill you.

  • [Logan catches Noburo carousing with two strippers] 

    Logan : Call me old fashioned, but I thought being engaged meant you were done with this kind of bullshit.

    Noburo : I am the Minister of Justice. Do you have any idea what I could do to you?

    Logan : Really? You're gonna try and talk tough standing there in your red underwear?... You have ten words... TEN words... to explain to me why YOU, the Minister of Justice, would want your fiancée killed by the Yakuza. And if I don't like what you say, you're goin' through that window!

    Noburo : You don't have the faintest idea what's going on...

    [Logan punches Noburo] 

    Logan : How many words was that?

    Yukio : Nine.

    Logan : Nine... You have one word left.

  • [Logan sees a device on his heart] 

    Logan : I gotta get this thing out of me!

    Yukio : How?... No, Logan. I saw you die. I'm never wrong. I'm never wrong!

    Logan : You're not always right. You didn't know the old man was gonna bite it.

    Yukio : I saw you die in a room like this with your heart in your hand!

    Logan : I can't leave her with those freaks and killers, Yuk. I'm the only chance she's got - but not with that thing inside me!

    Yukio : You're going to die, Logan!

    Logan : Maybe that's okay...

    [he cuts open his chest] 

    Yukio : No, listen to me, Logan! No! Stop! Logan!

    Logan : You're not gonna want to watch this part...

    [Logan reaches into his chest for the device on his heart] 

  • [Wolverine takes a bottle to the face in a bar] 

    Logan : Damn. That hurt.

    [pulls the glass from his and pops his claws] 

    Logan : Sorry, Jean.

    Yukio : [stops him]  I wouldn't bother with them. Most of them will die soon anyway, without your help. Three of them, a week from now in the same truck.

  • Logan : I said, wait in the car.

    Yukio : You need backup. You're not safe, not in your condition. Just think of me as your bodyguard.

  • Yukio : [draws a katana]  This sword is hundreds of years old and was named Danzan by the first samurai who used it. Danzan means "separator" in Japanese. The ideal weapon for separating head and limb from body.

  • Yukio : [puzzled at Yashida's passing]  He's dead... I didn't foresee it...

  • Yukio : I was wrong.

    Logan : Told you.

  • Yukio : Stay away from him.

    Shingen : He killed your master, put hands on your sister. And now you want him? You'll always be a beggar.

    Yukio : You're crazy.

  • Viper : Now you die!

    Yukio : Today is not my day.

    [wraps an elevator cable around Viper's neck and drops an elevator down] 

  • Shingen : Your gaijin friend, where is he?

    Yukio : Last I saw, he was protecting your daughter.

    Shingen : You are a toy doll. A companion for a child who has outgrown you. Keep that in mind

  • Yukio : When I was five, I knew how my own parents would die. Then I watched it happen from the back seat...

  • Logan : You said you knew the future of those assholes in the bar.

    Yukio : I know they are going to die. We are all going to die.

    Logan : You said they would die in the same truck, in a week. If you're right, that's quite a talent.

    Yukio : We don't all have claws.

    Logan : So, do I die on this plane?

    Yukio : No. Not on this plane.

  • Yukio : I saw you die.

    Logan : What?

    Yukio : I saw you die.

    Logan : What? Just now?

    Yukio : A while ago. But it's not like I get a complete picture. More like looking through a keyhole. But I'm always right. All I can see is one part of a person's life... their death. And I saw yours.

    Logan : So, what did you see?

    Yukio : I see you on your back. There's blood everywhere. You're holding your own heart in your hand. It's not beating.

    Logan : [opens car door]  I don't have time for this shit.

  • Yukio : It's a trap, Logan...

  • Logan : Take me to Noburo.

    Yukio : Logan...

    Logan : Take me to him.

    Yukio : I need to tell you something...

    Logan : Do it! Now!

  • Logan : [watching Shingen fight]  He's good.

    Yukio : He's all right.

  • Yukio : Why did you go into the bar, if not to seek justice?

  • Yukio : I've been trying to find you for over a year.

    Logan : Why?

    Yukio : [refers to samurai sword]  To give you that. My employer wanted you to have it.

    Logan : Who's your employer?

    Yukio : Master Yashida. He said it belongs to you, and that he's paying all debts. Master Yashida is dying. He wants to thank you for saving his life all those years ago. He knows that you are a... busy man. But he very much wants to say his goodbye in person.

    Logan : All right, where is he?

    Yukio : Tokyo.

    Logan : Wait... I'm not going to Japan.

    Yukio : It would be dishonorable for you to refuse his request.

    Logan : Well, apologize to Mr. Yashida, I'm not going to Tokyo. All right? I've got things to do.

    Yukio : Do not apologize. It's been an honor just to meet the Wolverine.

    Logan : That's not who I am anymore, you understand?

  • Logan : So, what happened to the badass in boots?

    Yukio : Master Yashida is traditional. One eye on the past and the other on the future.

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