The Wolverine (2013) Poster


Svetlana Khodchenkova: Viper



  • Shingen : What are you?

    Viper : A chemist, a nihilist, a capitalist, a mutation.

    [licks a pen] 

    Viper : A viper.

    [stabs Shingen with the pen] 

  • Viper : I'm sorry, I wish I could say more, but I was hired in part for my discretion.

    Logan : I'm sure you were.

    Viper : That and a certain talent for combining biochemistry and metaphysics. High-grade toxins are my specialty. It helps to be genetically immune to every poison known to man, as I am. And immune to the toxin that is man himself as I am.

    Logan : I'll tell you what, you twisted mutant bitch, why don't you open these bracelets and we'll see who's made of what?

    [Logan pops his claws trying to break the bracelets] 

    Viper : The claws. Now we can begin.

  • Viper : Now you die!

    Yukio : Today is not my day.

    [wraps an elevator cable around Viper's neck and drops an elevator down] 

  • Harada : The mutant has powers.

    Viper : He's just a man, now. His flesh is weak now. I did that. I suppressed his power so he could be taken.

  • Mariko : I am the head of this family now.

    Viper : And why do you suppose that is? Why do you think the old man chose you? Because you are strong? Or because you are weak?

  • Logan : [struggling in a chair]  I can do this all day, you twisted mutant bitch!

    Viper : You have courage... but that won't save you now.

    [the Silver Samurai activates] 

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