The Wolverine (2013) Poster


Hiroyuki Sanada: Shingen


  • [Shingen stabs Logan with a katana, to no purpse] 

    Shingen : What kind of monster are you?

    Logan : The Wolverine!

    [stabs Shingen] 

  • Shingen : What are you?

    Viper : A chemist, a nihilist, a capitalist, a mutation.

    [licks a pen] 

    Viper : A viper.

    [stabs Shingen with the pen] 

  • Yukio : Stay away from him.

    Shingen : He killed your master, put hands on your sister. And now you want him? You'll always be a beggar.

    Yukio : You're crazy.

  • Logan : Where's Mariko?

    Shingen : That Viper bitch took her. It was my father's obsession with mutation, with God's mistakes like you and her, that ruined this house.

  • Logan : Your father was a good man.

    Shingen : He would often say the same about you. But then, he was always fascinated with your kind. Tell me, why do you think he sent for our little Yukio to fetch you?

    Logan : To say goodbye.

    Shingen : And now you have. Time for you to go back to your cave.

  • Shingen : Your gaijin friend, where is he?

    Yukio : Last I saw, he was protecting your daughter.

    Shingen : You are a toy doll. A companion for a child who has outgrown you. Keep that in mind

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