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Mia Culpa indeed.
joey_vijay19 March 2010
What can I say? Hank Moody was always a constant source of inspiration for me, albeit, not a good one, in the moral sense.

That said, it was truly painful to watch this finale. Not in a bad way, don't get me wrong. In the world of TV series, this finale is probably the best that could come our way. Painful, depressing, cliff-hanging.

Personally, since I've always had this weird emotional attachment to Hank Moody, it really saddened me to see how it ended. Kudos to the writers though, the writing just keeps improving with every single episode. The poetic flow of it all is just incredible.

I'm absolutely stoked to see what Tom Kapinos & Co have in store for us come Season 4!
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An "unexpected" twist keeps us hanging on for 10 months again...
kepp8215 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
*** Possible spoilers *** However we were warned right at the beginning - "previously on Californication" - that Mia was gonna re-appear; and they are packing to move to NY, still, the actual end hit my gut.

Karen's patience, forgiveness has now finally ended and Hank has eventually got tired of his past coming back, he allegorically tries to punch the memories from coming back - failed. Utterly understandable reaction, giving me a final that overwhelmed my expectation.

The first season's final was shockingly feel-good.

This final was shockingly sorrowful, tragical and beautiful.

Kudos to whom the "Rocket Man" song was chosen by.
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Best finale ever!
death-to-neds14 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Season 1 of Californication ended on a high.

Season 2 raised the bar and gave a better finale.

Now David Ducovhny and the team have topped themselves yet again.

This finale was cliff hanging and tear jerking.

In this finale Mia is back with manager/ boyfriend before Hank and take off for New York.

Hank isn't out the hot water yet.

I can't wait to see what the writers have in stall for us next season.

This season has had it's ups and downs but this episode completely tops all previous episodes of Californication that have aired.

It is my absolute favourite show and can see this easily going for another 3 seasons at least.
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Quite possibly the best episode
mattiasflgrtll618 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Hank Moody always battles with his demons, but here even more so than usual.

The tense atmosphere when Mia and Hank talk is excellently done, you can tell he's screaming inside, wanting to get himself out of the nightmare you call a life he got into. And the scene at the pool where he hallucinates and past flames show up is beautifully directed by Hopkins. You feel with him, it's painful how aware he is that hell will break loose at any moment as something he hoped would be a secret forever now is ready to burst out like an alien bursts out of someone's chest. His angst, anger and frustration over the situation he finds himself into has never been better depicted and Duchovny proves to us once again why he is such a wonderful actor. And it's not only Moody who has a bad day, Charlie also does. He gives his career up and declines Sue's offer, only to discover Marcy still hasn't changed her mind about divorcing him. It's incredibly heartbreaking, since you know that without her he's just like Moody: trying to sexually relieve the pain away.

I am sad at the end of many episodes, but if there is one that truly tears me up... it's the ending to Mia Culpa. Hank has literally lost any chance he has gotten at establishing happiness, and the scene where he confesses his crime to Karen... I was shook. The police arrives and we have the song "Rocket Man" playing to describe Hank's despair over losing control over his life and taking the road down to hell... It's so goddamn depressing.

This is up there with the season 1 finale of 24 as the saddest television episode of all time. At worst, Californication is still entertaining. But man, at its best... it's a work of art.
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Words cannot define it !
unsaloroglu22 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Well it was the best season finale i have ever seen in TV series.Shocking ,disturbing and depressed.

Moody is at worst part of his life.Has 'Real' problems with his family and with himself and with laws.

I watched it again and again and again and still it has that effect.It makes you cry , it makes you like you blow 'cause of sorrow.

And the song 'rocket man' is the best choice for a finale like that.it doubles up the effect of this chapter.

I can't wait for the next season.I will watch all series again and again until memorize all the dialogs.

Watch these series and especially this finale you won't be regretted.
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You Will Cry
jonamo_cat12 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Will Hank's chickens swim home to roost? Or will he break some eggs in the pool? A Hank and Bourbon omelet is on the menu, tune in next season to see if he comes out on top or winds up on the bottom! There's no way of knowing, there's no way to judge, its NY vs. LA and H.M. Vs. T.S.O.C. Will he squeeze in a quick drink before the end of the world?

Will Becca squeeze in a quick.... Will Runkle squeeze out a..........quick....... Will New York live to see the light of moody again? Where's the money going to go? Who will get the movie rights? And do we really have to wait a whole year to find out?

Yes we do, you and I, who gives a fudge about Lost anymore since the time travel kicked off, who can stand to watch more than 30 seconds of heroes? Even though the writing if anything is still improving, and sure bored to death was OK, but i might get one second watch out of them at best. Personally im going to fill up these next 10 months watching just those episodes of Dawson's creek that the writer of californication wrote, and try to predict from those, he really hasn't done anything else that I know of. Does anyone else know of anything? Maybe a book?
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