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The narcissist stays in the picture - and ruins it
Maureenrk4 October 2012
Who is this spoiled narcissist who takes a great and rich subject like Halstom and abuses it, abuses his access to these incredible figures in fashion and Halston's life, and captures it all with terrible camera work and editing? This obviously wealthy grown up trust fund brat of a man had nothing better in his life to do so he took up "filmmaking". He had moments with great subjects to really delve into the life of Halston and destroys them. Who sits down for an interview with Andre and asks terribly unprepared questions, and when Andre  thankfully starts to take charge of the situation and gets into some good history he gets interrupted by this dope of a person who left their cell phone on? Seriously? Only a spoiled brat takes these situations for granted and leaves their cell phone on and an amateur leaves the scene in because they don't know how to properly edit. I really wanted to finish this movie because I adore Halston but I turned it off less than halfway through. I am saddened that this immature filmmaker is trying to ride a trend of fashion docs to somehow magically transport himself in a world he so poorly misunderstands. And with it he completely misses his mark exploring this wonderful American icon's life.
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jkochoa496614 March 2013
A documentary about Halston could be so great! Sigh. Unfortunately, this film seems to be poorly spliced together with interviews (if you could call them interviews) of some of the people who knew Halston in the fashion world, and others who were notably closest to him like Liza Minelli. The Good: Some great vintage photographs of Halston and models dressed in his clothes mostly during the late 70s disco scene. Some video clips of Halston in the early 1980s. Also the recollections of model Pat Cleveland were quite interesting and somewhat moving.

The Bad: There were "interviews" with the filmmaker's mother, music stars Billy Joel, Nile Rodgers and a few others that should have been edited. Liza Minelli's naive (untruthful?) recollections of Studio 54 and Halston's free-time seem frankly incredible. The Dupont twins obviously have some great knowledge about Halston and Studio 54, but the moderator rushed the conversation and miniscule information was gleaned. The rest of these interviews, with some greatly notable people, were all too brief and all over the place. A quick standup interview (who didn't even take the time to sit down) with Ming Vauze scratched the surface of a torrid tormented relationship of Halston with Victor Hugo, and the end of Halstons life in San Francisco while he suffered from AIDS.

The Ugly: Liza Minelli. Even the great Halston wasn't able to make her look attractive in any fashion, or daylight! Thus he was frequently seen with her out under the flashing colored disco lights of night. Andy Warhol. Hideous friend of Halston was shown in numerous photographs, but we'll not know after watching this documentary how close the two were, how well they got along and what their common interests were.
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Fantastic subject that is butchered by a self-serving, novice director!
mikethejanitor8 March 2015
Was this film about Halston? Or was it about the director's love FOR Halston? Whatever the case, it's terrible no matter how you view it. What a missed opportunity to convey a great story about the life and career of an American fashion icon.

Director Whitney Smith is deplorable in this documentary by driving around in a 70's Pontiac Firebird trying to be chic in 70's clothes and wigs.

He seems to have no idea how to conduct interviews and doesn't appear to be prepared to meet with the pretty impressive line-up of fashion elite and celebrities that are featured in this documentary.

And he does this looking and acting like a total clown/novice.

It's cringe worthy and embarrassing. The story of Halston is an amazing one with some great archival footage and story telling from the people that knew Halston. Sadly, the director focuses too much time on himself and not enough time on the subject matter.
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Ghastly Creep makes film about Ghastly Queen
boydwalters10 June 2012
And manages to leave all the sex and drugs out after flaunting that as the tag line Believe me the sex and drugs part would have been the only reason to make this film The film maker thinks he a form of Louis Theroux who ain't worth having a clone of anyway ... But would have made a more interesting film than this Liza Minelli denying knowing about the drugs and sex in Studio 54 ... Give me a break This really is a complete fiasco that is too scared to tell the truth ... About anything Lets just hope this creep never gets the chance to make another one of these things ... Whatever they are And the most of the people involved in the interviews need to learn a bit about honesty or just not bother
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