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  • After preparing a museum in D.C. for presidential visit, 2 Secret Service agents are transferred to an isolated warehouse 13 in South Dakota, where Artie sends them to Iowa to collect a supernatural artifact from a law school student.

  • Secret Service Agents Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering are assigned to protect an exposition in Washington D.C., but they fail and a rare Aztec stone is stolen. However, they are individually assigned to a matter of national security by the mysterious Mrs. Irene Frederic and they meet each other in a warehouse in South Dakota, the Badlands. They are welcomed by the clumsy Arthur "Artie" Nelson, who shows them thousand of artifacts stored there to protect mankind against their powers. Pete and Myka travel to Iowa to investigate the reason why law student Cody Thomas has beaten his girlfriend Emily Krueger. Cody speaks in ancient Italian with the agents and soon they discover that a jewel that belonged to Lucrecia Borgia is affecting Cody and his godmother Lorna Soliday.


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  • "Warehouse 13" - "Pilot" - July 7, 2009

    In the pilot for this new SyFy series we meet Secret Service agents Myka Bering and Pete Lattimer.

    We discover that she's a no-nonsense type and he's more of a gut reaction guy as we watch them securing a natural history museum for a presidential visit to a party for new exhibits.

    Myka dots all her i's and crosses all her t's with the main security man during the day before the visit and feels comfortable everything is 5x5 when the night begins. Pete spends the afternoon banging a chick who will be a waitress at the night's event and then shows up and just has a "vibe" that things are hinky. They bicker about it.

    He's right. Turns out earlier in the day a museum researcher preparing an Aztec "blood stone" mask cut himself on one of the teeth and has now been possessed by the warrior contained within. Or something. Later at the party the mask itself begins to bleed. Subsequently, the museum guy goes batty at the party and tries to stab the president. Myka disarms him handily.

    Pete grabs the mask and runs. As he takes it to a secluded area a mysterious figure materializes, grabs the mask, futzes with it until it unleashes some funky white light and then he disappears with the artifact.

    While Myka is hailed a hero who is going places by their boss Dickinson, Pete is suspended for suspicious behavior.

    When Pete arrives home a mysterious black woman named Mrs. Frederick is waiting in his apartment. She tells him he's being reassigned immediately to a remote outpost in S. Dakota and to get going.

    Pete arrives the next day at a massive warehouse. You guessed it, "Warehouse 13." Myka arrives on his heels. Both are perplexed as to just what they're doing there. He seems intrigued, she annoyed. Just then the mystery man from the museum seemingly materializes out of nowhere again. His name is Artie Nielsen, he's also Secret Service, and is the keeper of the many secrets of Warehouse 13. (He coordinates with the seemingly ageless Mrs. Frederick via vintage Philo Farnsworth video walkie-talkies).

    He explains as they enter that it is a government repository for the unexplained and that it is massive and special. (We get a dramatic pullback across the warehouse to demonstrate that it goes on for acres). They have been reassigned here to "snag, bag, and tag" objects that are out in the world that should be secured in the Warehouse like the previous evening's evil Aztec mask. The agents that have been assigned to W13 have all been killed, gone mad or missing besides Artie and Mrs. Frederick.

    Predictably, Myka is upset and phones Dickinson to get a transfer back asap since she's too valuable to be a glorified security guard. Pete, however, thinks it might be "crazy fun" to be on this particular mission. As Artie shows them around - on a cart powered by the electricity given off by their own bodies- a kettle mysteriously appears in Pete's hand. It is magical and grants wishes and he tells Pete to clear his mind. Myka who has been derisive of the whole situation grabs it and says she has a wish. As she does a ferret climbs out of the kettle. Artie explains that for some reason impossible wishes produce ferrets.

    After the tour, during which an artifact that belonged to Houdini accidentally falls into Myka's purse, Artie directs them to a local B&B, in the "Unnamed Unincorporated Settlement" in which Warehouse 13 is located. The house is run by the, you guessed it, mysterious and beautiful Lena. She reads auras. She senses Myka is uptight but that Pete is dialed into his special gifts.

    Later that night, unable to sleep, Myka and Pete chat a bit on the porch about family. His dad passed away when he was young. Her parents run a bookstore in Colorado and only mom is really proud of what Myka does. She is spooked because earlier in the day she had a vision of someone (boyfriend? former partner?) in her room. (There are vague allusions to an incident in Denver in which Myka was again a hero but people died, perhaps including this man.) She begins to ask Pete if he heard anything but dismisses it. (The artifact also fell out of her purse without her noticing).

    Back at WH13 Artie has an epiphany looking at the many maps, computer screens, corkboards, and walls of photos he has scattered around his workspace. He calls up live video from a police station in Seever City, IA where a boy named Cody Thomas is being booked.

    The next day he informs Myka and Pete that they must go to Iowa and find out why Cody was arrested for beating up his girlfriend Emily. For some reason he believes a dangerous supernatural object is behind turning this normally placid, orphaned young man, into a violent offender. He shows them a silver cylindrical object that looks like a huge ice bucket and tells them when they locate the artifact to put it in this, the neutralizer, and hopefully whatever powers the artifact will be neutralized. He gives them each a Farnsworth video walkie-talkie and an old school stun gun invented by Tesla. (The scientist not the hair metal band.) He sends them on their way. Lena hands over Houdini's wallet to Artie.

    Dickinson meanwhile has finally figured out where Pete and Myka are and gets a visit of his own from Mrs. Frederick who tells him that it's too bad but S. Dakota is where his agents are staying.

    In Iowa they interrogate Cody who seems normal until he starts reciting ancient Italian and getting nutty. They're not sure what's wrong with him and his lawyer, who is coincidentally his godmother is of no help, so they go to a Renaissance scholar on the campus of the college Cody goes to. The prof. translates the passage for them: "if people knew the reasons for my fear theyd be able to understand my pain."

    Now it's Myka who thinks something is off with the professor.

    And it turns out there is as we see him grab an old book that he's hidden in his office and worriedly call someone about the visit from the Secret Service. Later we see him meet with someone who puts the whammy on him with a bright light.

    Myka calls a friend to do a background check on the prof as Pete calls in the translation to Artie who has another epiphany. Turns out that the prof is lying about something so they go to chat with Cody's girlfriend Emily, who they saw leaving the prof's office.

    Artie is frantically searching W13 for a picture of something and to do so he takes a little journey on a zipline across the stacks. He lands in front of a painting he seems quite happy to see.

    Emily pleads ignorance and privacy and is of little use, except to say that since she got involved with theatre at school that maybe Cody was mad about that and that's why she was visiting the prof since he's consulting on the Machiavellian play they're performing and they will be having a party for the cast and crew later.

    The prof won't be at the party though because while Pete and Myka interrogated Emily, under some weird spell the prof went to a gas station, recited Italian, doused himself with gas and lit himself on fire.

    On the way to the prof's office they talk a bit about Pete's "vibes" and he says he's always had them and the one time he ignored them, he regretted doing so: when he was twelve, he had a feeling he would never see his dad, a firefighter, again; he was afraid to say anything, however, and that night his father died in a fire. The two agents search the professors office and find the book. The phrase is inscribed in the first page and there's a space for a missing object inside. Oddly, Cody's lawyer/godmother shows up to bad mouth Emily. It turns out lawyer/godmother dated the prof, until Emily seduced him, all while she was supposed to be dating Cody, so clearly she's trash whom lawyer/godmother must protect Cody from. The lawyer/godmother knows that at this very moment Emily and Cody are out preparing for the big Machiavellian party. She insists on going with the two agents.

    As all three drive off, lawyer/godmother gets increasingly loopy, ranting about Emily. Pete notices an ornamental comb in her hair that would be just about the right size to fit in the book and realizes that she's under some kind of spell. Just as he tells Myka to pull over, the woman grabs the wheel and crashes the SUV.

    We cut to Myka in the hospital with Dickinson telling her she has a visitor and it's the dead man from before. He leans over her and tells her it's time to get up. She snaps out of it and is lying beyond the car. She pulls Pete out and they video Artie. He explains the artifact belonged to famous Italian murderess Lucretia Borgia - whose portait he has (oddly, the producers actually used a copy of a painting from Lucas Cranach's school, 'way out of place) - and that her romantic anguish is what's causing lawyer-godmother to go ga-ga. The comb is like a "renaissance roofie", Artie says.

    Although they're both injured (and have no car?), Pete and Myka rush to the party. Lawyer/godmother has put the whammy on the whole crowd, which stands transfixed as Cody prepares to make a human sacrifice of Emily in a fire pit. Pete rushes the stage and is disabled by Cody. Lawyer/godmother whirls on the flanking Myka and begins to put the whammy on her saying that Myka too knows romantic anguish and gets Myka to turn her gun on herself. Just as Myka does, Pete finds his Tesla gun and briefly knocks her out. Cody advances on Pete with the gun Pete dropped, but Pete had kept the clip. Now revived and spell-free, Myka clocks the bewitched godmother. Myka and Pete grab the comb from the godmother's hair and put it in the neutralizer. The neutralizer freaks out throwing off wild energy sparks but eventually calms down. The spell breaks for everyone.

    The next day, Artie bags and tags the painting and book/jewelry box.

    Recovering at Lena's, Dickinson tells Myka that she can leave but that Pete has to stay. Mrs. Frederick sits across from Dickinson in his office and tells him that Myka has five seconds to decide. Myka decides to stay.

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