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1 Jan. 2013
Keep on Rowing
Jasmine and Crosby contemplate the future of their family as they welcome a new roommate. Kristina and Adam go on a much needed date night after she makes a drastic change to her appearance.
8 Jan. 2013
Small Victories
Drew and Amy receive overwhelming news. Adam and Kristina help Max adjust to teenage life. Meanwhile, Victor presents new challenges for Julia and Joel.
15 Jan. 2013
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
Julia and Joel struggle with a difficult decision involving Victor. Crosby and Jasmine are frustrated with Renee, causing tension in the house. Meanwhile, Kristina helps Max fight for a cause that he is passionate about.
22 Jan. 2013
Because You're My Sister
Jasmine and Crosby celebrate their anniversary and receive exciting news while Julia and Joel plan a family event.
26 Sep. 2013
It Has to Be Now
A healthy Kristina makes a momentous decision about her future, while Crosby struggles to bond with his daughter and Hank becomes friends with Max.
3 Oct. 2013
All Aboard Who's Coming Aboard
Amber and Ryan share their good news. Zeek refuses to discuss the future with Camille, and Adam struggles with Kristina's decision to run for mayor.
10 Oct. 2013
Nipple Confusion
Adam and Kristina agree on her campaign finances while Joel and Julia argue over Victor's future. Crosby and Jasmine have a breakthrough with Aida.
17 Oct. 2013
In Dreams Begin Responsibilities
Zeek takes a unique approach to Victor's problems, and Drew tries to be more than a friend to Natalie. Sarah clashes with Amber over the wedding.
24 Oct. 2013
Let's Be Mad Together
Boundary issues frustrate the Braverman clan as Max gets into trouble at school, and Crosby and Adam attempt to launch their own record label.
31 Oct. 2013
The M Word
The Bravermans need to rely on their wits as Kristina prepares for a debate, Sarah apologizes to Amber, and Camille makes an important announcement.
7 Nov. 2013
Speaking of Baggage
Max learns some interesting tidbits about Sarah's past. Camille embarks on her trip, while Julia finds herself turning to Ed more often for comfort.
14 Nov. 2013
The Ring
The family watches out for Zeek (Craig T. Nelson), but he ends up giving Sarah (Lauren Graham) some much needed advice. Tension rises in Julia's (Erika Christensen) household when she receives some unsettling news from Victor's (Xolo Mariduena) school. The media uncovers some skeletons in Kristina's (Monica Potter) closet that attract unwanted media attention on Adam (Peter Krause). Meanwhile Amber (Mae Whitman) makes a tough decision that rocks the boat with Ryan (Matt Lauria).
21 Nov. 2013
Election Day
Election day stirs up emotions amongst the family - Jasmine (Joy Bryant) and Crosby (Dax Shepard) use the election as a teaching moment for Jabbar (Tyree Brown), while Kristina (Monica Potter) and Adam (Peter Krause) keep hopes high. Julia (Erika Christensen) and Joel (Sam Jaeger) deal with Victor's (Xolo Mariduena) reservations and Amber (Mae Whitman) has some of her own, when the band asks her to sing guide vocals. Meanwhile Sarah (Lauren Graham) helps Hank (Ray Romano) with a family affair.
12 Dec. 2013
All That's Left Is the Hugging
Amber (Mae Whitman) addresses Ryan (Matt Lauria) about his issues with her hanging out with the band and struggles on whether or not to lean on Sarah (Lauren Graham) for support. Drew (Miles Heizer) asks his uncle Crosby (Dax Shepard) for advice on girls. Meanwhile, Julia (Erika Christensen) and Joel (Sam Jaeger) put their best foot forward for their family's sake and Adam (Peter Krause) shows his support for his wife Kristina (Monica Potter).

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