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Sex & Nudity

  • One scene of The Doctor arrainging a gay "fix-up" between Captain Jack and Midshipman Alonso Frame in a bar is about it.

Violence & Gore

  • As an action episode, this one does have a fair amount of fantasy violence. The episode opens with Rassilon disintigrating a dissenting Time Lord in a fit of pique. There is a somewhat graphic description of casualties in the Time War being killed in horrible ways to be ressurected and sent to fight again. This episode has much more intimate gunplay than one might expect from a typical installment of Doctor Who. At the beginning, one of the Vinvocci, masquerading as a Master guard, points an assault rifle at Wilf's head, before using the butt of the rifle to knock The Master unconscious. The Doctor has to choose between shooting The Master or Rassilon with Wilf's pistol, before deciding instead to shoot the machine that brought Gallifrey to Earth. The Master then tries to kill or incapacitate Rassilon with his energy blasts as he and the Time Lords are returned to the Time War.
  • Martha and Mickey are fighting a Sontaran warrior, and are pinned down under heavy fire -- the two are expecting to die, before The Doctor appears and clubs the Sontaran in the back of the neck, rendering him unconscious.
  • There is a prolonged aerial-action sequence where the Vinvocci ship has large amounts of missiles being fired at it, putting the characters in peril, before The Doctor jumps out of the ship through the skylight of the Naismith estate, becoming visibly cut and bloodied in the process.


  • Pretty much none - limited to "who the hell is that?" from the Master once. The "h" word is used several times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One scene is set at a bar, and people and other assorted extraterrestrials are drinking in the scene.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The episode has some brief scenes of peril, such as the Doctor falling through the Naismith Estate skylight, and the tense scene in which he has to choose whether to shoot Rassilon or The Master. The regeneration sequence is also much more intense and violent than in any other story (surpassed only by the sequence from the TV movie), showing the TARDIS console room set being blown to pieces.
  • The episode implies that all humans, save for Donna and Wilf, have been turned into the Master, including even those who have died and been buried, which could make for some frightening thoughts. And it's a bit freaky seeing all those Masters wandering around.
  • The Master's skeleton is visible in flashes occasionally, which may be potentially frightening, and it is now implied that this may cause him pain.

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