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Very Weird but Funny
TheOguysReviews19 August 2011
OK, If you want to see this film, you are going to have to go to YouTube, or somewhere where it is available.

This, Like most of J. G. Quintel's work, is very strange, but always has legitimate humor. It has laughs throughout, and although it has a dry sense of humor, it never dies down.

This is not for kids, They say the F word seven times, and the s word two times. Also, the whole story is about tripping out on Acid.

The animation is not that good, but, this is a film where very little people worked on, plus, it only had a budget of 500 bucks.

If this were part of a TV-MA show, i would expect people to like it. The slow and dry humor only makes it funnier because of the situation that the characters are in.

Well I liked it, What do you think?
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Amusing Warning: Spoilers
2 in the AM PM is an amusing short done by J.G. Quintel, the creator of the brilliant cartoon series "Regular Show". In this short, like in "The Naive man from Lolliland" we can appreciate some of the early concepts that eventually will appear in "Regular Show", mostly in what is concerned to the characters and the style of the humor. (Though it must be said that, unlike "Regular Show", this short is not for kids, and contains lots of adult humor) Even when the animation is far too simple (Basically, it seems like an animated storyboard) the story is quite funny and the surreal gags are pretty effective, having all the clever elements that eventually became one of the main characteristics from "Regular Show".

I recommend seeing it along with "The Naive Man from Lolliland", specially to all those who are "Regular Show" fans.
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Literally the greatest thing of all time
scifisteve-9627921 July 2018
His work on regular show made me want to check this out and I was not disappointed. This is one of the most humorous things I have ever seen. With so many witty and quotable lines and amazing voicework J.G. Really knocked it out of the park with this short. Do yourself a favor and take 7 minutes at any time of day and watch it.
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Memorable and helped spark the idea for the great cartoon Regular Show
jamespb-5730621 July 2018
This short film created by J.G. Quintel and Sam Martin is extremely entertaining and hilarious. Many memorable quotes that can be recited in conversation because of how funny they are. Eve with the basic animation the voicing is so good I must give 10/10. If you I'd give it lower... "Well, you thought wrong!"
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You probably need to be at least as high as the characters here to enjoy this one Warning: Spoilers
"2 in the AM PM" is an American 7.5-minute animated short film from 2006, so this one had its 10th anniversary last year already. Writer and director is Emmy winner J.G. Quintel (also one of the voice actors) and this is one of his early career efforts. It is basically the story of two gas station employees and what happens when they go on drug-induced hallucinations and don't see things exactly the way they are for the rest of the night. Nothing memorable or relevant for sure, just a bit of stoner comedy I guess. But these films must exist too. It's not a complete failure and there are maybe 1-2 mildly funny moments overall, but there are much more moments where the comedy is not working in this black-and-white film. I was tempted to give it an even lower rating, especially as the film goes out with a stupid fart sound joke, but I'll be generous here. Still obviously it's a thumbs-down and I don't recommend seeing it.
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