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TV's most unattractive washed-out and thoroughly worn characters
RavenGlamDVDCollector1 September 2017
I don't know where these guys are today, but I just know that producers couldn't have stood in a line outside their agents' offices.

Observe Kimber. Kelly Carlson is in all reality attractive, but this part, in my opinion, I feel it has so rubbed off on her that her entire career onwards would be ruined by the specter of Kimber hanging over her head. Some highly unattractive notions surround this thoroughly reprehensible (now oddly reformed) character... cheapening her. Aging, lost looks... In short, I'd think she'd have been well advised to invest her NIP/TUCK income wisely.

Watching this episode, it struck me how well kept she really is, but how I, The Raven, normally such a silver-tongue jackal, just have nothing but contempt for even the new reformed Kimber.

As for Julian McMahon, I've never ever been a fan of this second-rate actor. Ever since CHARMED, I cannot stand this two-bit hack. Today, watching this episode, I saw the final indictment against the aging lounge lizard. Can't act. Wouldn't even try. That sequence where Dr. Christian Troy's adventure into auto-erotic asphyxiation goes awry, and you hear his thoughts... FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. IT WAS DONE AS A VOICE-OVER and it sounds as pathetic as that??? With the emotion of a dead tortoise? Near death experience and he sounds as if he has dropped his ice cream. Even I could have done better!! And believe me, that is saying something.

Surely he could have improved on that bit? Very little effort for a re-do, it's a heartfelt couple of urgent sentences in voice-over mode?

But no, went through just like that. A great testimony to the (ahem) glory of Ryan Murphy Productions. Really. Said with dripping sarcasm by an arch-enemy.

Talking about Ryan Murphy. Do I detect a self- portrait here, this Wise character? A certain resemblance. Ryan, gotcha! :)
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