Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (Video Game 2010) Poster

(2010 Video Game)

Willa Holland: Aqua


  • [Aqua and Mickey have saved Kairi from the Unversed] 

    Young Kairi : Here!

    [Kairi holds out a bunch of flowers] 

    Aqua : Are these for me?

    Young Kairi : I picked you some flowers. Thank you for saving me.

    [Aqua takes the flowers] 

    Aqua : Oh, they're lovely. You're so sweet.

    Young Kairi : My name's Kairi. Nice to meet you!

    Aqua : Nice to meet you too. I'm Aqua. Kairi, about that light...

    Kairi's Grandma : [off-screen]  Kairi!

    Young Kairi : Oh! Grandma!

    Aqua : Wait, Kairi, just a minute...

    [Aqua touches the charm on Kairi's necklace and it glows] 

    Aqua : I just cast a magic spell on you. One day when you're in trouble, the light within you will lead you to the light of another. Someone to keep you safe.

    Young Kairi : Thanks!

    [runs over to her grandma] 

    Kairi's Grandma : There you are. It's time to go.

    Young Kairi : 'Kay!

    [turns to look at Aqua and waves at her] 

    Young Kairi : Bye!

    [Aqua waves back] 

  • Aqua : Somewhere out there, there's this tree with star-shaped fruit, and the fruit represents an unbreakable connection. So as long as you and your friends carry Good Luck charms shaped like it, nothing can ever drive you apart.

    [Tosses Terra and Ventus a charm each] 

    Aqua : You'll always find your way back to each other. An unbreakable connection.

  • [In the Realm of Darkness] 

    Aqua : Who are you?

    Ansem the Wise : Why, hello. It's not often I get visitors.

    Aqua : Please, call me Aqua. Why are you sitting here all alone in the Realm of Darkness? How did you end up here?

    Ansem the Wise : Well, I can tell you this is my second time on these shores. But unfortunately, much like the first, I do not remember who I am or whence I came. Everything was washed away in whatever currents carried me here.

    Aqua : That's too bad. I know I've been here a long time, wandering through the endless hours, unable to escape.

    Ansem the Wise : You wish to return to your own world?

    Aqua : [Nods]  It's my friends. I promised I'd be there for them.

    Ansem the Wise : Your friends? Somewhere in the scraps of memory I have left, you remind me of a boy I once knew. He is very much like you: true to his friends, and kind. This boy travels to many worlds and fights to keep the light safe.

    Aqua : Keep the light safe? I've been away too long. Did something happen out there? Are the worlds in danger?

    Ansem the Wise : Sad to say, they nearly fell to darkness more than once. But at every turn, that boy arrived with Keyblade in hand to save the day.

    Aqua : Huh? Wait a sec. Is his name Terra or Ven?

    Ansem the Wise : Neither of those, I'm afraid.

    Aqua : [sighs]  Should've known.

    Ansem the Wise : How long has it been since I met him? At least a year now, perhaps more. Back then, my heart was clouded with vengeance. I did terrible things, both to him and his friends. I brought unhappiness to more lives than one. I felt something must be done. Was that why? A means of clearing my conscience? Or perhaps, out of a sort of scholarly instinct? While the boy slept his long sleep, I hid the results of my research inside him, transplanting the data to where it might best serve a purpose. In fact I would like to believe maybe he can set things right. A boy like him who touches so many hearts, he could open the right door, and save all those people whose lives I managed to ruin. So many are still waiting for their new beginning. Their Birth by Sleep. Even me, and even you.

    Aqua : What's this boy's name?

    Ansem the Wise : His name is...

  • [Terra stands alone in the Keyblade Graveyard. Aqua approaches him] 

    Aqua : I was told the Master was struck down.

    Terra : Yes, that's right. I was stupid and helped Xehanort do it.

    [Aqua gasps] 

    Terra : The Master... he tried to hurt Ven. I only fought because I wanted to protect him. But I was tricked. Xehanort set the whole thing up. All so he could awaken the darkness inside me. You were right, Aqua, and so was the Master. I did need to be watched. I went astray, but no more.

    Aqua : What else is darkness but hate and rage? Xehanort is feeding the dark fires within you, making you fight. You'll go astray again. Tell me, how does that honour our Master's memory, Terra?

    [Ventus approaches them] 

    Ventus : Xehanort wants me and Vanitas to fight, and make some kind of X-Blade. But the Master said we can't let that happen, and he tried to destroy me for it.

    Aqua : X-Blade?

    Ventus : I still don't know exactly what it is, but it scares me to death, even just the thought of it.

    Terra : Relax, Ven. We're here and we're going to take care of you.

    Ventus : I may have to fight Vanitas after all. If I do, guys, I want you to...

    Terra : The three of us can never be torn apart, right? I'll always find a way.

    Ventus : I'm asking you... as a friend. Just... put an end to me.

    [Terra and Aqua gasp. From afar, they notice Master Xehanort and Vanitas approaching them until they stop] 

    Master Xehanort : Behold. These lifeless Keys used to be full of power. United with the hearts of their Masters. On this barren soil, Keyblades of light and darkness were locked in combat as a great Keyblade War raged. Countless Keyblade Wielders gave up their lives all in search of one ultimate Key. And it will soon belong to me.

    [He points to Ventus] 

    Master Xehanort : The X-Blade!

    [Terra, Aqua and Ventus summon their armour and attack] 

  • [Aqua is in the ruins of the Land of Departure, remembering her final lesson] 

    Master Eraqus : Now that you are a Master, there is one secret in particular you must know. Should anything happen to me, and you find the legion of darkness at our doorstep, I ask that you take my Keyblade and use it to lock this land away.

    Aqua : What?

    Master Eraqus : Generations of Keyblade Masters have been charged with keeping this land safe. Light and darkness exist in balance here, and there are those who would abuse such neutral ground. This is why our predecessors devised a certain... trick.

    [Aqua hold out the Master's Key, revealing the keyhole] 

    Master Eraqus : [v.o]  Just use the key, and this land will be transformed. From that day forward, all who visit this land will be lost to oblivion, none ever able to solve the mystery. None, Aqua, except you.

    [the Land of the Depature transforms into Castle Oblivion] 

  • Aqua : He's not as weak as you think.

  • Aqua : [to the Grand Duke]  Oh... would it... uh... would it be alright if I tried on the glass slipper?

  • Maleficent : I see you, too, wield a Keyblade.

    Aqua : How do you know about the Keyblade?

    Maleficent : A source of power... a key that opens the hearts of men, of entire worlds... and allows one to obtain anything and everything. Such a power I find most fascinating.

  • Horace Horsecollar : Somebody, come quick!

    [falls down on his hands and knees] 

    Pete : [as Captain Justice]  What's this? Trouble? Captain Justice to the rescue!

    [runs up to Horace] 

    Horace Horsecollar : You? Well, now that's a shame... Or is it? Maybe this job's perfect for you, Mr. Hero.

    Pete : What? Name your catastrophe!

    Horace Horsecollar : Those annoyin' monsters have turned up again over in Fruitball Plaza. They're all yours now, Captain J.

    Aqua : [thinking]  Monsters? Don't tell me the Unversed are here...

    Pete : Monsters? Well... too bad. Not on the list.

    Aqua : I didn't know "bona fide heroes" got to pick.

    Pete : But I wouldn't stand a chance of survivin' - er, of fittin' em into my schedule.

    Horace Horsecollar : Gosh, I thought you said you were Captain Justice. You can't leave those menacing things runnin' loose. They're ruining Fruitball!

    Pete : Huh? Hark, do you hear that? Somebody's callin' for Captain Justice's help!

    [Aqua and Horace listen but don't hear anything] 

    Pete : Do not fear! I am on my way! Sounds like this catastrophe can't wait. But, uh, I'll be back here in a jiff!

    [runs off] 

    Horace Horsecollar : Oh, I'm sure you will, Captain Useless. But I don't think I'll stay here and hold my breath.

  • Aqua : [talking with 626]  I like the charm you made. Do you think maybe... my circle of friends could become part of yours? My name is Aqua. My friends are Terra and Ventus.

    Experiment 626 - Stitch : Ah-koo, wah, fren... Terra... Ven.

  • Young Hercules : [meeting with Aqua]  Oh... It's over already? And I finished today's training in record time. Uh, Aqua? What's wrong? Your face is red.

    Aqua : [having been asked on a date by Zack]  Nothing! Nothing!

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