Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (Video Game 2010) Poster

(2010 Video Game)

Mark Hamill: Master Eraqus


  • Master Eraqus : Remember that Darkness lingers in every heart.

  • [Eraqus tries to kill Ven, but Terra gets in the way] 

    Master Eraqus : What?

    Terra : Master, have you gone mad?

    Master Eraqus : Terra! I command you, step aside!

    Terra : No!

    Master Eraqus : You will not heed your master?

    Terra : I won't!

    Master Eraqus : Why do all my attempts to reach you fail? If you don't have it in your heart to obey, then you will have to share Ventus's fate.

    [Eraqus sheds a tear, and lunges at Terra. They start fighting] 

    Ventus : Enough, Terra! He's right!

    Terra : Quiet!

    Ventus : Terra...

    [Eraqus fires a beam of light which knocks Ventus out. Terra picks Ventus up as Eraqus powers himself up with light. Terra counters by summoning dark powers] 

    Terra : You may be my master, but I will not let you hurt my friend!

    Master Eraqus : Has the darkness taken you, Terra?

    [Terra summons a portal and throws Ventus towards it] 

    Ventus : Wait, Terra!

    [Ventus disappears with the portal. Eraqus and Terra fight. Terra wins] 

    Terra : [Noticing Eraqus panting]  Wha... what have I done... Master, I just wanted to keep Ven safe.

    Master Eraqus : No... you were right. I failed you, Terra. Perhaps I've no one to blame but myself for the darkness inside you. And now, I've done worse. Raised my Keyblade against you and Ventus. My own heart has darkness...

    [Terra reaches out to Eraqus. Master Xehanort strikes Eraqus from behind, killing him. Eraqus vanishes completely] 

    Terra : Master Eraqus...

  • [Aqua is in the ruins of the Land of Departure, remembering her final lesson] 

    Master Eraqus : Now that you are a Master, there is one secret in particular you must know. Should anything happen to me, and you find the legion of darkness at our doorstep, I ask that you take my Keyblade and use it to lock this land away.

    Aqua : What?

    Master Eraqus : Generations of Keyblade Masters have been charged with keeping this land safe. Light and darkness exist in balance here, and there are those who would abuse such neutral ground. This is why our predecessors devised a certain... trick.

    [Aqua hold out the Master's Key, revealing the keyhole] 

    Master Eraqus : [v.o]  Just use the key, and this land will be transformed. From that day forward, all who visit this land will be lost to oblivion, none ever able to solve the mystery. None, Aqua, except you.

    [the Land of the Depature transforms into Castle Oblivion] 

  • Master Eraqus : [to Terra and Aqua]  Today, you will be examined for the mark of mastery. Not one but two of the Keyblade's chosen stand before me as candidates... but this is neither a competition or a battle for supremacy, not a test of wills, but a test of heart. Both of you may prevail, or neither. But I am certain our guest, Master Xehanort, did not travel all this way to see our youngest prospects in years fall short of the mark.

  • Master Eraqus : [to Aqua]  If he were to... If those powers were to prove too much for him to handle, I want you to bring him back to me at once.

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