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Very Funny
secondmozart11 April 2009
I was able to watch Jim Gaffigan: King Baby on Comedy Central recently. I was very surprised by just how funny it actually was. I had never heard of Jim when I started watching but now he is one of my favorite comedians. His comedy does not use vulgar or "dirty" topics or language, in fact I found myself laughing at most of it because I could relate it to my personal experiences. His voice that is supposed to be the thoughts of people in the audience is very funny, often making comments that people would actually be thinking about.

Overall his performance was very good, Jim Gaffigan is a very funny man. After watching this show I actually watched his earlier show, Beyond Pale, which is just as funny as this one. So if you are looking for a good laugh pick up this DVD or CD because it will be well worth it.

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"Why don't you take this coloring book and sit in the corner?"
classicsoncall26 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
In a follow up to his stand-up special "Beyond the Pale", Jim Gaffigan continues his assault on the mundane, this time coming to you from Austin, Texas. His favorite topics seem to include being lazy and eating, and appear to permeate all the other subjects he brings to the fore - like watching TV, camping, useless furniture (futons and beanbags), vegetarians, recycling, Dunkin' Donuts, and ketchup. Oh, and bacon, can't forget the bacon. This guy's love affair with bacon knows no bounds, how else do you do ten minutes of stand-up on a breakfast food? He even takes a stab at what might be considered controversial in the way of religion, but his comments on circumcision and miracles are finely tailored to withstand the thoughts of his audience who might find it blasphemous - "I think he's going to hell"! The only thing I didn't get was the title of his routine - 'King Baby'. There's probably a joke in there somewhere that I simply missed.
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Comic, if slight, observations
MassDistraction25 March 2014
Jim Gaffigan returns for his second major stand-up special. His approach has not changed a bit since the last time out as he continues mining the everyday for humour. Indeed, Gaffigan is a man who can stretch bacon for 10 minutes worth of material, and does stand atop the "white people problems" mountain. The recurring theme of laziness surfaces aplenty, as he uses it as a lens to view things like bowling, camping, hammocks, and fast food. Gaffigan does take a stroll through religion, but avoids controversy by simply using using situations out of the bible as backdrops for his fairly sanitized observations. Interesting to note that he uses his "audience" voice sparingly in this, except during the religious material, where he uses it as a defuser. Amusing if not entirely engaging.
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Exactly what you'd expect.
MartinHafer18 November 2013
Whenever Jim Gaffigan comes on television, I make sure to watch him. This is because I find his humor very, very funny. On top of that, his humor is also generally very clean and family-friendly--with little, if any, cursing or 'blue humor'. Too often, clean comedians aren't funny but he really is and I'd place him among the top five funniest stand-up comics I've heard.

As you'd expect, Gaffigan talks about his old familiar topics--laziness, food, more laziness and just plain bizarre observations. In addition, in one small portion, he talks about religion. Now I didn't find this particularly offensive, but I know others will. If my mother-in-law had heard it, she clearly would have had a stroke (a minor one).
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More of the Great Jim Gaffigan
gavin694223 March 2013
No need to write a really thorough review here. Jim Gaffigan has made a name for himself with jokes about food and eating. He continues that tradition here (discussing fast food and Waffle House) but branches out into the joy of bowling.

Gaffigan is funny not so much for what he says but how he says it. Of course, that is true of most comics, but I think he has really turned it into an art. How else do you get millions of people to come to your shows and watch you on TV just to hear you talk about your experiences with lunch?

The way this was shown on Comedy Central with commercials was a bit tedious, but an uncut home version would be especially funny.
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