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  • Yes, beginning on October 26th, 2010, Melrose Place: The DVD Edition became available on Amazon by on demand. It contains all 18 episodes of the series on 6 discs and includes cast interviews. It is also an all-region product. Edit

  • When the pilot was written David was based on the child Jake had before the original series began. Now, after Thomas Calabro (Michael Mancini) has been written on the show they changed David to Michael's son. Michael obviously had a love-child of some sort a few years before the original series began. With all of Michael's sex-capades on the first series, no one should find this surprising. Edit

  • One website lists all the music at Edit

  • At the end of the fifth season on the original Melrose Place in 1997, Sydney Andrews was struck by a car just after her wedding to Craig Field and was later pronounced dead. Her funeral was held in the first episode of Season Six.

    The new Melrose Place series retcons this and it is revealed by David (Michael's son) that Michael helped Sydney to fake her death. The real reasons for this remain unknown as Sydney had no motive to fake her death at the time when it occured in 1997 as she had just married the man of her dreams (who obviously knew nothing of her faking her death as he later committed suicide in the 17th episode of Season 6 because he couldn't live without her).


  • Several actors make guest appearances on the new show, reprising their roles from the original series. Laura Leighton returns as Sydney Andrews, Thomas Calabro returns as Dr. Michael Mancini, Daphne Zuniga returns as Jo Reynolds, Josie Bisset returns as Jane Mancini, and Heather Locklear returns as Amanda Woodward. Edit

  • Ben- 6'2'', Caleb- 6'2'', Drew- 6'0'', Auggie- 6'0'', Michael- 5'10'', David- 5'9'', Jonah- 5'9'', Ella- 5'6'' 32AA-23-32, Amanda- 5'4'' (Surgery) 33C-26-37, Lauren- 5'4'' 34B-25-35, Violet- 5'4'' 34B-25-34, Riley- 5'3'' 36C-25-37 Edit



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