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Allison Mack: Chloe Sullivan



  • Oliver Queen : When did you become one of the bad guys, huh?

    Chloe Sullivan : For whatever reason, I calm the beast inside him. He needed me.

    Oliver Queen : He needed you. So, the needs of the Cornfield Killer outweighs the needs of the rest of the world. Is that it?

    Chloe Sullivan : Oliver, it's complicated.

    Oliver Queen : No, it's complicated, yeah. That's the same thing your psychopathic boyfriend told me.

    Chloe Sullivan : Look, either I keep him with me or let innocent people die.

    Oliver Queen : Oh, come on. Chloe, if you really believed that, you would have handled things a little bit differently, don't you think? Instead, what do you do? You cook him dinner, you fluff his pillow, you rock him to sleep.

    Chloe Sullivan : Okay, look, I understand what it looked like from the outside, but trust me, I had the whole thing under control.

    Oliver Queen : Chloe, you didn't have anything under control! Speaking as Davis' next victim, I can tell you, your plan was seriously flawed! How did you think this was gonna end, Chloe?

    Chloe Sullivan : I'll find him, okay? I'll fix this.

    Oliver Queen : No. You won't. I think you've done enough. We'll let Clark handle it from here.

  • Chloe Sullivan : [on the phone]  Look, everything I've ever done, right or wrong, I did for you.

    Clark Kent : By running away? Admit it Chloe, you have feelings for Davis. That's why you're protecting him.

    Chloe Sullivan : Clark, I'm protecting *you*. I meant what I said. Condemning Davis to a life as that monster is worse than killing him.

    Clark Kent : But what about you, Chloe? Chloe, I'm gonna spend every second looking for you. I will find a way to save you.

    Chloe Sullivan : Clark, you're not here to save one person. You're here to save all of us.

    Clark Kent : And you think sacrificing yourself will help me do that. Chloe, you're wrong. You're wrong, Chloe.

    Chloe Sullivan : I must have thrown a million green rocks away, and I've never really saved you. Now I can.

    Clark Kent : Chloe, listen to me. This is your life that we're talking about. Don't do this.

    Chloe Sullivan : Clark, if there's one lesson I've learned from you, it's that choosing the greater good is never a sacrifice.

  • Chloe Sullivan : Davis, is everything okay?

    Davis Bloome : I'm sorry if I woke you. I... I had another one.

    Chloe Sullivan : It's just a dream. You know you're safe with me.

    Davis Bloome : Could you come down, anyway? I... I need to see you.

    Chloe Sullivan : Of course. I'll be down right away.

  • Chloe Sullivan : [seeing the romantic setup in the basement]  You know, this isn't exactly the typical response to a bad dream. Most people just get a night light.

    Davis Bloome : I wanted to surprise you.

    Chloe Sullivan : It's beautiful. But I don't remember ever seeing a box of candles down here. Or flowers.

    Davis Bloome : There weren't any?

    Chloe Sullivan : Davis, we talked about this. You can't leave the basement.

    Davis Bloome : I was careful. I know how much you're risking by helping me. I only wanted to thank you.

    Chloe Sullivan : I don't need thanks. I need to be able to trust you.

  • Clark Kent : You okay? You can make cappuccinos blindfolded.

    Chloe Sullivan : Clark, hey. Uh, yeah. I just didn't get my full seven hours of sleep last night. And... judging from the look on your face, you didn't come here to join me for pancakes.

  • Clark Kent : Tess named Davis the serial killer. She devoted the whole front page of today's paper to the story.

    Chloe Sullivan : Headlines can't hurt Davis now that he's dead.

    Clark Kent : That's the thing, Chloe. I'm starting to believe that... Davis is still alive.

    Chloe Sullivan : Come on, Clark. We both watched him die. Oliver buried the body.

    Clark Kent : But it says in this article they found one of Bruno Mannheim's thugs in a dumpster, torn apart. The same way that Doomsday dismembered his victims.

    Chloe Sullivan : That body was probably there for weeks.

    Clark Kent : The murder happened after Davis died.

  • Chloe Sullivan : I love a good ghost story just as much as the next girl, but there has to be a more logical explanation than the resurrection of an alien monster. There could be a copycat killer.

    Clark Kent : Chloe, he's come back from the dead before.

    Chloe Sullivan : Not from meteor rock. Look, Clark, I understand why you're paranoid. Davis was sent here to kill you. I mean, that would make anyone believe there were monsters under their bed.

    Clark Kent : It doesn't change the fact that Davis is a murderer.

    Chloe Sullivan : But, Clark... Davis is dead. And the only thing that's keeping him alive in your mind is fear. Let him go.

  • Dr. Emil Hamilton : You've been caring for Davis Bloome in your basement? Who else knows about this?

    Chloe Sullivan : No one. Not even Oliver. And I came to you directly because he can't be trusted.

    Dr. Emil Hamilton : Chloe, he created our organization to help exactly with this kind of problem.

    Chloe Sullivan : Oliver killed Lex Luthor. And the stakes are too high to have someone involved who can't think clearly. WebMD doesn't exactly have a lot of intergalactic infections, so you were the only person that I could turn to for a cure.

    Dr. Emil Hamilton : No, I-I'm glad that you came to me. But, uh, there's only so much I can do with a few cells.

    Chloe Sullivan : You have his DNA. What more do you need?

    Dr. Emil Hamilton : The subject in person.

    Chloe Sullivan : That's not gonna happen.

    Dr. Emil Hamilton : I can run some preliminary tests on the saliva. But, Chloe... a-are you sure this is something you want to take on alone?

    Chloe Sullivan : I'll be fine. Call me when you get the results.

  • Chloe Sullivan : I'm down to my last card, Emil, and I really don't wanna play it. So please take another look at the samples. There has to be a cure.

    Dr. Emil Hamilton : His nuclei are in a constant state of mutation. I tried to destroy a cell, and somehow it got stronger.

    Chloe Sullivan : Well, you said you wanted to see him in person. I mean, how about I bring him down to your lab?

    Dr. Emil Hamilton : Well, frankly, I don't want him anywhere near me.

  • Dr. Emil Hamilton : Chloe, this creature puts us all in danger. We need to warn people.

    Chloe Sullivan : You don't wanna do that. You betray me, you betray Davis. And you sure as hell don't want to be on his bad side.

  • Clark Kent : Have you heard from Oliver lately?

    Chloe Sullivan : Not since he asked me to hack into a stream of transmissions from Tehran, and considering the fact that, uh... Farsi isn't exactly my strong suit, I should probably get back to translating.

  • Clark Kent : Chloe, Davis is alive. I have proof, and I need to find him.

    Chloe Sullivan : Well, I'm sure that when he resurfaces, we'll hear about it. He has a habit of crashing his way onto the 6:00 news.

    Clark Kent : Well, I intend to find him and bring him to the Fortress before that happens. I get a faint signal from the console, and I found the crystal that Brainiac used to release Zod.

    Chloe Sullivan : Okay, putting aside my serious distrust of all things Brainiac, how is the crystal gonna help?

    Clark Kent : It's gonna open up a portal to the Phantom Zone.

    Chloe Sullivan : Clark, you can't send Davis there.

    Clark Kent : Chloe, he has killed over fifty people. He put Jimmy in the hospital. There's nothing more I can do for him.

    Chloe Sullivan : Oh, no. I'm talking about you. I mean, what if, when you open the portal, it sucks you in?

    Clark Kent : You once told me that if there was no other choice, that you hoped I would put the good of the world first.

    Chloe Sullivan : Exactly! And losing you is not good for the world.

  • Chloe Sullivan : Was Davis holding Jimmy in the basement?

    Dr. Emil Hamilton : They're lucky to be alive.

    Chloe Sullivan : [tenderly touching his arm]  Jimmy, I'm so sorry.

    Jimmy Olsen : Whatever you do, Chloe... just stay away from that monster.

  • Clark Kent : [surprised to see Chloe appear in the Fortress]  Chloe, what are you doing?

    Chloe Sullivan : I can't let you do this.

    Clark Kent : [she removes the crystal, and the portal closes]  This is the right choice, Chloe. Trust me.

    Chloe Sullivan : Trust you? Clark, the only reason why you won't kill him is because you don't want blood on your hands. I can't believe you were willing to force him into a life of hell for all of eternity. Clark, I know you better than anyone. I can't let you do this. You would never forgive yourself for giving up on him.

  • Chloe Sullivan : Where is Clark?

    Oliver Queen : Well, he took Davis. He's finally gonna finish this.

  • Chloe Sullivan : You are now Metropolis' own Cornfield Killer. Now, I didn't tell you about this earlier because I didn't want to upset you, but the police are hunting for you as we speak.

    Davis Bloome : And by accepting your help, I put you directly in their crosshairs.

    Chloe Sullivan : Only if someone finds you, which they won't, because I won't let that happen.

    Davis Bloome : But what about when the cops find you? What then?

    Chloe Sullivan : Then we leave. We load up the car and never look back.

  • Davis Bloome : You've done more for me in a few weeks than anyone's done in my entire life. But I can't ask you to run away with me.

    Chloe Sullivan : Then it's a good thing you're not the one asking.

    Davis Bloome : You wouldn't be able to say goodbye to anyone. Not even Clark. Can you do that? Can you honestly tell me that I am the most important person in your life?

    Chloe Sullivan : Davis, I would do anything for you.

    Davis Bloome : Well, then maybe this is our chance to start over. Let's leave Smallville.

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