"Red Dwarf" Back to Earth (Part One) (TV Episode 2009) Poster

(TV Series)


Craig Charles: Lister



  • [Lister reveals he is eating tomatoes to save water] 

    Rimmer : How does eating tomatoes save water?

    Lister : It's coming!

    [Sneezes through a sieve onto his trousers] 

    Lister : Don't suppose you want any iorning doing, do you?

  • [Rimmer realises Lister is winding him up] 

    Rimmer : Was it really worth it, Listy? Hours and hours and hours of planning for 8 seconds of pleasure?

    Lister : Sounds like the last time you had sex!

    Rimmer : Lister

    [picks up his text book] 

    Rimmer : you need to get a life!

  • Lister : This thingy whatever it is - it's messing with the supply thingy pipe stuff thing, isn't it?

    Rimmer : Please, we're laymen - spare us the plumbing jargon!

  • Cat : Don't look at me, I ain't going! I'm still in trauma! Look at my suit! It may not pull through!

    Lister : Find another suit - you're going!

    Cat : Hey, I'm a cat! Nobody bosses Mr C around! You got that, monkey boy? Or should I explain that one more time for your small monkey brain?

    Lister : How would you like it if I flushed the entire ship's supply of tuna out of an airlock?

    Lister : When are we going?

  • Rimmer : [Indicating Katerina]  I hate her!

    Lister : I like her. I like her a lot!

  • Lister : [On the dimension cutter]  I'll probably end up with your head, or someone else's legs!

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