The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Poster

Josh Stewart: Barsad



  • [Talia's bomb has failed to detonate] 

    Batman : Maybee your knife... was too slow.

    Barsad : [entering]  The truck is under attack.

    Talia al Ghul : Gordon. You gave him a way to block my signal. No matter.

    [she viciously pulls the knife out of Batman, making him groan in pain] 

    Talia al Ghul : He's bought Gotham eleven minutes.

  • Army Captain at Bridge : Now, why the hell would I try to help you keep your hostages?

    Barsad : If one person crosses this bridge... Gotham gets blown to hell.

  • [Uzbekistani Army soldiers carrying Dr. Pavel greet a CIA agent and several Special Ops soldiers] 

    CIA Agent : Dr. Pavel, I'm CIA.

    [shakes hands with Dr. Pavel] 

    Barsad : He wasn't alone.

    [motions to three hooded prisoners he has brought alone] 

    CIA Agent : Uh... you don't get to bring friends.

    Dr. Pavel : They are not my friends.

    Barsad : Don't worry, no charge for them.

    CIA Agent : And why would I want them?

    Barsad : They were trying to grab your prize. They work for the mercenary. The masked man...

    CIA Agent : Bane?

    [the driver nods] 

    CIA Agent : Get him on board, I'll call it in.

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