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Burn Gorman: Stryver



  • Phillip Stryver : Do those heels make it hard to walk?

    [Catwoman kicks Stryver from behind] 

    Catwoman : I don't know, do they?

  • [Stryver is dragged to his kangaroo court trial] 

    Phillip Stryver : There's been a mistake! Take... take me to Bane! I wanna see Bane!

    [He is brought before the makeshift court and forced to sit in a chair] 

    Phillip Stryver : Where is Bane?

    Dr. Jonathan Crane : There's been no mistake, Mr. Stryver.

    [Stryver looks up at Dr. Crane] 

    Dr. Jonathan Crane : You are Philip Stryver, executive vice-president of Daggett Industries? Who for years has been living off the blood and sweat of people less powerful than him?

    Phillip Stryver : Call Bane. I'm... I am one of you!

    [Bane is watching from the background] 

    Dr. Jonathan Crane : Bane has no authority here. This is merely a sentencing hearing. Now, the choice is yours. Exile or death!

    [the crowd starts chanting "DEATH!"] 

    Dr. Jonathan Crane : [smashes his gavel]  Quiet!

    Phillip Stryver : Ex... exile.

    Dr. Jonathan Crane : Sold!

    [smashes gavel] 

    Dr. Jonathan Crane : To the man in the cold sweat!

    [Stryver is dragged away and taken to the frozen shores beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, where mercenaries force him at gunpoint onto the ice] 

    Huge Inmate : Follow the thick ice. Try to swim - you're dead in minutes.

    Phillip Stryver : Has anyone made it?

    [the inmate turns away. Stryver walks over the ice. Partway across, the ice cracks under his weight, he falls into the freezing water, and drowns] 

  • Phillip Stryver : Bane says the Batman interfered, but the task was accomplished.

    John Daggett : And what about the men they arrested?

    Phillip Stryver : He said, and I quote; they would die before talking.

    John Daggett : Where does he find these guys?

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