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Lex Daniel: Sewer Thug #2



  • Sewer Thug #1 : [Sewer thugs have captured Jim Gordon, who is barely conscious]  It's the police commissioner.

    Bane : And you brought him down here?

    Sewer Thug #1 : We didn't know what to do.

    Bane : You panicked, and your weakness has cost the lives of three others.

    Sewer Thug #1 : No he's alone...

    [Bane grabs the thug and crush his throat, he drops dead to the ground] 

    Bane : [to the second thug]  Search him, then I will kill you.

    [Jim Gordon throws himself over the balcony into the running sewer water, the thugs shoot at him] 

    Sewer Thug #2 : He's dead.

    Bane : So show me his body.

    Sewer Thug #2 : The water runs to any one of the outflows. We'll never find him.

    Bane : [Bane puts a GPS in the thugs pocket]  Follow him!

    Sewer Thug #2 : Follow him?

    [Bane shoots the sewer thug] 

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