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Morgan Freeman: Fox



  • Lucius Fox : This conversation used to end with an unusual request.

    Bruce Wayne : I'm retired.

    Lucius Fox : Well let me show you some stuff anyway. Just for old time's sake.

  • Lucius Fox : It has a long uninteresting name. I just took to calling it... The Bat, and yes, Mr. Wayne, it does come in black.

  • [a couple thugs go to attack Lucius while he's handcuffed. Catwoman intervenes and beats them down] 

    Lucius Fox : [to Batman]  I like your new girlfriend!

    Catwoman : [she undoes his cuffs]  He should be so lucky.

  • [Fox and Miranda come off the elevator at Wayne Enterprises, heading for a board meeting] 

    Lucius Fox : I still don't see the need for a board meeting for the energy project.

    Miranda Tate : Bruce got a lot of things right. Keeping the board in the dark wasn't one of them.

    [They enter the boardroom, and find Bane and several of his henchmen standing at the head of the table, holding the board members hostage with assault rifles. Bane turns to the newcomers] 

    Bane : How good of you to join us, Chair, President. All I need now is one more one ordinary member. Mr. Fox, would you like to nominate?

    [Fox starts to speak, but Fredericks interrupts and stands] 

    Fredericks : No. I will volunteer.

    Lucius Fox : Where are you taking us?

    [Bane doesn't reply and he starts walking off] 

  • Lucius Fox : [as Batman flies The Bat]  Nothing like a little air superiority, isn't it?

  • [Fox takes Miranda to a recycling plant] 

    Miranda Tate : You brought me out here to show me this, Mr. Fox?

    Lucius Fox : Bear with me, Miss Tate.

    [leads her inside a portakabin] 

    Lucius Fox : Please keep hands and feet inside the car at all times.

    [presses a button. The office floor descends like an elevator down a shaft] 

    Miranda Tate : This is it, isn't it?

    Lucius Fox : The reactor is beneath the river so it could be instantly flooded in the event of a security breach.

    Miranda Tate : Is Bruce Wayne really that paranoid?

    Lucius Fox : I'm gonna plead the fifth on that one.

    [When the elevator office stops, they find Bruce waiting in the reactor chamber] 

    Bruce Wayne : I thought you might like to see what your investment built.

    Miranda Tate : No fossil fuels. Free, clean energy for an entire city. Three years ago, a Russian scientist published a paper on weaponized fusion reactions. One week later your reactor started developing problems. I think this machine works.

    Bruce Wayne : Miranda, if it were operational, the danger to Gotham would be too great.

    Miranda Tate : Would it make you feel better to know that the Russian scientist died in a plane crash six months ago?

    Bruce Wayne : Someone will work out what Dr. Pavel did. Someone will figure out a way to make this power source into a nuclear weapon. I need you to take control of Wayne Enterprises and this reactor.

    Miranda Tate : To do what with it?

    Bruce Wayne : Nothing. Until we can guarantee its safety.

    Miranda Tate : And if we can't?

    Bruce Wayne : Decommission it and flood it.

    Miranda Tate : Destroy the world's best chance for a sustainable future?

    Bruce Wayne : If the world's not ready, yes.

    Miranda Tate : Bruce, if you want to save the world you have to start trusting it.

    Bruce Wayne : I'm trusting you.

    Miranda Tate : Doesn't count. You have no choice.

    Bruce Wayne : I could have flooded this chamber any time in the last three years. I'm choosing to trust you. Please.

  • Lucius Fox : Remember where you parked?

    [Bruce nods] 

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