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They don't get much better than this
beautifulrock197830 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The battle lines of science versus religion are crossed in this episode which features the voices of just about every main character in the Star Trek : The Next Generation television series. Every gag seems to work, even the old ones (think Cool WHip), and the drive-in scene is especially hilarious and true to life. When Michael Dorn asks if they have a McDLT, a sandwich that went out of production in 1990, I lose it. Early on you are warned by Peter that this is a "Meg" episode, but her journey from being bedridden to brainwashed yet again holds up well juxtaposed against the hilarity of Stewie's kidnapping. It all comes together when we learn what the universe is, and are treated to yet another absurd live-action ending. Thank you Seth MacFarlane.
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Relax Christiandom will not be brought down by this episode.
andersort5 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I can't believe the reviewer asking where "his" good old Family Guy went. This episode is completely in keeping with the rest of the show. Part of the basis of the entire series is to be offensive. I think it's fairly obvious from the first episode that Seth MacFarlane thinks pretty much all people (not just religious people) are idiots.

I also think this reviewer misses two things about U.S. culture. One, it's a lot more secular than as portrayed on FOX News. Two, with the exception evangelical Christians most Christians can laugh at jokes about their religion.

The popularity of this show and other shows and movies of it's ilk demonstrate this point time and again; the United States is not a Christian Nation, it's a secular nation whose majority identifies as Christian.

In the end believers of all stripes who are secure in their faith can laugh and say that Brian is silly to be an Atheist, it's just a cartoon after all. Which shows how many deep seeded doubts extremists actually have.

Peace, Rich
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Good Episode
littleballerz1 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Before I start this review let it be known that I am 100% a practicing catholic. And I still found this episode to be nice. First off the plot is basically Meg gets the mumps is stuck in her room discovers a religious show that makes her take God really seriously. She tries to get her family to go on Brian reveals to be atheist and meanwhile Stewie beams the Star Trek The Next Generation cast to quahog to spend a day with them. Anyway as for the actually episode it was probably one of the more nicely written episodes of Family Guy in a while. The manatee jokes didn't get in the way of the plot and some of them were even laugh of loud material like the one about shampoo on airplanes. Where the episode really shined were the star trek scenes basically the cast was presented as behaving like a group of toddlers and it worked. So anyway there's controversy over the episode's black and white approach to religion. Generally from the end scene where Brian convinced Meg there wasn't a God by telling her God wouldn't make her so ugly. While I agree it was a too simple and biased look at religion; I also have to state that this is family guy and they over simplify and make fun of everything. It would really hypocritical of me to say how mad I am at Family Guy for making fun of my beliefs when it's made fun of other people all the time and I've laughed. I mean I'm living proof the stereotypical views of Christians presented on family guy are false I'm a real life catholic who laughs at himself which in the family guy universe is impossible. But again its not suppose to be true its suppose to be funny... and it was. So to all the people who hate it because it says there's no God especially the ones who are Family Guy fans you're being giant hypocrites. And you should just respect the fact that Seth Macfarlane has a right to present his view of religion however he wants its his show.
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Another Amusing Offering
madfriar-111 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, I bet Mr McFarlane gets a kick out of seeing these posts! Another good episode, although this season of FG has been somewhat more random and obscure (especially to a Briton) this one is a personal corker. As Peter says, it is a Meg episode and he does give you the option (perhaps some of the reviewers here should have taken his advice) to change the channel. But Patrick Stewart and his merry bank steal the show and make it all worth watching. However the best line has to be Brians cynical attack on Meg to a. get booze and b. stop her burning books. If you think about it this episode, like all FG episodes, tells you to think about the world you live in and not blindly follow the other sheep.

If you do take offence to Brians atheistic attitude or the fact that God is Flash Gordon...remember that this is a world where dogs can drink and date women, babies have advanced knowledge of quantum science and Peter Griffin is actually employable, God not existing is the least of your worries.
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An ideal transporter malfunction
Mr-Fusion11 September 2017
As Family Guy episodes go, this one has its moments. The downside is that they take a backseat to the main storyline: one in which Meg finds God, turns to Krk Cameron bible-thumping, and ultimately learns a lesson. It's not a good lesson because it exists as a microphone for Seth Mcfarlane's politics. It's unwieldy, tedious and worst of all, not funny.

But when it is funny, it has me in stitches. Stewie builds his own transporter and beams in the TNG cast, none of whom are what you'd expect; and the whole thing works because they're driving him nuts. not only that, but they got every one of the cast for voicework. It's one thing to write them as petty infants, another thing entirely to get all of them in on it. And that speaks volumes.

You don't even need to waste time on the God stuff, just YouTube the TNG clips. Especially the drive-thru scene. It's a winner.

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I Stopped Watching Because of This Episode
meredsm18 July 2010
First, I am a Christian. Second, I do have a sense of humor.

I loved the South Park episode "Bloody Mary." It is mostly a satire of Alcoholics Anonymous, but the Catholic Church was highly offended by this episode because it featured a statue of the Virgin Mary "bleeding out her ---." Nevertheless, it was a hilarious episode, and I highly recommend it to anyone willing to appreciate it.

I've been watching South Park for years because of two reasons: 1) It's funny. 2) South Park knows how to satirize without personally offending any group of people. Sure, they've taken their potshots at celebrities and other individuals (deservedly so), but they've largely avoided making blanket statements about groups of people. You won't hear them say, "All Republicans are ignorant rednecks" or "All Democrats are patronizing hippies." This is how South Park has managed to stay relevant and popular for years.

And if South Park satirized religion, they didn't personally insult the believers. Seth MacFarlane broke this unwritten rule. Brian's speech at the end of this episode was akin to saying, "Your religion is wrong and you are an idiot for believing in it."

Never mind the fact that the quality of Family Guy episodes had been deteriorating for years since its renewal. I kept watching because I hoped that it could return to its pre-2005 comedy form. Everyone remembers the Kool-Aid guy screaming "Oh Yeah!" in the courtroom. When did Family Guy stray from its roots to start preaching religion and politics?

I was also quite disappointed that the Star Trek: TNG cast wasn't more prominently featured in this episode. I love TNG, and I had hoped that the cast would be the "A" storyline. Years ago when the show was in its infancy, they might have been.

So although this show was dying for years, it was this episode that finally turned me off. I found myself watching the "Simpsons" again. Give it a try; you might realize and appreciate all the subtle, clever humor you've missed for years with this show.
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Would be good but...
stongejude22 October 2019
I would've liked this is Brian was only judged by his family, not being called worse Adolf Hitler by the news. It also makes Meg very unlikable.
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What happened to Family Guy?
apd2577 July 2009
What happened to Family Guy? It USED to be funny. Now, it's just a platform for Seth Macfarlane to voice his beliefs and opinions in a highly-biased way. This episode was just terrible; it was so preachy! It stomped on Christian beliefs and just vehemently denied there is a God, and not in a satirical, hey-he-actually-has-a-point way. It just straight up threw Seth's personal beliefs into the audience's face and said that anyone who believed otherwise is an idiot. And I thought Seth Macfarlane said he was open-minded. Does this not suggest he is more judgmental and biased than most of the "religious crackpots" he slams? He has moved way beyond clever social commentary and satire into straight-up bashing.

I guarantee that a huge portion of the Family Guy audience is Christian, and I am sure that this episode just succeeded in alienating most of those viewers. However, this episode is not just an attack on Christianity. Because it asserts that ANYONE who believes in a God is an idiot, Macfarlane just ostracized every Jew, Muslim, Hindu, and other agnostic who watches his show. Stupid move on his, and Fox's part. Who's left to watch? Just a handful of fellow atheists. By all means, tell me I suck or should just go to hell for being "too stupid and narrow-minded" for this comment, but I can't be the only person turned off of Family Guy because of this episode, religious or not.

If you're gonna hit a certain belief system or lifestyle hard, why not goad everyone equally? Why the hell can this episode air when "Wish Upon a Weinstein", which poked fun at the Jewish culture, was never allowed to be broadcast with the rest of its original season? And, according to the DVD commentary, that episode was written by Jewish staff AND approved by local rabbis. Notice how the most offensive "jokes" are always aimed at Christianity/conservatives/Republicans/any non-liberal, non-Democrat and not Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, etc? Yet if Christians/conservatives/etc. protest, they are considered "close-minded", "racist", and "stupid" for protesting. Why is this strange reverse discrimination allowed?

I do think that most of Family Guy's Christianity/Jewish/Muslim/religious jokes are funny and usually have valid points. Not this travesty. It was just a direct attack, and the weak "jokes" that attempt to cover this fact up do nothing to suggest that this episode is just a silly social commentary.

Seth Macfarlane, quit using your show to beat others over the head with your personal beliefs! You obviously ridicule others for doing just that; it's hypocritical! Go back to clever social commentary. I miss my awesome Family Guy!
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Some of you need to get a clue
fourstringwizard8 April 2009
For those of you who are atheist/agnostic and/or hardcore liberal, you can pass this up. For those of you who aren't, pay attention.

It just amazes me the sheer stupidity or lack of spine some people show. It isn't enough that Seth Macfarlane has to emphasize the fact that he's atheist in almost every episode now, he has to do it while ridiculing those who don't think the way he does.

Yes, A LOT of groups are targeted in Family Guy, but did you ever notice that Seth targets certain groups much more than others? This is, you guessed it, the religious and the conservatives. It's evolved from tongue-in-cheek, subtle satire to flat-out bashing. And I'm sick of it.

Take this episode: people are saying it was funny, but seem to look over where the humor stems from. The whole premise of the episode is to make a mockery of the belief in God. Family Guy is no longer the silly sitcom it once was; it's a platform for Seth to speak his political mind, regardless of who he offends. And people are willing to let it slide so long as they get a few chuckles on the side. Tell me, some of you so-called Christians, do you have any pride at all? Or are you just content to let Family Guy walk all over your beliefs while essentially calling you stupid and a bad guy in the process? As if THAT wasn't enough, politics aside, the show just isn't as funny anymore. It over-utilizes cutaway scenes to where it's almost like watching Robot Chicken, except half aren't even funny. The remaining bulk of humor comes from overused gags and gay jokes concerning Stewie. (God, I miss evil Stewie) The old charm just isn't there.

Yes, I'm ranting, but I just hate what Family Guy has become. And you can tell me I suck or my review sucks, but unless you're looking at this through fanboy glasses, you know I'm right.

Now I know what you're going to say: if you don't like it, don't watch it. Trust me, I won't. I refuse to support a show created by such an obnoxious jerk. But I will shed a tear for a show that I once loved to death. RIP, old Family Guy.
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WAY over the line on this one.
terephiel14 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'm going to say right off that I'm a "born again" Christian, a Southern Baptist to be more specific. I'm not a very religious one, however, so no one think I'm one of those over religious hacks who gives Christianity a bad name.

I've been an avid fan of "Family Guy" since it first premiered on "Adult Swim" several years ago. I think myself to have a "mature" sense of humor, so all the sex jokes and what not don't really bother me. Seth MacFarlane's constant hypocrisy and bigotry are what do. Do I care he's an atheist? Sure. Do I care he's a left-winged liberal? Sure. Do I get up in the faces of people like him about it? Absolutely not! God gave people the freedom to choose how they want to believe, so if MacFarlane wants to be an atheist, that's his thing.

The constant mockery of organized religion and conservatism is very offensive, not just in regards to Christianity, but other religions as well. As others have pointed out, MacFarlane certainly gives the impression that he thinks his way of believing is better than others, and that anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot. He makes this quite apparent with the Jesus jokes, Jew jokes, etc. This particular episode, along with "Partial Terms of Endearment," totally crossed the line. I mean, I knew MacFarlane was hateful, but never would I have imagined him as a monster.

Meg clearly wasn't strong enough in her beliefs to stand up against Brian's temptation. I figure this is probably what MacFarlane himself does, picking out viewers like Meg and trying to sway them over to his atheist agenda. How come he only seems to mock Christianity and Judaism? Why not, let's say, make fun of Islam, too? I bet if MacFarlane put Mohammed in an episode, there'd be an uproar from the Muslim community. How come he'll make fun of people like George Bush and Sarah Palin, yet he won't poke at Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi? If he's going to make a mockery of others' beliefs and ideals, then he should do the same with his. It just comes to show you how much of a coward he truly is.

Does he have the right to express his beliefs? Again, sure. However, it certainly doesn't give him the right to be an ass about it.
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Too Preachy
jts040524 June 2009
What happened to the old Family Guy? The humor that was just so deliberately stupid, yet moral filled at times has seemingly gone somewhere. This episode is by no means funny, the whole Meg getting hooked on Kirk Cameron was honestly a little much. Plus Stewie hanging out with the Star Trek cast was also a very big miss, it tried to hard to be funny. Now I personally am not the most religious person, but pushing your thoughts to people publicly is not comedy. In the end of the episode MacFarlane has Brian come out as a die hard atheist to Meg. The whole way it played out was just too preachy. It really made the episode more of a religious teaching instead of a Family Guy comedic episode.

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Et tu, Family Guy?
jouall15 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Family Guy always loves to point fun at minorities and majorities alike, and it's all good. I can laugh at jokes that mock my stereotypes. I can take some heat. But imagine, if you will, an episode that centers around mocking black people. It plays all of the most popular racist jokes, all in good fun, and it's acceptable. Now picture, at the end, a scene where they step out of character and say, "But seriously, though, all jokes aside... black people really are morons." What would you think of that episode? This episode was all fun and games until they made it serious at the end. Light humor = happy fans, but when they make it dead-serious, honestly, what do they expect?
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Welp, That's that. Family Guy is dead.
nasdagoodshepherd20 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Family Guy....what happened to you? You used to be charming, funny, clever, and kind. But now...you crushed us. This is when Family Guy got way downhill. The episode that killed Family Guy is "Not All Dogs Go To Heaven" It starts off when Meg got the mumps at a Star Trek conversation and at home, her terrible father, Peter treats her pretty poorly while she's completely ill, until she watched a religion channel and she found d out that nobody can help her but God and that's great for her. However, Brian told everyone that he doesn't believe in God, he thinks people who believe in God are idiots and that's what's crossed that line, so Meg told everyone in Quahog that Brian is an atheist so people started started hating on the damn dog. Meanwhile, there is a side plot when Stewie gets bothered by the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generations and that side plot is pretty entertaining. And at the end, Brian told Meg that "God made her in an ugly way" bullcrap and that led Meg to stop believing in God, UGH! THIS EPISODE! It goes on and on and my god, how disappointed I am! This episode is the worst, it killed Family Guy, I lost respect for Family Guy, I give this episode freaking sucks, GO TO HELL! I give this one a 2.1/10
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"Not All Dogs Go To Heaven"... but this episode can go to hell!
bespin007917 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Here's a riddle: "You have a story where you want to promote the creator's New Atheist beliefs*, but that stuff only drives away audiences. How do you get them to watch it?"

Answer: "Promote it as a reunion for the STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION cast."

Actually, I'm not joking. The STAR TREK: TNG reunion was the B- Plot. The meat of the story was Meg becoming a fundamentalist Christian after watching a show hosted by Kirk "Have Yourself A Materialistic Christmas" Cameron and Brian puking out one strawman after another in the name of the superior New Atheist master intellect.

For example: Brian argues God isn't real because the Hubble Telescope never found Him. This brainfart is right up there with "I never saw a monkey turn into a man!"

The episode even showcases Christians burning books and suggests that there is no Supreme Being because Meg isn't attractive.

I could go on, but entire thesis papers have been written about why this episode doesn't work. It's just another example of how far over the hill this show has become to be added to an ever-growing list.

An atheist I knew once complained that they were the least trusted group in America. If you sit through "Not All Dogs Go To Heaven", is it any wonder why?

*Yeah, I said "beliefs". Gonna cry now, tovarischii?
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My take on this
kdunlap244 September 2009
I can almost see everyones point. It IS kind of offensive. And it would be easier to take if he wouldn't take his views so seriously. Having said that, I still crack up when I watch it.

But thats the main problem with the left. They are so use of making fun of the right that they think they are the intellectual be all end alls in the country. Not so.

They need to take a page from the middle aged white guy play book and laugh at themselves once in awhile. Does he read this? Not likely. But it wouldn't hurt.

And he does make fun of atheists. Brian admits to believing JUST to get a drink.
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What Family Guy want to say?!
barfishtain26 September 2018
Explain your Opinion is acceptable Making fun of others Faith and Believes is not acceptable This is not how it works Family Guy, you always try to make bad face of religion and show it, to makes Atheistic GREAT but actually you soil Atheist names not religion. So I'm not sure what you wanna say, that Atheist are bad or religion are?!!!??? Which one is you?!!!???
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