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13 Worst Botches In WWE History

As everybody in 2014 should know, professional wrestling is a scripted and choreographed slice of entertainment mimicking the appearance of a genuine sporting contest. The exact extent of the scripting and choreography that’s required in advance depends on both the participants and the people running the match.

For example, in today’s WWE almost every interview, promo and match is written and planned in advance, while many indie promotions take pride in their roster being able to execute promos and flawless matches on the fly, as was usual in the days before WWE’s dominance of the industry.

Regardless of the amount of planning involved, when someone makes a mistake, it’s usually painfully obvious… sometimes literally so, when the error occurs in the execution of a move that needs to be performed in a certain way to be safe.

This countdown is dedicated to the thirteen worst – or best,
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7 Reasons Why WWE Money In The Bank 2011 Won’t Be Topped

This year’s Money in the Bank PPV will be the fifth year that WWE has run a PPV based off the Money in the Bank ladder match. From 2005 to 2010 the match was done at WrestleMania, but it became such a hit that WWE felt the need to build an entire show around the match concept.

It was a smart move by WWE because Money in the Bank has proven to be one of WWE’s best PPVs of the year. It probably trails only WrestleMania, Royal Rumble and SummerSlam in terms of importance. Survivor Series may be older, but it’s not a big deal anymore. Money in the Bank is.

The 2011 edition of Money in the Bank was one of the best WWE PPVs ever. In fact, when I did a listing of the top 20 PPVs ever back in February I listed it as the 3rd
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WWE: 5 Reasons Why The Wyatt Family vs The Shield Will Be Awesome

WWE Raw this week came from Manchester England, and was a largely forgettable broadcast. That is with the exception of one glorious segment that closed the show. The Shield were about to be beaten by the team of Cm Punk and Daniel Bryan, when the lights outed and The Wyatt Family appeared. However, far from the usual predictable heel vs face beating, what instead transpired was The Shield taking exception to the interruption and getting in The Wyatt’s faces.

A brawl ensued, and the crowd loved it. WWE’s top Two heel factions were doing battle. It was fantastic creative foreshadowing of what will be a great feud. The Six men ended up seeing sense and forming an uneasy alliance to battle Punk and Bryan, but the seeds of a great feud have been planted. At Survivor Series it will most likely be The Wyatts and The Shield as One team,
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WWE Raw 11/11/2013 Review: 5 Things We Learned

We are less than two weeks away from the next major WWE Pay Per View, Survivor Series, and we are no closer to having any real interest in the event. So far the WWE is not doing a very good job of creating an intriguing card for the show, save for one development, and they continue to spin their wheels in preparation. However, here are 5 things we learned following this week’s Raw broadcast as we are less than two weeks out from Survivor Series:

5. A Traditional Survivor Series Match Seems Set

The main event for Raw this week featured Cm Punk and Daniel Bryan squaring off against The Shield in a handicap tag team match, but the end result actually gave us our only major 6 on 6 Survivor Series match for the upcoming pay per view. By the end of the night, in the ring we had The Wyatt Family alongside The Shield,
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WWE Raw 11/4/2013 Review: 5 Things We Learned

With this week’s Raw telecast, we are in the beginning stages of the push towards this year’s Survivor Series PPV, which is one of the Big 4 PPV events of WWE’s calendar year. While we are not off to a hot start on the road to the Series, here are still 5 things we learned following this week’s show:

5. Cm Punk Can Perform With Anyone

To kick off the show this week, WWE sent Cm Punk out to open up the broadcast, and they immediately thrust him into his feud with the Wyatt Family. To start off, Punk had to go through Luke Harper, and he did so with great execution.

Punk’s previous years across the indy circuits have allowed him to hone his in-ring performance skills so much so that he can now literally go with any type of pro wrestling athlete. This week on Raw
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WWE Raw Review 09/30/13: 5 Things We Leanred

This weekend is the next WWE PPV Battleground; but one would hardly know it. The WWE has done a terrible job trying to get this show off the ground, and literally zero interest has been generated for anyone to purchase the telecast. However, the final Raw prior to the event was a mixed bag of reveals, so here’s your 5 things we learned from this week…

5. Cm Punk Tries To Sell PPVs

Throwing out their biggest gun to start off the show, the WWE had Cm Punk in the ring to kickoff Raw and had him do what he does best of all: talk on the mic. And so Cm Punk went to the ring, reminded us all what program he’s currently involved in (Ryback – again), and did his best to fire up the live crowd, and sell more PPV’s for the weekend.

Punk is doing his best

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