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Very clever idea well executed
MartinHafer21 October 2008
This is a cute little film that I just saw on IMDb. While this short will not change your life and is only about 3 minutes long, so even if you don't like it, you're only out 3 measly minutes of your life! SPEED RELATIONSHIP-ING is a tale about a man and a woman who get together in a bar thanks to an online dating service. Since they know a lot about each other already and since it's the fast-paced 21st century, the couple go through the entire cycle of a relationship (meeting, breaking up, seeing others, bargaining and parting) all in the space of only a few minutes. It's a great commentary about modern life and it's all in good silly fun. I have to particularly commend the actors--as it must have been tough doing the gamut of emotions in so little time. See it and have a laugh.
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Cute short film stars real life husband & wife!
CinnaBlaze16 May 2010
I was looking up some movies and came across Anita Barone....since I haven't seen her in anything new in a while I was excited to find this fun little film! Making it even better for me is the fact that the 2 are married in real life! The movie seems to be a take on the whole speed-dating, internet relationship sites and fast paced world of today and it does a decent job. Obviously there is not too much to review as it's only 3 minutes long but I feel it showed the basics of a relationship - the ups and downs and emotions. Cleverly written, very well acted and just enough humor so it didn't seem rushed or over-done in the 3 minutes. That's got to be the hard part, getting the story all in from A to Z in the few minutes allowed. I can see many spending too much or too little time on certain points of the plot, ruining their story all together but this does not. Enjoyable and fun, especially if you really enjoy the particular actors like I do.
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3 stars...1 for each minute.
moviedude113 January 2009
Anita Barone and Matthew Glave are set up through "PerfectMatch.com," a fictional dating company and they have, not just a speed-date, but a speed-relationship (hence, the name of the film).

I've always loved Barone and I was perusing through her credits and this film came up and when I checked to see if it had been released, I found, not only was it just three minutes long, but I could watch it here, on IMDb! If you want to talk about fast, these people move through relationships faster than Superman can move through a mountain! I guess I'm neutral on this film, because I'm not much for shorts. There's never enough time to evaluate anyone's performance, you don't get to examine how well the plot is set up, and by the time you're actually into the plot, the credits are rolling! If nothing else, I felt this film was trying to make a mockery of the dating scene and seeing if they could get away with it, which, I guess, they did, since I blew three minutes of my life, watching it.

3 out of 10 stars.
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