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  • Charlotte ups the ante for Addison in her job offer by dangling surgeries in front of her, while patients at the practice include a cross-dressing fireman, an infant with an abnormally large head and a woman with insomnia as a result of her son's tendency towards violence. Everyone finds out about Dell's new job.


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  • Sam and Naomi finish up happy naked time and he immediately starts talking about ways to generate business.

    Addison runs on the treadmill at the gym and is joined by Pete. Add runs because Naomi still isn't talking to her. They each bump up their speed. Pete asks her if she thinks he's old. She figures out he slept with the temp. She confesses her horrible SWAT message. They both speed up until Pete says the temp said he was great and Addison flies off the treadmill. She's fine.

    In the tub, Cooper obsesses to Charlotte over his lack of business.

    At the hospital, Add is tended to by Dell who works there. She hurt her knee. Charlotte drops by, offering Add a day in her OR. Instead she heads to work.

    At the office, Sam gets on Violet for taking too long to do consults. She complains to Naomi who confesses that she's sleeping with Sam. Violet calls her a traitor. Sam's using her as a sounding board. Naomi has no one to talk to, Violet adds herself to that list.

    Add arrives at work where everyone blows her off one by one. She tells Sam she's going to do a surgery.

    Pete meets with a firefighter who used to have panic attacks and blackouts. Pete's proud of him for making it through his post traumatic stress. The man found something else to help him cope. He's wearing bras and panties now.

    Add leaves the practice and is greeted on the street by a donut-bearing SWAT guy who was charmed by her insane message and came to woo. Because it totally works like that. He tells her not to write him off.

    Violet listens to a woman (Leslie Hope with hair alert!) who wants sleeping pills. She's had insomnia since her husband died last year. "Aren't you just supposed to write me a prescription?" the woman says. Violet starts to acquiesce but tells her she thinks she should talk. Whatever is keeping her from sleeping won't go away with pills. The woman pauses and then confesses that she's afraid of her teenage son. She thinks he's a sociopath, he killed their dog. She found it wrapped in a blanket in the garage with its neck broken. He changed when his father died. He doesn't react. Violet would like to talk to him.

    Pete tries to relax Frank the pantywearer who picked up the habit from a catalog. The very thought relaxes him. He's almost gotten caught twice at the firehouse, it'd ruin his credibility. He refuses to talk to anyone else about it.

    Charlotte continues tempting Addison with surgeries.

    At the office, Violet shuts Naomi down from talking about Dell and then passive-aggressively tells Sam to cancel the rest of her consults because her morning case is big.

    Cooper meets with his new patient, a one year old whose mother says he has an abnormally large head. Cooper's reaction upon seeing the tyke seems to agree with that assessment.

    Violet meets with surly kid Jesse, asking him about the dead dog. He doesn't respond. She switches to his dad, firing questions and getting nowhere. He asks if he can leave.

    Naomi drops by the hospital to stalk Dell, who brushes her off when she says hi and that she missed him.

    Violet lets Jesse stew, discussing the potential sociopath with Cooper. He tells her she doesn't want to be the one to miss Columbine. She gives Jesse a psycho test with true and false questions.

    Add has a sandwich with SWAT guy, who says he was working on a case. She talks a lot about people not talking to each other (missing the irony) and right after SWAT guy asks her out on a real date, Charlotte shows up with another surgery. She also offers her a job. Add says she'll think about it.

    Cooper marvels at the kid's huge head with Pete and Violet. It's Mount Rushmore big, he's thinking disease. Violet's sociopath test was inconclusive. She can't fully evaluate him without a complete exam. Pete worries about the panties.

    Charlotte calls Add away mid-surgery to look at another. In the hall she tells Dell she's done four that day and he concludes she is bad ass.

    Sam goes to Naomi for advice and Naomi then goes to complain to Violet about his insensitivity. As she starts to launch into Dell talk, Violet shuts her down and goes to see potential-psycho's mom Linda.

    She's terrified and thinks her son will figure out why she made him go there. She sleeps with a hammer under her pillow for protection. She breaks down, crying that Violet said she'd help her.

    Naomi returns to Dell at the hospital, totally oblivious. She says she took him for granted and she wants him to come back. She dumps her entire emotional load on him but he says he has a job and walks away. Add sees the whole thing and Naomi snipes at her that many people seem happy at the hospital.

    With Charlotte, Cooper obsesses that he's the metaphorical big head kid and will be first out of the practice. (There's nothing wrong with the actual kid, other than being a lifetime target of ridicule.) Charlotte is glowing because Add made her look good. She gives him a bossy pep talk as foreplay.

    Sam wants Violet to see more people but she's still focused on the kid. Pete gets paged that his firefighter is in the ER. Add has to go back into surgery. Frank wouldn't let anyone touch him. Pete gets there to see Frank burned and barely able to breathe. He cuts holes for him to breath through and Pete says he'll be ok. But his men have pulled back the curtain and see him laying there with his frilly underthings on.

    Addison runs into the husband of one of her patients, who she told was fine before. He doesn't believe her and wants to know if the second surgery was because she ran out to operate on someone else. He asks her if she knows his wife's name. She doesn't.

    Frank tells Pete he's going to quit, but Pete tells him it's good to have a coping device and there's really nothing wrong with it. All they'll care about is that he's there for them.

    Addison turns down Charlotte's job offer because she did a lot of surgeries but wasn't a doctor, she ended up being the one not talking.

    Cooper tells Big Head Kid's mom that he's fine and reassures her that a big head does not predetermined a destiny.

    Violet shows up at Jesse's school where he confronts her, a bat over his shoulder, wanting to know why she made his mom cry. Violet says she won't stop asking questions until he answers them. Her verbal assault works.

    The dog had cancer and they didn't have the money to put him down. He saw his dad's cancer nearly bankrupt them and knew they couldn't afford it. So he did what he had to do. He chokes up.

    Add talks to Dell at the hospital, telling him he's part of the family and when a friend asks you to step up, you do.

    At the practice, Violet watches Jesse and his mom hug and talk and Naomi and Add ignore and not talk.

    She goes to talk to Naomi. She says Violet was using her as her Addison. Naomi used to talk to her before Addison showed up and she hurt her feelings when she stopped talking to her. She tells her to work it out with Addison and stop sleeping with Sam until she can tell him how wrong him taking her job was. Then come talk to her.

    Pete welcomes Addison back and says she did what she had to do, breaking her word to Naomi.

    Dell returns, giving Sam a list of demands. He says no, but Naomi tells him to give them a minute. She reams Sam for taking her job and going behind her back with Addison and running ideas past her like none of it happened. She says at least she was smart enough to ask for help from Dell. So Sam gives Dell his job back.

    Cooper arrives at Charlotte's and can tell she's upset, but she wants to go straight to sex because they don't talk. The talking theme beats you over the head as he forces her to dish. She tells him about Addison turning down the job offer.

    SWAT guy takes Addison on their date, to a firing range. He's turned on by her not-talking fueled firepower. She concludes that talking is over-rated and they share a firing range make-out.

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