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Sex & Nudity

    • A male character says to a female character that if a girl invites to a boy to spend the night at her apartment, is a sign of sexual invitation. The female responds that the only thing that boys think about is sex.
    • A male character tries to enter a bath, when he sees the hand of a female character leaving out her bras as if she were undressing for a shower. The male character sees and leaves the place.

Violence & Gore

    • A boy kills his mother stabbing her to death, and the scene of him doing so is shown repeatedly.
    • An abusive husband throws a bottle at his wife, and the bottle shatters. A woman hits her abusive husband over the head with a frying pan, and then, she stabs him in the neck. Altough there is no blood, we assume this kills him.
  • -A guy opens the door to a room, a girl receives him with a stab wound to the neck, a lot of blood is seen. The boy wakes up, all was a nightmare.
    • A woman enters her son's bedroom where he is sleeping. She sits on top of him and stabs him repeatedly, No blood is seen.
    • A boy being chased by bullies turns around and jabs his finger into a bully's eye and blood spills from his eye. The boy is punched repeatedly several times until a girl appears and intervenes; she uses special abilities to fight them, and we see her make a twisting motion onto one bully's stomach, and he projectile vomits immediately afterwards.
    • A woman is seen placing a knife in her neck, then she stabs it, no blood is seen.
    • A woman fights undead people, when they are cut by a sword, they sprout black blood.
    • A character is hurt in the neck with a knife, much blood flows, but the wound is self-regenerating
    • A character is seen in front of a battlefield where he sees several medieval soldiers dead. There are crows eating the corpses.
    • A woman is pierced by another character's arm, the arm is holding her heart, which is still beating. When her heart is crushed by the hand that holds it, she dies.
    • A woman's head is cut off. We see her severed head later being smashed. Later the woman returns alive and unharmed.
    • A character stabs another in self-defense. Then the wounded character, cross the dagger in his right hand, then he attacks the other person, takes his head and begins to beat him wildly against a wall, much blood is seen.
    • A man is seen being swallowed alive by something paranormal emerged from a suitcase.
    • A man is seen to be fighting a paranormal cat figure.
    • A male character, falls off his own arm, on a Close Shot, it's seen that the severed arm is a piece of flesh and metal gears
    • One male character enters to the basement of a building, which is full of brains individually packed in jars.
    • A character is disintegrated by a magic spell
    • One of the characters loses his arm by the slice of a sword
    • Two characters are seen fighting, both fall from a building while they continue fighting in the air a character stabs to another character in the chest with a sword.


  • Mild Profanities

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

    • A man is seen drinking to get drunk
    • A woman is seen smoking, One of the lucky charms she uses, seem to be a Chinese old pack of cigarettes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

    • The second half of the film is intense. Many scenes are repeated several times, the editing tricks used may cause some confusion.
    • Two characters enter a room where two bodies are in an advanced state of decomposition.
    • One scene shows a kind of basement which appears to be as if the building were a living creature

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