Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners - Paradox Spiral (2008) Poster

Kôji Yusa: Cornelius Alba


  • Cornelius Alba : SOUREN ARAYA! You said that you let me kill to Aozaki.

    Souren Araya : You failed. Could not do anything about that I killed her.

    Cornelius Alba : Kill her? Do not make me laugh. She is alive still. Do not be so naive. We should kill her. Aozaki is a bitch that even was called a "Dirty Red".

    Souren Araya : Fool! You said something you should not said, Cornelius.

    Cornelius Alba : What?

    Souren Araya : [Throwing a jar containing the Touko's head]  Take it. I will not complain no matter what you do with her.

    Cornelius Alba : [Hugging the jar]  Certainly I have received it. Now this is mine. You do not care how I use it, right?

    Souren Araya : Do what you want.

    [while Cornelius walks away with the jar] 

    Souren Araya : Anyway, your destiny is determined, no matter what you do.

  • Cornelius Alba : [Taking off his hat and making a bow of welcome]  Aozaki, I have taken the Taiji.

    Touko Aozaki : Did you put the Taji inside a Taji? but the Counterforce would take action. United consciousness of us the humans, and the planets. The desire to survive in the world converges and appears in many ways. That is the counter, called counterforce. blessed souls that appear during various eras, the heroes are a form of it. Many sorcerers in the past attempted to obtain the origin and were killed by the counter force.

    Cornelius Alba : Counterforce? An Obstacle that will not appear again. Since I am not breaking new ground, but I am just tracking down one that is already open.

    Touko Aozaki : Are the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception?

    Cornelius Alba : It seems that Araya is dying for capture to Shiki Ryogi.

    Mikiya Kokutou : [Dropping the amulet, making him visible for Cornelius]  Shiki? What did you do to Shiki?

    Cornelius Alba : [Without feel surprise]  You must be the guy from yesterday. So, you have an apprentice, Aozaki. Now I have more things for which I will wait anxious.

    Touko Aozaki : You're wrong... Well I guess to tell you is useless... Maybe back then when we were students... But now, we both are far from school. Can I take what you say as a statement of hostility?

    Cornelius Alba : We must adjust the long-lasting rivalry. I can not wait the moment when you and I meet again.

    [Leaving the room] 

    Cornelius Alba : I will see you later.

  • Cornelius Alba : I have gone so far, just because they said I could kill you, Aozaki!

  • Souren Araya : [In front of a battlefield where there are several medieval Japanese soldiers dead]  I can not save anyone. If I can not save them, at least I will register clearly their deaths. I will collect... deaths.

    [Fade to black, he wakes up as if he had been dreaming] 

    Souren Araya : What? Was that a dream?

    Cornelius Alba : SOUREN...!

  • Cornelius Alba : [Coming out from the Elevator]  Hello, you arrive in good time. I was going to see you right now.

    [Mikiya notices that he has the Touko's head] 

    Cornelius Alba : Is not that Cool? I too would like that. This head is still alive

    [Inserting his fingers in the head's left eye, exploding in a spray of blood] 

    Cornelius Alba : Look, she can still mourn and listen us.

    [Mikiya is petrified, feeling sick when he sees Cornelius using his fingers to move the Touko's mouth, mimics Touko's voice] 

    Cornelius Alba : Oh what you gonna do?

    [Returning to his normal voice] 

    Cornelius Alba : Now I will kill your cute little boy here. What a problem, right? How frustrating, right? Because you can not use or your hands or your legs! right?

    [Smash Touko's head in front of Mikiya] 

  • Cornelius Alba : [Realizing that Touko has returned to the building]  You...

    Touko Aozaki : Don't say stupid things like "You should be dead," Cornelius.

    Cornelius Alba : [Frightened]  You should be dead!

  • Touko Aozaki : [Covering her left eye]  The thing you made me a moment ago, it hurted me a lot, Cornelius.

    Cornelius Alba : You, whom I had met so far... No... Are you real?

    Touko Aozaki : Listen... What sense does that question when am I at which you're asking?

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