Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners - Paradox Spiral (2008) Poster

Jôji Nakata: Souren Araya


  • Cornelius Alba : SOUREN ARAYA! You said that you let me kill to Aozaki.

    Souren Araya : You failed. Could not do anything about that I killed her.

    Cornelius Alba : Kill her? Do not make me laugh. She is alive still. Do not be so naive. We should kill her. Aozaki is a bitch that even was called a "Dirty Red".

    Souren Araya : Fool! You said something you should not said, Cornelius.

    Cornelius Alba : What?

    Souren Araya : [Throwing a jar containing the Touko's head]  Take it. I will not complain no matter what you do with her.

    Cornelius Alba : [Hugging the jar]  Certainly I have received it. Now this is mine. You do not care how I use it, right?

    Souren Araya : Do what you want.

    [while Cornelius walks away with the jar] 

    Souren Araya : Anyway, your destiny is determined, no matter what you do.

  • Shiki Ryogi : I know you

    Souren Araya : Right.

    [Showing her a scar] 

    Souren Araya : Two years have passed since we met.

  • Shiki Ryogi : Why did you built this apartment complex?

    Souren Araya : This is just one experiment

    Shiki Ryogi : [Drawing her dagger]  Does that mean that repetition is a hobby of yours?

    Tomoe Enjou : Repetition?

    Shiki Ryogi : [to Tomoe]  Enjou, this complex probably repeats the last day of its inhabitants. The day of their death. I told you, right? They born in the morning and die in the night. This is the storage side of their bodies, and the other side is where everyday life happens. I do not know what kind of spell he is using.

    Souren Araya : I created a world that ends in a day. I was curious to see if humans could reach a different death. I believe that will occur in the spiral deflection if I repeat the same death in a thousand times. But so far, results have been the same.

    Shiki Ryogi : I see. So Enjou is not the only one repeating his death. It would not be enough for an experiment.

    Souren Araya : There were people who had everything destroyed. Within a month, everyone killed each other and died.

    Shiki Ryogi : Is because of this apartment complex that you created. You pushed them to do so. Then you turned all the people in Marionettes.

    Tomoe Enjou : Turn?... Marionettes? Then, I...

    Shiki Ryogi : Why do you want to kill me?

    Souren Araya : Kirie Fujio and Fujino Asagami were not effective.

    [about Kirie Fujio] 

    Souren Araya : Being close to death, she chose death while you chose life.

    [about Fujino Asagami] 

    Souren Araya : Putting an end to lives, she enjoyed killing while you had respect for the kill. You should have noticed... they were like you, but at the same time, they were killers who were in conflict with Shiki Ryogi. These two girls were sacrificial lambs that were prepared just for you.

    Shiki Ryogi : You are...

    Souren Araya : Enjou Tomoe was a fortunate discovery. He made things easy for me.

    [Approaching Shiki] 

    Souren Araya : Shiki Ryogi, Nothingness is your chaotic impulse and your origin. See that dark and remember thy name.

  • Souren Araya : [In front of a battlefield where there are several medieval Japanese soldiers dead]  I can not save anyone. If I can not save them, at least I will register clearly their deaths. I will collect... deaths.

    [Fade to black, he wakes up as if he had been dreaming] 

    Souren Araya : What? Was that a dream?

    Cornelius Alba : SOUREN...!

  • Touko Aozaki : Araya, what are you looking for?

    Souren Araya : True wisdom.

    Touko Aozaki : Araya, where are you looking for?

    Souren Araya : Just inside my own being.

    Touko Aozaki : I See... GO!

    [Touko releases a ghost cat for attack him] 

  • Souren Araya : [after defeating the ghost cat released by Touko]  Your puppet is gone. A puppeteer has lost in the moment when his puppet is defeated. That is what you said when you were a student.

    Touko Aozaki : I have not changed that theory. but it is impressive. being here is like being inside your body and you can destroy any space at will.

    [while she feels that the floor beneath her is beating] 

    Touko Aozaki : So I have entered in the trap of a giant spell. If you were so prepared, why you were easily cornered by Shiki?

    Souren Araya : I would destroy her if I had fought with all my strong.

    Touko Aozaki : Aha, just expect that it will not be a bad decision for you. Araya, there are three conditions to scare someone. Do you remember them? One: The monster can not talk. Two: The monster can not be identified. And three: It makes no sense if the monster can be killed.

    [the Touko's ghostly cat attacks again ] 

  • Touko Aozaki : [after beating Araya]  If you want to kill, do it with one hit. That's how you make a surprise attack.

    [She gives a few steps, then she stops abruptly. A drop of blood is dripping from her mouth, She realizes that from her torso comes out a bloody arm. Araya is behind her and has penetrated his right arm. Touko's heart is in the right hand of Souren] 

    Souren Araya : Kill in one hit, huh? I see, it was a good lesson.

    Touko Aozaki : [Seeing the fake Araya]  That was a puppet?

    Souren Araya : Of course. And you are the real.

    [Viewing Touko's heart in the Hand of Souren which is still beating] 

    Souren Araya : Seeing the wrath of this heart, there is no doubt. What a misfortune. I qualified you accurately. Once we compete to reach the origin. To be honest, I liked you a lot. But you have degenerated.

    Touko Aozaki : It may be true... but I like the life I have right now.

    [Dropping a tear] 

    Touko Aozaki : This spiral called Life, accumulated over several miracles and opportunities. So, if I could protect it, was worth doing for. Araya, What do you wish?

    Souren Araya : I wish for nothing.

    Touko Aozaki : How pathetic

    [Araya crushes the Touko's heart, causing her to drop dead] 

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