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  • House treats a patient who is convinced she's dying because of a death predicting cat. Meanwhile Taub catches up with an old High School classmate and contemplates leaving the team.

  • Nurse Morgan West is convinced she's dying because 'prophetic' cat Debby from the senior home where she works came to her. House assumes she's a malingerer, but she soon gets symptoms one can't fake. Even a coma patient who attracted the cat later dies. House taunts Kutter's mild superstitious practices. Taub hopes for a better job with college mate Neil Zane in the medical supplies business.


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  • House (Hugh Laurie) has some fun with medical supplies, making a toy car track including a shark pool made out of a bed pan. Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) ruins his fun by bringing him a patient.

    A woman feels run down and starts to request tests. Then she collapses and starts convulsing. House, not exactly rushing to help, calls for Cuddy. The woman pees on herself mid-seizure. This is not odd, but the fact it's neon green is.

    It goes on the board along with neurological symptoms. Taub (Peter Jacobson) walks in late and questions why House is interested in the non-life threatening case.

    Taub and Kutner (Kal Penn) check out her office at a nursing home. Taub finds pills that would make her pee green. He thinks she's faking.

    Houses guesses a throat spray is the cause and sends Taub out. He cops to Kutner he's only trying to disprove the fake seizure story.

    Some guy in the waiting room recognizes Taub as a high school classmate. Taub agrees to look at the man's hurt leg.

    House tells the woman a test was negative and runs some flashing lights in her face to provoke a seizure. It works. But too conveniently. She's faking. He's going to need a good reason to keep her. A cat predicted her death. "Cat's make terrible doctors," House says. "Oh no wait, that's women. You're screwed."

    Taub's friend Neil (Christopher Moynihan) has been feeling dizzy. He has him lay down and manipulates his head. The guy sits up, cured. He had a tiny calcium deposit in his head and Taub just moved it. Taub turns down his offer of dinner.

    Morgan (Judy Greer) brings the cat to the hospital and tells him it has predicted 10 deaths at the nursing home, sleeping next to them before they died. The other day, it slept next to her as she napped. She's convinced it's real.

    From inside his office, House ignores her until she collapses. Foreman (Omar Epps) checks her out. She's having bronchial spasms. You can't fake that. Good, kitty.

    House and Cuddy watch the news reel Morgan brought in about the cat. Cuddy thinks the woman is a whack job. House doesn't disagree, but still thinks she's sick. Cuddy gives him 24 hours to prove he's right.

    House holds the cat and chews on a giant cigar. He notes rich people sometimes send them as gifts and asks if Taub picked up on the awkward segue. Taub goes to look for his cigars as the team spitballs. Foreman guesses the cat caused the deaths and House tells him he shouldn't listen to Ted Nugent. Ok, so they didn't die of Cat Scratch Fever.

    Taub finds the empty cigar box. House guesses Taub is getting gifts from rich guys because he lost all his money on the market. Taub accidentally left his portfolio open on the computer.

    Kutner tries to talk to Taub as the team tests for worms in Morgan's lungs. There are none.

    Houses pushes a crash cart into the coma patients room. He opens it up and takes out the cat, trying to disprove the cat death theory.

    Taub thinks House and Foreman misinterpreted the breath sounds and Morgan is fine.

    They notice new welts on a coma patient's arms. Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) reads his file: he has a severe cat allergy. They notice the cat has settled in on another patient's bed.

    Cuddy tells House to get rid of Morgan. The latest test they ran showed nothing. Taub tattled.

    House pushes Morgan in a wheelchair outside where he fires up Taub's cigar. He went through her file and saw she got a chicken pox shot two years ago, which you only get if you have a kid. It was her stepson. He choked in school. She wants to make it make sense, House says. But it's meaningless. He blows smoke in her face until she starts wheezing again. Hooray, she's officially sick.

    House tells Taub to clean the litter box, but Taub leaves instead. They start Morgan on steroids.

    Taub has a drink with Neil in his fancy CEO's office. Taub thinks about his past rich life and talks about the affair he had with one of his partner's daughters.

    He looks over a medical implement Neil is developing and gives him useful advice on how to make it better.

    Back at the hospital, Morgan tells Thirteen she peed brown. Not a good sign.

    House comes in the next day to talk pee. Foreman wonders what plus green makes brown. Something purple, which could be related to colon cancer. House tries to provoke Kutner's superstitions, opening an umbrella, spilling salt and putting a ladder over the doorway - which Kutner avoids going under.

    House asks Taub to stay and ribs him about poverty, still angry Taub ratted him out to Cuddy.

    House takes Morgan to see the cat with the coma dude - who is not dead yet. Morgan thinks the cat might just be confused by the new environment. She knows she sounds crazy, but she also knows House is wrong.

    Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) confronts House in the hallway, wondering why House is attacking the beliefs of a woman who lost her kid.

    They're going experimenting up in pediatrics. Wilson puts a stop to it.

    The colonoscopy shows Morgan has no tumor in her colon. Kutner suggests a flat lesion - skin cancer. He wants to leave but the cat blocks his path. Kutner goes out the side door.

    In the middle of the night, House's phone rings. Morgan now has spider veins on her back which means Cushings. But that's not why Kutner called. Mr. Coma Patient just died. The cat was right.

    But it's also missing. They go looking for it while trying to guess how a cat could tell when people are sick. Suddenly, House collapses, then he spits up all over Kutner. It looks like blood. But no, it's cranberry juice. That'll teach Kutner to leave House's office door open.

    Taub meets with Neil, telling him he wants a job. But there isn't one available. He asks to invest instead. Neil protests slightly, then agrees.

    House checks out Mr. Coma Man in the morgue. Chase (Jesse Spencer) reports the test they did nearly killed her. He's still thinking Cushings.

    Wilson is confounded by House's latest obsession.

    Chase tells Morgan about drugs that will suppress Cushings. The other option is really risky surgery to remove her pituitary gland. She wants the surgery.

    House comes in to work. Taub is at work early. He's quitting. He doesn't have a new job, so House won't accept his resignation. Taub says bye and walks out. House tells him to bring bear claws when he comes back.

    In his office, House notices the kitty in the doorway. It comes in and lays on his laptop. Looking back at the news footage of the cat on a woman's bed, House smiles.

    Taub waits for Neil at his office. Finally a woman comes out and tells him Neil's not there. He doesn't work there any more. He wasn't the CEO, he was a temp. He's in custody. Taub sputters he went to high school with the guy. That's what everyone else thought, too, she tells him. Luckily, Taub hasn't given him the money yet.

    House goes to Wilson to gloat. The cat was attracted to the warmth of feverish patients and the heating blankets put on patients that were wasting away. "Congrats," Wilson says, "because of your obsession with this cat you solved a completely trivial mystery."

    Somehow, Morgan's symptoms actually mean she had cancer in a place the camera couldn't reach - her appendix.

    She packs up as House drops by to gloat. She believes it wasn't just coincidence the cat chose that moment to sit on House's computer.

    He tells her to feel better.

    Back in his office, House sits in his chair and starts to play with his toy cars. He realizes his chair is wet with cat pee. He calls for Kutner. Payback for fake blood.

    Thirteen is surprised Kutner is still alive after that and figures it must be because House was impressed Kutner stood up to him, or he got a cat to pee on his chair. "Yea," Kutner says mischievously, "a cat."

    As he's walking to the elevator House passes Taub returning - with a box of bear claws.

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