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Filling the Space between Spaces
Chip_douglas22 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Obviously somebody who worked on this title added it to the IMDb, for it's really nothing more than some promotional material 'sponsored' by Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' so really, it's a 20 minute commercial. In between the various clips from trailers and material that had been available on-line for months, Veroinca babe Suzanne de Jong popped up to do some intro's as well as some 'exclusive' interviews filmed during the 61th Cannes film festival. De Jong had done a similar show for Casino Royale a year before (also accounted for on this site). Her Quantum of Solace show is strangely absent on the IMDb...

This show was broadcast on the day The Crystal Skull had it's world wide release, which means a lot of us were sat in a theater rather than in front of the TV. It was preceded by another doc the day before simply called 'Indiana Jones: the making of'. This was mostly edited from the 'Webisodes' that had been posted on the official site long beforehand, including bits from the premiere one 'First Day' and the entire segments on 'Indy's look' (Bernie Pollock' search for the perfect fedora) and 'Indy's home'. It's funny to hear the eternally self-indulgent sounding Veronica narrator claiming that this set is one of the most important elements in the series. Doesn't he realize the whole point is that he's always traveling the globe instead of sitting at home? Still, it's worth it for the close-ups of the various framed photographs strewn around the place.

As for the interviews, they are all old hat: Harrison says it's so much damn fun (he needed a hit) Spielberg says having Harrison in the picture is more important than himself being in the directors chair (he had some reservations going back to Indy) and that Ford did more stunts in this film than in any of the previous ones. Note that we can see Steven pulling some monkey faces to Harrison on set. Back when this promotional feature was first aired, nobody could have dreamed he was referring to computer generated vine swingers at this point. More On-Line stuff introducing Shia as Mutt and the production team reminiscing about the original three Indy films. This last part is interesting because of the footage culled from the behind the scenes footage from the previous century. In effect, this makes it a making of within a making of. Meanwhile interviewer Suzanne has the endearing knack to put the word 'the' in front of movie titles where it doesn't belong, as in 'The Raiders of the Lost Ark' and 'The Transformers'. But seeing as she pronounces the word with a Dutch accent (as in 'de') we'll forgive her.

5 out of 10
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