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Best Scream Sequel
Sober-Friend10 May 2017
This is much better then most horror sequels. This film has moments that "Scream" fans will get a huge kick out of. The story does go a little too crazy however at the end. It does perform as an excellent chapter in the "Scream Series". If you have never seen a "Scream" film that is okay. This film works on its own and you do not have too know anything of the previous films.

In this film On the fifteenth anniversary of the original Woodsboro murders, high school students Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper are attacked and brutally murdered by a new Ghostface.

The following day, Sidney Prescott returns to Woodsboro to promote her new book, Out of Darkness, with her publicist Rebecca Walters. After evidence is found in Sidney's rental car, Sidney becomes a suspect in the murders and must stay in town until the murders are solved. Sidney's teenage cousin Jill, who is dealing with the betrayal of her ex-boyfriend, Trevor Sheldon, gets a threatening phone call from Ghostface. She and her friends Olivia Morris and Kirby Reed, are questioned about their calls by Dewey Riley, who is now the sheriff of the town, while one of his deputies, Judy Hicks, assists him in the case. Meanwhile, Dewey's wife, Gale Weathers- Riley, is struggling with writer's block. She gives up the writing and decides to investigate the murder instead.

This film was so good I ended up buying it. Now if your looking for something knew in this film then you will be so disappointed. If you want to see a film that will scare you then RENT THIS.

I hope one day we will get a "Scream 5"
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"The first rule of remakes: don't f*** with the original"
polarcola13 April 2011
I literally just came back from a midnight screening of this and I had an amazing time. Craven's managed to reclaim the franchise with a worthy instalment that's a fantastic sequel as well as a quality slasher film in its own right. Honestly speaking, there aren't too many surprises to be had in Scream 4. No matter how mordantly self-aware the movies are (and believe me, Scream 4 gets a little tediously indulgent in its postmodern cleverness), there's an inevitable predictability to some of the proceedings but anybody who's a genre-savvy horror fan will appreciate how brilliantly everything is executed. The opening sequences, for example, are one of the best parts of the movie and are a perfect reintroduction to the franchise and while the bulk of the story lags a little, it's redeemed by the ballsy ending.

The acting is great with the core trio (Campbell, Arquette and Cox) delivering their usual, strong performances and the rest of the cast, however limited their respective roles, are just as entertaining. All you TV buffs there will get a kick out of seeing actors from Heroes, Veronica Mars, True Blood, Mad Men and Community share the silver screen and camp it up. More importantly, the film is hilarious and just a whole lot of ridiculous fun. Craven isn't afraid to take the story to some beautifully insane places and the ending was, to me, perfect.

All in all, it's a great, irreverent slice of horror that's hilarious and true to the franchise. Highly recommended.
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Very good, especially for die-hard fans
MatthewKerr27 March 2011
THIS REVIEW IS SPOILER FREE: READ ON FOR MY REVIEW ON SCREAM 4 (2011) I was pleasantly surprised. This was a great movie, especially for fans of the original. It makes up for the awfulness of Scream 3, and includes many very talented new actors and actresses. I was very surprised to walk into the screening theater and see a fantastic horror film. As soon as the Dimension logo appeared on screen, my heart began to race. The opening scene was brutal and hilarious, and it was great to see all of the original characters back on the screen again. I found the Wes Craven cameo, and was laughing as I spotted it out. This movie was great to watch, even though there were some things that needed to be fixed. Very minor problems though. There were some parts in the dialogue that seemed unrealistic (Ehren Kruger re-writes), but it wasn't a huge deal. Also, the ending was kinda long, but it was also very suspenseful. I would most definitely recommend this to a friend in search of a good horror movie.
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World Premiere
Niek_verbiest12 April 2011
If you liked the first 3 movies you will like this one too. It has the same feel as the other Scream movies, but i don't want to spoil any story so i won't say anything about that.

I am a fan of the scream movies but not a HUGE fan that is why i would rate it an 8. Story wise (like every horror movie) it could sometimes be a bit better, but I found this story better then the typical horror movie. The kills were more realistic and the gore levels were appropriate in the scenes in my opinion.

If your a fan of horror movies i would really recommend it though. And if your a fan of Scream movies go see it!
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I really liked Scream 4
JediNinja13 April 2011
I recently saw the movie Scream 4. I really liked it. Coming in to the movie, I was like "Well, how many sequels have been any good?" But I really liked this movie. The movie had great suspense with intense twists and turns. This movie will take you through all kinds of emotions. You'll laugh. You'll cringe. You'll jump out of your seat. Everything. There is one scene in particular that will probably give you nightmares for a while. The cast was awesome. A great blend of young future stars and seasoned veterans. Kudos to Wes Craven and everybody involved with this movie for doing such a good job. I really liked this movie and I think that you'll like it too. I highly recommend this movie.
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Very intelligent, very scary, and very hilarious
rtcnz14 April 2011
Scream 4 should have been terrible - after all, Scream 2 was only "ok" and Scream 3 was a disaster. But Scream 4 is a very good movie, both as part of the franchise, but also as a stand alone.

It is far more self-referential than you would expect. Barely a scene passes without the characters referencing movie conventions. But it does so in what I think is an intelligent way. And most importantly (for our enjoyment) Scream 4 makes fun of itself before we can get there. Just when you start to roll your eyes, they roll their eyes.

But it also stands as a good slasher flick - perhaps the LEAST slasher-y of the lot so far (it can't be everything after all) but there are plenty of jump-in-your-seat moments.

The combination of old generation cast and new generation is actually seamless, again lots of self-referencing about that too.

The highlights are too many to name - but the opening of the movie will have you laughing far harder than you'd have expected to.

Overall, Scream 4 is excellent.
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Excellent 4th installment!
derekprice197414 April 2011
I just got back home from a midnight screening. I was very excited to see this film, and I am now at home eagerly waiting to go and see it again as well as really hoping this is the beginning of a new trilogy.

First, nothing is overdone in the film. Second, nothing is contrived. Third, the script and plot is very inventive, has humility, yet plenty of scares. During the film, several scenes are reminiscent of scenes from the original trilogy.

The film clocks in at almost 2 hours, which is long for a horror film. But, the reason it is this long is because there is a lot of plot development and setting the stage for the final act. You will enjoy this film!
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Reivindicates the saga after more than a decade.
RicCarr19 April 2011
Never before have I seen a horror franchise spawn 4 movies and still be taken seriously, usually when a franchise follows this path it means that the producers are making annual cash-ins trying to milk the franchise as much as possible while it is still popular and relevant (see Saw, Final Destination), well for Scream 4 (or Scre4m)that's not the case, this movie makes an effort to continue a saga which was put to sleep for more than a decade, without it being a re-imagining, re-make or re-boot like the hideous Rob Zombie attempt at a Halloween remake(although the movie makes fun of this in a brilliant way). Scream 4 is more than that, while a sequel, it feels like a complete new beginning, it carried the bad stigma that the failed Scream 3 left behind, yet it proved that the series is still relevant, and with the adequate script it takes off on a delightful new killing spree.

10 years have passed since Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) last encountered the Ghostface killer, she has moved on with her life and now dedicates to writing her most intimate memoirs and book touring the country with her publicist, making her last stop at her hometown of Woodsboro, the place where it all started. Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) and Dewey Riley (David Arquette) are living their peaceful lives in that town, the same as Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts) Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere) and their friends, which, begin being stalked by a new masked killer.

When at it's best, Scream 4 manages to make you laugh hysterically but at the same time, in the same scene, give you heart-stopping scares, other reviewers think that the only characters you care about are the main threesome (Sidney, Gale and Dewey) but in my opinion, it is precisely the "new rules" factor that make you doubt whether they'll make it or not, meanwhile, you start caring about the other characters (specially Kirby Reed, played by "Heroes" cheerleader Hayden Panettiere) who shares her love for horror films with an unusual crush.

While some of the decisions made by characters really fall into the "dumb-blonde-who-goes-upstairs" category, it is precisely the killer that takes credit for this decision making, since you don't know where he'll pop up next, thus making going outside an even scarier choice.

Scream 4 is really better thought out than it's predecessor, there's no doubt about that, this time, the gore is even more gruesome, the body count is larger and the truth is that you'll never guess who the killer is, it really could be anyone, and director Wes Craven really makes this a possibility.

In the end, Scream 4 perfectly combines comedy, horror, action and drama to create a new formula, while not a perfect movie, it's shortcomings become less important by one aspect, it really doesn't take itself too seriously but at the same time it makes a homage of the saga and utilizes itself as a tool to further immortalize the Ghostface killer as one of the most popular icons in the horror genre.
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Fun, twisted fun!
themissingpatient16 April 2011
To the younger generations of movie reviewers: Take the stick out of your ass before watching this movie! Thank you.

Scream is Wes Craven territory. It's comedy-horror, it's suppose to be twisted fun and that's what this is. Unlike the 3rd film, this didn't try to insult our intelligence with over-the-top gags and an overly serious ending. This film stayed very true to the first two films and yet, at the same time, did not feel like just another sequel. Having the ten years between really made this a one of a kind, intimate experience with these three unforgettable characters. The fear for their lives was as real as the first time we met Sidney, Gale and Dewey.

The entire films was and stayed tongue in cheek and for a sequel, it was just as refreshing as the original.

Hands down to directors like Sam Raimi, Robert Rodriquez and Wes Craven, for making horror movies fun!
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"The old generation's tragedy, the new generation's entertainment"
drakula200516 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Back in 1996, the first Wes Craven movie from the Scream franchise ended, or should i say, began a whole new generation of horror movies.The suspense became bigger than before, and the hackneyed stories of torture, abandoned roads and stokers came to a relative end.The new-age horror began back then-a nice mix of humor, suspense, jump-scenes, blood and gore..and of course, the merge of some typical killer profiles in one.The result-Ghostface.So many movies have been made as a parody of the notorious killer and some of them have succeeded with it.But only one movie will come in mind when we speak of Ghostface- the Scream franchise.And this one sticks to everything we wanted.

Saying that, i must admit i was very annoyed at the beginning of the movie, mainly because of the brainless chicks, with a "135" IQ, who got killed so stupidly.Maybe it should have been 13,5, who knows.But at the end, when i finally managed to control my anger, i come to realize, that was a satire, and a needed one.It comes to show that the series are still a lot of fun throughout and that's what matters.

And speaking of fun, i must say that i was laughing in tears in some moments, and i was at the edge of my seat at others.This is, for me, the most important part of the movie, along with the twists, of course.Not many movies do that, and i surely don't remember the last one i saw it do that.

Wes Craven did a great job working on his child, collaborating alongside Kevin Williamson, a very talented screenwriter, who shows why he's on board the movie.He did a great job making a very difficult story, considering the fact, that this is the four Scream installment.

The movie was very creative as a new-age collaboration between young newcomers, some TV stars, like Hayden Panettiere (whom you probably haven't heard of, if you're not a TV geek, although it's hard to believe, or Emma Roberts, most famous as Julia Robert's daughter for now, although she is talented.) and the old dogs in the sight of David Arquette, Courtney Cox and Neve Campbell.So, this mix-up was cool to see.

There weren't some off the chart performances, if i have to choose, i would say that David Arquette and Emma Roberts were the highlight-actors of the movie.There were some obviously comedic introductions, such as Adrien Brody and Anthony Anderson, playing two of the cops in the movie.

What surprised me the most, was the sheer entertainment of the script, the twists and the movie connections, that were added.I can't think of any other movie, i've seen, that has so much references to other movies or people.They began referencing to the Saw franchise, The Hills Have Eyes, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, Friday the 13-th, A Nightmare on Elm Street and so many others, including references of many of Wes Craven's previous works and actors such as Bruce Willis.But the movies were so many, and many, i couldn't remember them all.Let's say, that there was about 90% of the horror classics in the last 50-60 years or so added as a build-up quiz game to some of the murders.They were that many.Even the weapons those killers used, were added as trivia Q&A's.

So the sheer entertainment, the laughs and scares and twists(which are very incredible, but convincing and untraceable for audiences until the very end, when they tell you about them, are great).The acting of some of the characters was great as well, and i was pleased.

All those things being said, i think, that, as a fourth installment, this movie is sheer entertaining brilliancy, and a history in the making as well.I won't be surprised, if there is another sequel being planed in the future, because the movie was great, as long as it doesn't make you a little angry at the very beginning, in the few opening scenes.Then, you should be alright.

So a fun, memorable ride and the Scream franchise is at it's entertaining best, alongside the first.You will laugh and you will scream but eventually, you'll definitely like it.

My note 7.5/10 for the best horror movie in the last couple of years and the best Scream since the first.A great entertainer!

P.S.Go see it with as many friends as possible-it will be fun as hell!
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SOOOO Much Better Than Scream 3
AJ_is_Awesomness13 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It has been too long since Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson teamed up to deliver the goods what with Craven concentrating on his rehash of remakes and Williamson penning the likes of the Vampire Diaries. It has also been too long since a good "Scream" movie hit theatres, after the dreadful Scream 3 passed by in a whimsical, so you can imagine my horror when Dimension announced they were reviving the sequel and adding a fourth movie on the end. Not only did I feel that the Scream franchise belonged soley to the 90's (and thus it avoided the campy 80's slash era and the 2000's torture gorn obsession) I also wondered how on earth would they pull it off, after more than ten years since the last intalment.

Scream 4 or (Scre4m as it is being cleverly marketed) follows the usual concept behind a re-visited sequel. The main characters from the previous movies end up re-uniting for whatever reason, the killer has an even more ridiculous motive that is as nonsensical as it is insane (or in this case obsessive), the body count is once again cranked up and the in-joke references are gracelessly thrown in. The result is a good rehash that hovers somewhere between the greatness of Scream and the finely rendered shocks of its first sequel.

The plot is fairly thin, and sees the series protagonist, Sidney Prescott returning to her hometown of Woodsboro following the 10 year anniversary of the famous Woodsboro Murders, to promote her new book. Here, Sidney's younger cousin Jill (excellently portrayed by the fantastic Emma Roberts)attends her old high school and the towns sheriff is non only than Dewey Riley who is now married to the cantankerous Gale Weathers. Unfortunately, a serial killer cottons on to the fact that Sidney's last stop on her book tour is Woodsboro, and takes it upon him (or her)self to start a new reign of terror, evoking horrifying memories for Sidney, Dewey and Gale who must once again solve the mystery behind Ghostface.

There you have it- a simple minded plot that strides on familiar territory whilst managing to twist the story elements enough for the audience to focus on solving the mystery. What Scre4m does well is to build up enough tension for the audience to be scared whilst also being funny enough for the same audience to laugh out loud. There are some genuinely gruesome scenes in this one. The opening is gut wrenching and very well thought out, but it is also hilarious and sets the overall blackly comic tone the rest of the movie glides on. The kills are actually quite original, and there are plenty of them. The acting borders on very good to corny and wooden, as does the writing (they had to pull Williamson's script and make changes and this is very noticeable.) Overall the cast do a good job, especially Neve Campbell who gets stuck into the role once again, and Emma Roberts as the lead. She is a great actress and she almost carries the movie when the three headlining stars are out of the picture. It is nice to see Courtney Cox post-Friends in her gorgeously over-the-top dramatics routine and David Arquette is as campy as ever. The rest of the cast are generally OK, especially Hayden Panettiere and Anna Paquin. Rory Culkin also does well filling the shoes of Jamie Kennedy in the comic role.

Everything from the script to the direction is carefully painted. You can tell that despite the production problems Craven and Williamson had a blast. They throw in a few nods to recent movies, add in the old cat- in-the-closet scare and even take the pi$$ out of the Saw franchise so Scre4m is as playful and funny as it is scary. Don't get me wrong, there are some terrifying moments littered in there, but it all comes with a nicely polished laugh track that reminds us why Wes even bothered making the original in the first place. Now for the negatives. Whilst Scre4m makes good use of its young cast, it appears that Cox, Arquette and Campbell were underused in some scenes. Also Emma Roberts was not given enough screen time which is a shame as she plays a big part in the finale and yet we don't see her develop much as a character. She is just "Sids cousin" which is odd as she is is supposed to be the new lead. I found Culkins character slightly obnoxious and cliché at times, but he did a good job with what material he had. The ending was good, if not slightly absurd. The killer's motive is obviously well thought out but it seemed a bit far fetched for my liking. Overall though a great movie.

So... here it is. Ten years in the making and finally Scre4m is ready for mainstream audiences. Craven and Williamson have crafted together a nice sequel that is funny, scary and a LOT better than Scream 3. Here's hoping Scre5m and Scre6m follow this lead.
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Gotta be a Scream fan to enjoy...but I liked it
ecjones110416 April 2011
I will say, Scream 4 was pretty generic, you saw certain things coming a mile away, but I still loved Scream 4, as I loved Scream 1-3 before it. I'm glad the movie contained the original cast, and the regulars were still their normal old selves.(Won't go further into that one) Honestly, even though I was a fan I really hope they don't make a fifth. This specific type of horror movie is in the past, and just doesn't keep up to pace with the genre anymore. I wish that the fourth movie hadn't been made at all, just in that the third gave a plausible ending and a motion that the characters themselves were ready to move on. I don't think the plot of Scream 4 was good enough to compete with that.
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Great fun and I was pleasantly surprised
mad_mandonna15 April 2011
Who could forget the first time Drew Barrymore met her end after being hunted down by ghost face in the original scream film some 15 years ago. Its been a decade since scream underwhelmed everybody with its lacklustre third instalment and with a fourth on the way I was sceptical about how the fourth would go and how it would affect the introduction to the review I would to write about it.

In my second paragraph, I can now write about how much I enjoyed the film and how I can now use my summary in that Scream 4 (or Scre4m)was "great fun and I was pleasantly surprised". I can't begin to tell you how true this statement is, the plot manages to weave a tidy little knot of a mystery that comes to a surprising and comical climax. The body count is large, making killings in this instalment come thick and fast. Though with a reduced age rating, scream 4 is far more gruesome than the previous threesome and a lot more in keeping with the current horror movie gore fest. To finish off the second paragraph of my review I will conclude that Scream manages to stick to its guns, but modernise itself not unlike the remakes it satirises.

Paragraph 3 contains scenes of critical nature. Now the film is paced very well, however there are a lot of characters to get through. And despite its self aware nature the two-dimensional characters are so underplayed that its hard to feel much for them as they quickly get stabbed to death. The only characters you feel much dread for is Gale, Dewey and Sidney as familiar faces that you don't want to meet there bloody doom,however the new cast have so little characterisation that you really couldn't care less if their stabbed to death and left to dry on their parents lawns. The film also wasn't as scary as the original and despite the "kids" knowing the rules of the horror movie they were starring in they all seem to go outside to investigate a strange noise when they know they're all being hunted by a killer. Whether this is done on purpose, as to mock other horror films is a possibility, but to be honest it would make the film a lot less predictable if they didn't make there predecessors mistakes.

So my conclusion is gonna be as sharp and concise as a horror movie should be. Scream 4 is entertaining, funny and thrilling. And one of the last lines of one of the survivors is bloody great.
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Kevin Williamson is back... with a vengeance
SzamarCsacsi29 October 2013
Scream is a masterpiece, which I like to attribute to the excellent screen writing of Kevin Williamson. Don't get me wrong, I hold Wes Craven among the best directors in the genre of horror, but Scream was just something else.

Then came Scream 2 which, although enjoyable, sunk into a disappointing mediocrity. As Williamson's draft was scrapped while making the 3rd, it fell even further from the brilliance of the original.

Many years passed with a possible fourth installation up in the air. Craven himself stated he wouldn't return unless the script was as good as the first Scream. Did he make the right call? Absolutely. The returning Kevin Williamson delivered a stellar script.

Scream 4 is a strange mixture of a sequel and a remake. It both continues the events of the trilogy while replays the first part. The self-reflexivity of neo-slashers is taken to whole next level. It's no longer just a cheap cop out self criticizing your on movie's weaknesses before someone else does.

Scream 4 pays a great tribute to the genre of horror, something Scream 2 and 3 failed to do, while also being refreshing. Dumb blonds are no more, instead the movie is filled with intelligent female characters to the point they are over-represented. The final twist is also a surprising and brave one.

The original still holds up, but Scream 4 finally makes a really good sequel. Those who were disappointed with the series after part 2 and 3, should definitely give this one a chance, because it returns to the right track.
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Scream 4 made me JUMP!!!!!!
tonyjea9214 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It's a rare occurrence in the horror genre where a sequel can be better or just as good as the original. Scream 4 is 1 of the few exceptions i think that exists. This sequel is just as good as the original but double the scares and double the ghost face killings. Its also good to see Neve,David and Courtney back together again after so many years apart and also Wes craven as the horror director. Plus seeing new faces like Emma Roberts or Hayden Panetierre was a nice touch to the franchise.

However i noticed somethings in the movie that MAY have been a little too similar or just very different. Emma Roberts (Jill) well i found her motive the exact same as Roman's from scream 3 just out of pure jealousy for Sidney. And something was "new" about Ghostface like before he had to work at his killings by chasing or stabbing the victim a few times before they died except in this movie he stabs the victim once and they just fall which i thought was anti-climatic

but still Scream 4 met my expectations very well and i hope that it makes enough money so there will be a Scream 5
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A Slasher that is going back to the style of the 1st, yet it's still predictable
rgkarim15 April 2011
It's been a while since I have seen a slasher, and Scream for that matter, yet here it is years later and finally we are getting back to the roots of the classic slasher. The movie starts out with a couple of funny scenes that lash out at the recent slashers that have been produced and how predictable and cheesy slasher films are, but then dives into the cliché of slashers starting with two helpless victims. After that, we start to get back into the classic killing spree that was seen in the first movie with the addition of a lot more gore. Yes, I'm sure we all know that slasher movies are becoming more famous for the increased amounts of blood that are constantly finding their way into the movies these days, as well as the increasing use of the F word.

So what is good about this movie? In my opinion the best part of this movie is the constant slams on horror movies and how lame they can be. The movie does a good job at mocking the genre and pointing out the goods and bads the genre has to offer, which is very satisfying to hear that even directors in this day and age can insult the genre. The second thing I liked about it, was the cast did a good job reviving the series. Yes you had the airheads and geek victims that are famous in the genre, but the main cast does a good job of playing the concerned victims who fear for their lives. The classic characters of Arquette, Cox, and Campbell are still strong and play their roles well as the returning survivors. The new cast also does a good job diving into the series, playing the roles of popular cheerleaders, AV geeks, and bad girls who want to have fun. Although a little overacted, the new generation has potential for making horror genres return to a classic style instead of turning into the crap we have seen it evolve into. A third positive would be the twist that this movie had to it. As I watched the movie, I tried to figure out the identity of the killer, or killers of the movie. I started to narrow down the victims and figured out the identity of one of them rather easily. However the other killer was quite a surprise, and was a nice twist to the movie instead of just a cheap identity that we had seen in the last two screams.

Okay so what about the bad stuff of this movie. Well the first thing I have to say is, the excessive amounts of blood seen in this movie. It seems that as technology improves, more directors think we need to see lots of blood and intestines. That's not my cup of tea to tell the truth and so I could have done without the excessive spill of red liquid. The second weakness in my opinion is the use of the F word. Again I think that this word is the only vocabulary word the movie world knows and I am getting quite annoyed with hearing it used as much as it is. However, if you are not offended or annoyed by the word you won't be too turned off by this movie. A third thing that I felt was weak, was the predictability of this movie. Yes it's easy to tell who is going to die and who isn't, that's what this movie makes fun of, but I found it really easy to predict when things were going to try and scare you. The camera angles, the music, and so much more gave it away and I was not surprised or scared by any of the tricks they tried to pull, though one lady screamed at just about every thing in the movie. Finally the fourth big weakness is the explanation for why the main killer is on the loose. It was lame and kind of cheaply written, and could have been much better had they taken more time to write it. Her accomplice had a better motive for killing a few of the victims, but still it wasn't the best.

Although it is predictable, Scream 4 is starting to return back to the classic work of slashers. It's aggressive humor, colorful cast, and new spin on the mind of the killer made it much better than I had originally intended. However, I still don't like the predictability, the phony bologna acting on some parts, and the weak motif for killing, which suggests that more work is needed before we can return to the old favorites. If Wes Craven decides to do another remake, then I suggest he work on adding new twists and stop making them so predictable.

I recommend this movie for die hard fans of either Scream or Horror films, as well as for those who just can't get enough blood in their day. This may also be a movie for fans who like to make fun of horror movies or are looking for a way to kill time in the day. Regardless I give this movie a 7 at the highest. Enjoy.
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Could have been way better, but was still fun to watch.
rsv199222 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
First of all I love the original Trilogy of Scream and when I heard that they were making a fourth one and perhaps even a new trilogy I got extremely excited! I literally came on IMDb everyday to check up on news reports and clips for the move and was ecstatic when the first trailer appeared! I ran to the theater once I was able to go and see it and was all jittery with excitement and disbelief that I was actually FINALLY going to see the new movie. I know what you're thinking is he 5 or something? No I'm just a big fan of scream... I was like 4 when the first scream came out though... But anyways once the credits hit I felt very disappointed by how everything turned out. So I made a list as to what I didn't like about the movie - The worst opener in the scream series. The original trilogy was so tragic how the characters died, Casey Becker gets killed by ghost face and her parents were so close to saving her, Maureen gets killed in a movie theater filled with people who could have helped her but they all thought it was a publicity stunt, and Cotton Weary tried desperately to save his girlfriend who attacks him because she was manipulated into thinking he was trying to kill her and eventually they both get killed. This beginning was more comedic and tried to have lots of twists unfortunately it was not surprising since when the girls were killed there acting suddenly became really fake and the killer moved at super speed... I knew it was going to end up being a stab movie and it was stab 6; I remember craven said they're on stab 7 so I knew the next sequence was also a stab movie. then finally we came to the real world and we see these two girls (jenny and Marnie) talking about the stab movies and then jenny decides to play a prank by pretending she's ghost face on the phone but then Marnie gets killed (which you don't see happen) and jenny suddenly gets the call and eventually she gets killed herself. -Another thing I had a problem with was how the story developed, everything was happening really fast and there were no real character development or mystery to it. It was more like "hmm I wonder who's killing everyone" and BAM people dropping like flies everywhere. One thing that seemed awkward to me was that NONE of the new cast members, besides Deputy Judy, lived. Which you didn't really care about since none of the characters was developed besides Kirby who I loved but saw her death coming from a mile away (which also led to the reveal of the first killer). The other characters I liked were Rebecca who was really fun to watch but she was really stupid (why didn't she call the cops while she was locked in the car?), and Robbie because he could have easily become Randy 2.0. I also liked detective Hoss but only because he was played by Adam Brody. -Another problem was the deaths, they weren't creative AT ALL!! The only death I liked watching was Olivia's death because it was the longest and most violent which really made the film appear like it was trying to show how horror is now a days with all the super violence. All the other deaths were basically just a stab to the back or torso and one really dumb stab to the forehead (he should have died automatically) I mean seriously Hoss gets stabbed in the back and dies instantly but Perkins gets stabbed in the forehead and still manages to say a one-liner!?? Also where is all the cat-mouse chase scene? There was like one that was sort of a chase scene involving Rebecca in a parking garage. oh BTW when people died in this movie the characters literally reacted for 2 seconds then moved on like nothing happened! Are these people heartless? -My last complaint was the killers and their motives. It was pretty obvious that Charlie was one of the killers because he was the only one that wasn't automatically killed by ghost face. He was tied up so that Kirby had to answer some horror movie questions and, for the first time ever, got the last question right only for her to untie him and get stabbed. Then Jill was the other killer, obviously since she was the only character who was still alive and who never got a red herring on her, and she kills Charlie and reveals that she wants to be Sidney 2.0 because she wants to be famous… LAME! Eventually the dumb bitch gets it and Emma Roberts overacted the ENTIRE scene! She wasn't scary or convincing as a psycho like the previous killers in the trilogy. Also when the movie ended we never got to see an after math, it just ends when they finally kill Jill.
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Scream 4 was God-awful!
bigpapapumpct17 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It wasn't nearly as deep or character driven as the first two. Pretty much the only character I cared about besides the original trio was Kirby. It didn't take the time to properly flesh out most of the other characters (go figure; how ironic; especially with what was said in the beginning).

It didn't take itself anywhere near as serious as I had hoped it would (was hoping for a level of seriousness equal to that of S1/S2).

There were a lot of dead end story lines; stuff that was built up but never paid off (such as Gale's book and the love triangle).

There wasn't much "cat & mouse" at all, if any, between the killer and the victims. There was almost no mystery or sense of urgency to figure out who the killer was by any of the characters (nice try Gale).

When Sidney realized a new killer was starting up, she didn't seem to care much at all (This should have been an epic and significantly emotional revelation for her).

Although Jill turned out to be one sick puppy, I never took her seriously as a villain. She's a good actress but when it came time to flip the psycho switch, she failed (whereas all the other killers hit it perfectly); by that I mean, it didn't feel real. I don't think it necessarily felt forced, but it was definitely on its way.

Above all else though, it just didn't feel like a true Scream movie. It felt more like an imitation; like a Stab film. After all this time, I honestly said to myself as I was walking out of the theater... "I waited 11 years for this? This was the best they could come up with?"

To say that I am "extremely disappointed" would be a massive understatement. This film was a repugnant farce and a slap in the face to the rest of the series and its fans. Shame on Wes Craven and the Weinsteins for butchering Kevin Williamson's script.
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New Decade, New Rules?
princessbuttercup816 April 2011
I was kinda unsure about this movie when I saw the preview for it...I'm only 13 so I hadn't seen any of the movies before. As a little kid I wasn't the best type to watch those...I cried during Monsters Inc. if that will tell you anything. So my mom and I rented all three so we could go see the fourth one...I really loved the first one, the second one was interesting, third one not so I was unsure that the fourth would just be a dumb money maker. But Wes and Kevin totally reinvented it. They made it just like brand new and for a whole new generation of audience such as me and my peers. We went to go see the fourth at the movie theatre today...and we loved it almost as much as the amazing first which started it all!! It was so unpredictable, the killings were more fresh and original, the actors who had, had roles before acted as if nothing had ever changed. 11 years?!? Not a chance! They acted as if it was just like 2000 and then 2001! It was amazing...the new actors were just as great...overall a great movie that brings pride to the horror genre. It was awesome! Go see it!!!!!!
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Wes Craven, Kevin Williamson and Neve Campbell still make the difference - a fun, nostalgic, and witty sequel that doesn't f*** with the original
Benedict_Cumberbatch15 April 2011
I'm 23 years old. 12 years ago, I watched the original "Scream" (1996) and it was the first horror movie I enjoyed. It was a landmark in the puberty years of many movie-buffs-to-be who grew up in the late 1990's (good times!). SCREAM 2 & 3 were released in 1997 and 2000, respectively, and although entertaining, didn't hold a candle to the original (which is fine, most sequels don't). "Scream 3", in particular, lacked Kevin Williamson behind the script, and not even Wes Craven could turn what Ehren Kruger wrote into gold (meaning, a good flick; it did make a lot of money, though, and Parker Posey made it hilarious at moments).

So, eleven years later, a new SCREAM movie comes out, reuniting the original director, writer and the three survivors of the franchise, heroine Sidney Prescott (my first movie crush, Neve Campbell, still naturally beautiful and always a competent actress), Dewey (David Arquette) and Gale (Courteney Cox). Die hard fans, like me, have been waiting for this for a decade, and it paid off. Actually, it works so well because it was made 11 years after the last installment. The movie is far from perfect, obviously, but stands as the best of the sequels; "Scream 2" was above the average but came way too soon, and the third one was a wasted opportunity.

The tongue-in-cheek humor works for the most part, and Williamson knows how to parody a trend that he (re)created himself, including the ridiculousness of torture porn from the likes of SAW and its annual sequels - "movies with no character development, in which you don't care who lives or dies". That is the strongest link in this franchise: we've come to care about Sidney, Dewey and Gale, making the SCREAM movies work equally as slashers and satires. Whether or not SCREAM 5 & 6 will be made, it all depends on how much money this will make; I'm satisfied with this 4th chapter, although I won't deny I will still see another one if Craven, Williamson, and Campbell are involved. That said, it was a nostalgic flick that made me feel like I'm a preteen again. It may be a "new generation with new rules", but the iPhone generation oughtta know: "The first rule of remakes: you don't f*** with the original". Bravo, Sidney!
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the best horror film of the decade, beats scream 2 and 3 easily.
jack-braith9995 April 2011
this is the best film i have seen in a long time, all of these reboots and sequels have been rubbish, finally we have something fresh. scream 4 comes back to the basics of scream, the opening was the best ever, in my opinion just as good as Drew's in scream, it was so funny but also terrifying the way it moved from the comedic side to the horrifying side is unbelievable the way it goes is smart and very different, you will know what i mean when you see it. the acting was superb. the kills where extremely lengthy, just the way i like it, the way they were killed were very gory and bloody, this is definitely the bloodiest of them all especially one of them. the highest body-count by far. before watching this i thought it would be easy to work out the killer or killers, but there are a lot of twists in this film that you will not expect. definitely an Oscar worthy. Wes craven at by far his best ever! 10/10
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I wanted it to be as good as the original
Heather627720 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers

As a huge fan of the 'Scream' franchise I wanted this movie to be just as good as the original trilogy but it really wasn't. The movie lacked the togetherness of the other films. The characters were all split up and frankly completely unoriginal and uninteresting making it hard audience to connect to them and ultimately not caring who lived and died and that included Sydney. There was zero character development through the whole film so you felt exactly the same about the characters when the end credits rolled as you did when they first appeared on screen.

Now if you're a fan of the original 'Scream' you know that it had just the right balance of comedy and horror. 'Scre4m' however felt more like another ridiculously stupid 'Scary Movie' with desperate, awful actors trying to be funny and failing. Everyone seems to be praising 'Scre4m' for using new up and coming actors but the great thing about the older Scream movies were that they used practically unknown actors and when they used well known ones they killed them off (exception being Patrick Dempsey but don't tell me you didn't think he was dead first time you watched Scream 3).

Now I don't know about anyone else but did you find Ghostface scary, because I thought he was comical. The phone conversations just didn't have the fear factor and originality of the previous films and that really disappointed me because my favourite scene in 'Scream 2' was when Ghostface and Randy were on the phone there was a menacing nature to the humour. When it was finally revealed that Sydney's niece (I can't remember her name even though I only watched it four days ago. How many characters can you name not including the originals without looking it up?) was the killer it was a great twist but was completely ruined by the fact that her motive was completely pathetic. She wanted fame like seriously what does Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson think about the youth of today? She put me in mind of a Justin Beiber fan on homicidal rampage (yes I know that is kind of scary) I was waiting on her saying 'I'm killing you so that Justin will know me'.

I really thought that there was too much emphasis on technology and the amount of product placement was really distracting. The teens were going on about how the next big thing was the killer needed to be filming the murders. 'Scream 2' anyone? It's already been done who cares if the killers streaming live which to be fair has been in hundreds horror movies in the past 3 years so it's been done this again showing the complete lack of originality of 'Scre4m'.

Now saying all that there were things that did in fact make 'Scre4m' semi watchable. I like everyone else had no clue who the killer was in 'Scre4m'. I personally thought it was Trevor and/or the blonde cop. I also liked when during the 'Stabathon' when the teens were watching the first 'Stab' movie and they were saying the words at the same time as the characters because how many time have you sat in a room with friends or family watching 'Scream' doing exactly the same thing I know I do it every time I watch it. I also liked Trevor even though I thought he was the killer. The scene when he walked in on Kerby and Charlie was hilarious.

So overall I hated 'Scre4m' for it's complete lack of originality and it's overemphasis on comedy rather than horror. On another note did anyone else think the music completely sucked?
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Things can only get worse!
KevLysaght23 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I was bitterly disappointed with the announcement of Scre4m to begin with. So what happened to "The Scariest scream is always the last"- tag line of Scream 3? Wes Craven has just exposed himself as a massive lying money-grabber by even attempting to continue this series. Despite my reservations I did pay good money to go and watch this abomination.

With due respect, the opening sequence was intelligent and humorous, however it went rapidly downhill from there. The film tried extremely hard to make fun at itself, to a point that it became quite uncomfortable to watch. For example, (SPOILER!) the scene where the young film-maker boy gets killed off, he decided to pretend that he was gay in a failed attempt to bargain for his life. This was weak and made it unbelievable. It felt more like a scene straight out of Scary Movie 0.5! Other than the poor humour, the film's plot and motive of the killer was the weakest of all four films. I mean the other three were far-fetched, with possibly the most believable of them all being a vengeful mother, but this was absolutely ridiculous. A girl who is so fed up of hearing people talk about her infamous estranged cousin that she feels compelled to kill a bunch of people, including her own mother is a stretch of even the most impressionable of imaginations.

One of the strong points of the film had to be the likability of Hayden Penitieirieire's character, who she portrayed quite well and it was also good to see Ms Campbell back on the screen again. Overall I feel that if, as has been suggested, this film is continued into a Saw-like polygy, that things can only get worse.
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A worthwhile watch for any fans of horror, or the Scream franchise.
dabartman113822 April 2011
I only semi-recently started to familiarize myself with the Scream franchise, but I loved it instantly. Creating genuine scares by avoiding all the clichés of horror movies, and turning the genre on its head with its self-mocking humor, and also by turning the killer not into a born psychopath with an elaborate back story or a supernatural, but someone dressed in a mask and robe, who uses his love of horror movies as his weapon against his victims. This helped create the mystery factor for the films, leaving you guessing til the end.

Unfortunately, as great as the franchise as a whole is, the sequels that followed the superb original did not live up to the same revelation in the end. The killer(s) was/were, if not predictable, then just the opposite to the point where you realize they didn't build up to it at all, leaving it to be a bit anti-climactic.

I'm happy to report that this is not the case with Scream 4. Even after an eleven year absence, Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson prove that they are still at the top of their game, and intelligent and original horror can still exist, even in these dark times full of repetitive sequels and remakes, something that the film comments on heavily.

The basic premise of the film is that Sidney Prescott returns to Woodsboro after ten years to publicize her new book on her experience with the killer. As soon as she returns, the killings begin again, and her cousin Jill begins to step into Sidney's shoes.

Where Scream 2 and 3 fail, this one succeeds. While I appreciated how they tried to put the premise of the first film in a different environment, it mostly felt like they were trying to live off the original, rather than build off it. While Scream 4 is constantly aware that it is repeating aspects from the original, making this impossible to be seen as a standalone, it does what any good sequel should do. It manages to take the premise of the original, and up the ante. Speaking of which, another thing that is upped besides the stakes is the body count and gore level. While the deaths for the most part are not nearly as elaborate as the original, they don't feel like the repetitive stab cycles in the 2 and 3. They are more brutal, and certainly show that violence in horror films has certainly gone up.

If there was any one weak aspect in this film, it would be the character development, or lack thereof. The three veteran actors from the trilogy, Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courtney Cox reprising their roles as Sidney, Dewey, and Gale Weathers respectively, play their roles very well, even amongst all the younger stars who more often then not, are in the spotlight, and it feels like they've definitely changed since the events in Scream 3. However, in this film itself, it felt as if they were just there as devices to the plot, and given no real character arcs. However at the same time, there wasn't much they could really do, since a lot of the focus had to be on the younger cast members, who actually put up some pretty good performances, though cannot be compared the cast of the original, but still fare a mile better than the characters introduced in the previous sequels.

I really liked how the actors from the two generations interacted, adding to the commentary on how not just horror movies have changed over the years, but our culture as well. With all that said, I suppose this is more of a character based movie than a character development one. Interesting how that works.

I felt this was the only one of the sequels to truly stay with the spirit of the original, while still making it work for today's audiences. The best example of it having the impact of the original has got to be the ending, which I will not elaborate on. All I'll say is that this is the only one since the original where the revelation of the killer(s) surprised me, as opposed to the "it was I, the butler!" conclusions of 2 and 3.

To sum it up, no fans of Scream or horror films could be disappointed.
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Total and utter s**t!
thombombadil16 April 2011
As a massive fan of the "Scream" series (the third instalment not so much), I was over the moon when the fourth was announced last year, and waited very eagerly, yet patiently, for its release... What a complete waste of my time.

"Scream 4" is an embarrassment to the cast and crew, particularly Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven. It steps far beyond the line between "clever" and "cringeworthy, dumb and pointless" in the direction of the latter. It attempted to mock the majority of horror movies, including its own predecessors, far too hard, making it difficult to take seriously or even watch at all.

The character development of "the new generation" was poor, meaning that it was hard to feel sorry for any of them given the circumstances that surrounded them. Most of the new characters were easily unlikeable. It felt as though their inclusion was purely filler, in order to provide a good number of potential victims for Ghostface.

The direction was horrific at times - characters showed little (if any) remorse for their perished peers. No suspense was created toward or during Ghostface's appearances. It was as though even the writers were unsure what they were trying to achieve. They failed miserably in finding the perfect balance of humour and horror, instead meshing the two together as one big, annoying mess.

The music was used at inappropriate moments and was confusing, in that it didn't really provide a specific feel for the movie. It was even goofy at times, spoiling the atmosphere completely.

The film was terribly structured. The last half an hour (concluding the film) was clumsy and laughable, and the choice of killer(s)(just to throw you off) and the motive(s) was ridiculous and unbelievable.

Poor pacing, no tension, non-existent scare factor, some bad casting, awkward jokes, overly self-referential and a very big anti-climax. Just bad. Some reviewers are saying that fans will appreciate it, but I believe that they will be most offended by this train wreck.

Don't waste your time.
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