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Ghostface Will Reportedly Return For More Terror in Scream 5

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Halloween has already passed, but that doesn't mean the scares are over - Scream 5 is reportedly in early development at Spyglass, according to Deadline, which confirmed the news. Are you prepared for more Ghostface?

Any details about a director, the cast, or even who's writing the film are still very much under wraps, as is any clarification if it's a prequel, reboot, or sequel. If it's the latter, personally we'd love to see Neve Campbell return if the new take on the classic slasher series - the brainchild of the late Wes Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson - can figure out a good way to have her hand the reins over to a different crop of stars.

If you're not a fan of the franchise, Campbell starred as ultimate final girl Sidney Prescott in the 1996 original and reprised her character in the subsequent three sequels (along with Courteney Cox's
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Scream 5 Reportedly in the Works

Kirsten Howard Nov 7, 2019

Ghostface might be coming back for one last scare, as Scream 5 is reportedly in the works.

A new Scream movie is in development at Spyglass Media Group, according to a new report. Spyglass is the outfit that teamed up with Lantern Entertainment a while back when Lantern bought The Weinstein Company and Dimension's IP at a favorable rate after sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein threw his company into bankruptcy.

Spyglass recently announced that it planned to reboot Hellraiser with David S. Goyer, and now Bloody Disgusting says that a Scream revival is also in the works. Kevin Williamson, who wrote three of the original four films, is apparently not involved with this fifth outing.

Though Scream's instantly recognizable killer Ghostface did return for an MTV TV series, which put out a reduced third season this past summer, the Scream film franchise retired after Scream 4,
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Ghostface To Return As Scream 5 Is Officially In Development

After a few years of the franchise keeping a pretty low profile, understandably and rightfully so following Wes Craven’s death, 2019’s been a good time to be a Scream fan. Scream: Resurrection, the third season of the TV show that fans waited several years for, finally arrived and went down pretty well and now, to make things even better, Scream 5 has been officially confirmed to be in the works at Spyglass Media Group.

Bloody Disgusting is the one with the news, though if you remember, We Got This Covered was actually the first outlet to report on this several months ago, when we told you a new Scream movie was moving forward. Now, Bd has confirmed our scoop, informing us that the aforementioned Spyglass will be producing. Though unfortunately, the details end there.

As of now, they can’t confirm whether it’ll be a remake, reboot or sequel,
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**Updated** Daily Dead’s 2019 Halloween Horrors TV Viewing Guide

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*Updated on 10/18 with new listings.* It’s that time of year again, dear readers! Halloween season is finally upon us and to get you ready for all the seasonal scares, Daily Dead has once again put together our Annual Halloween Viewing Guide, which gives you a rundown of everything—from movies to specials and more—headed to the small screen over the next few weeks.

And as we’ve done in past years, we’ll be updating this list every Friday to add new programming as they’re revealed by the various channels, so be sure to check back each week to see what kind of horror and sci-fi will be headed to network and cable TV through the weekend after Halloween.

**All listings are in Est.**

**Updated Listings Are In Bold.**

Thursday, October 31st

1:00am – Scream 4 (Paramount)

1:00am – The Walking Dead (1936) (Turner Classic Movies)

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Jamie Kennedy Looks Back at Scream 2 and Randy's Death

  • MovieWeb
Jamie Kennedy Looks Back at Scream 2 and Randy's Death
In light of Jamie Kennedy returning to the horror genre with the new slasher movie Trick, the actor is looking back at his memorable role from Wes Craven's Scream series. In the original 1996 movie, Kennedy appeared as horror movie expert Randy Meeks, co-starring with Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Rose McGowan, Matthew Lillard, and Skeet Ulrich. The character was also featured prominently in the 1997 sequel Scream 2, although he was controversially killed off halfway through.

Reflecting on his role as Randy in the classic horror movies, Jamie Kennedy admits he isn't thrilled about his character's death in the sequel, but still holds both movies in very high regard. From a new interview with TooFab:

"It's crazy how 2 is almost as good as 1. It's hard to say anything's better than 1, because it was the one that did it, put it on the map. 2 just holds up so well, it's
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Practical-ly Perfect: Celebrating the Work of Special Effects Legend Gary Tunnicliffe for Trick

  • DailyDead
Arriving in theaters and on Digital today is Patrick Lussier’s Trick, which is a super fun Halloween-themed slasher that features a ton of impressively gnarly kills and several badass masks to boot (you can read my review Here). The madman behind all the mayhem and carnage is legendary special effects artist Gary Tunnicliffe, who has worked on an array of genre projects including Candyman, Scream 4, the Hellraiser franchise, both the Feast and The Collector series, and previously collaborated with Lussier and Todd Farmer on My Bloody Valentine (2009) and Drive Angry.

With Trick’s release today, this writer thought it was only fitting to take some time to celebrate Tunnicliffe’s work on the film and discuss his creative process on Trick, his experiences working with Lussier, the design process behind the masks and the titular killer’s weapon of choice, and more.

Can you walk me through the
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From Streams to Screams: Nearly 80 Slashers, Serial Killers & Twisty Thrillers Ready to Stream Throughout October

  • DailyDead
Welcome back, readers, for the second installment in our “From Streams to Screams” series that celebrates all the awesome genre offerings that are currently available on various platforms out there—from the free services (Tubi TV and Vudu) to those that require a membership.

Last time, we celebrated all the vamp-tastic and lycanthropic entertainment you could possible want to get you in the mood for Halloween, and today, we’re raising our knives (and other weaponry) to all the great slashers, serial killer-centric films, and twisty thrillers that you can stream right now.


Slumber Party Massacre

In this cult horror classic, a maniac on the loose takes his weapon of choice, a huge power drill, to a gathering of unsuspecting young women.

Slumber Party Massacre II

A teenage girl and her friends find themselves terrorized by a psychotic rock star who has a weaponized guitar fitted with a drill bit.
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All 4 Scream Movies Are on Netflix, But Only for a Very Limited Time

  • MovieWeb
We've reached what many refer to as the spooky season. It's now October and that means Halloween is just around the corner. Halloween stores will begin to pop up in otherwise desolate strip malls, candy will flood store shelves and horror movies will be abundant on cable TV and on streaming services. Case in point, Netflix has all four Scream movies now available to stream to help people get in the spirit of the season, but only for a very limited time.

For reasons that are unclear, Netflix will have all four Scream movies available to stream in the U.S. for the next six days. Why they won't have them longer is mysterious, but the idea seems to be they want users to binge Wes Craven's iconic slasher franchise in a hurry. The Netflix Twitter account shared the news by posting a picture of Neve Campbell's Sidney
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Netflix: Movies and TV Shows Leaving in October

As autumn fully kicks into gear, Netflix will be saying goodbye to a number of movies and TV titles throughout the month of October.

Movies including Julie & Julia, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Empire Records, Obsessed, Pineapple Express and The Dukes of Hazzard will all be departing the streaming service throughout the month.

Halloween-appropriate films including Casper, Scream 4 and Gremlins will also be taken off of the streamer.

On the TV front, multiple seasons of The Carrie Diaries, Midsomer Murders and El Internado will be removed. Additionally, the first season of Impractical Jokers will disappear on Tuesday.

Despite the ...
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Netflix Is Getting Rid Of Tons Of Great Horror Movies In October

Attention all Netflix subscribers: there’s a whole bunch of content leaving the streaming service in October, and a number of great horror movies have been marked for departures.

And so it goes, with each month that passes, the Powers That Be over at Netflix begin introducing a suite of new content and, in doing so, withdraw (or outright cancel) some of the titles currently on the platform.

Rarely is it perfectly balanced, but it certainly gives viewers an added incentive to stand up and take notice of the new movies and TV shows coming their way. Spoilers: big names for October 2019 include Paul Rudd comedy Living With Yourself, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, Men in Black II, Scream 2, Superman Returns, Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen.

But as Scream 2 arrives, Scream 4 must leave. It’s by no means the only notable horror movie set to depart in October,
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Scream Reboot Rumors Get Shot Down by Blumhouse

  • MovieWeb
Despite internet rumors suggesting the contrary, Blumhouse is not actively developing a reboot for the horror movie Scream. Recently, it was reported that the studio was moving forward with a planned movie reboot of the Wes Craven franchise, spreading the rumor throughout the internet. On Tuesday, the report made its way to the Blumhouse VP of Feature Film Development, Ryan Turek, who officially killed the rumor dead. "Ha, I wish," Turek bluntly writes in response to an article covering the rumor, confirming the studio is definitely not working on anything Scream-related.

Ha, I wish.

— Ryan Turek
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Scream Reboot Reportedly Moving Forward At Blumhouse

Following their success with rebooting Halloween, it’s no surprise that Blumhouse is working on relaunching other classic horror franchises. Back in February, Jason Blum revealed that Scream and Hellraiser reboots were being considered and if our info’s correct, the studio’s now actively moving forward with the former, and resurrecting Wes Craven’s Ghostface.

Discussing Film recently broke the news that Christopher Landon (Happy Death Day) is set to write and direct a new movie for Blumhouse that’s about a killer terrorizing a small town. Though this premise sounded a lot like 1996’s slasher mystery flick, which led some to theorize that it could be a Scream reboot, we’ve now learned that this isn’t the case.

We Got This Covered has been informed by our sources – the same ones who revealed that a Swamp Thing movie is happening, which Bloody Disgusting later confirmed, and that
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Third ‘Walking Dead’ Series Casts Nico Tortorella

  • Variety
Third ‘Walking Dead’ Series Casts Nico Tortorella
Nico Tortorella has been cast in the upcoming third “Walking Dead” series, Variety has confirmed.

The third series in the AMC franchise will focus on the first generation of kids to come of age during the zombie apocalypse. Tortorella will star as Felix, described as an honorable man of his word who isn’t afraid to fight for others’ safety and acceptance.

Tortorella — who identifies as non-binary — currently stars on the TV Land series “Younger” and will continue on that show in addition to starring in the new “Walking Dead” show. They join previously announced cast members Alexa Mansour, Nicolas Cantu, and Hal Cumpston — whose castings were exclusively reported by Variety — as well as Annet Mahendru and Aliyah Royale.

In addition to “Younger,” Tortorella is known for roles in shows like “The Following” and “Make It or Break It.” They have also starred in films such as “Scream 4” and “Odd Thomas.
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Veronica Mars Season 4 Round Table: From LoVe to Death and More

Veronica Mars Season 4 was so polarizing that we had to get some of the team together to discuss it.

Please join Paul Dailly, Meaghan Frey, Tonya Myers, and Carissa Pavlica as they delve into what they did and didn't enjoy about the Hulu revival.

Be sure to share your thoughts to our questions in the comments.

What did you most appreciate about the Veronica Mars Season 4 mystery?

Paul: The mystery was clearly constructed with the eight-episode arc in mind, meaning that it flowed much better than some of the mysteries the show went with during its initial run.

Meaghan: The mystery was captivating. During the third season, the show struggled with developing a mystery that was as intriguing as the ones that we got in the first two seasons.

During this season, the writers found their footing again on the mystery front. It genuinely took me on a roller coaster ride.
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The 18 Best Performances in Horror Movies — IndieWire Critics Survey

(Every week, IndieWire asks a select handful of film critics two questions and publishes the results on Monday.

Reactions to Ari Aster’s “Midsommar” predictably run the gamut, but there seems to be a general consensus that Florence Pugh is fantastic in the lead role. In the aftermath of Toni Collette’s work in “Hereditary,” and Essie Davis’ memorable turn in “The Babadook,” there’s been something of a renewed appreciation for horror movies as a vehicle for strong performances.

This week’s question: What is the best and/or most indelible performance you’ve seen in a horror film, and how did it leverage the genre to accomplish something that might not have been possible in a more grounded type of movie?

Isabelle Adjani in “Possession

Joel Mayward (@joelmayward)

Upon reading the prompt for this survey, a single image came into mind, that of Isabelle Adjani violently
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Listen to the Corpse Club Discuss 2011 Horror, Including Drive Angry, Insidious, and Dead Space 2

With a decade of monumental horror coming to an end, we pay homage to horror's recent past by taking a look back at memorable releases from 2011 on a new episode of Corpse Club!

From the big screen to the small screen and everything in between, there's no doubt that we're living in a golden age of horror, with the genre skyrocketing to scary new heights over the past ten years. Now that the decade is coming to a close, we thought this would be the perfect time to reflect on notable horror movies, TV series, and video games released in the 2010s that left an undeniable impact on the genre and influenced its future for years to come.

In this episode, Scott Drebit, Bryan Christopher, Derek Anderson, and Jonathan James continue our retrospective 2010s series with a look back at some of the most memorable horror releases of 2011, including the
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Horror-thriller Blindsided gets a trailer and poster

Ahead of its DVD and digital release this August, a poster and trailer have been release for director Johnny Mitchell’s upcoming horror-thriller Blindsided which stars Bea Santos (True Detective), Eric Knudsen (Scream 4), Atticus Mitchell (Killjoys), Melinda Shankar (Slasher), and Paul Popowich (Hemlock Grove); take a look here…

Sloan Carter is a young girl who has recently been blinded. Her father leaves for the weekend and her two best friends, returning home from University, keep her company. A protege of her father’s, passing through town, also spends the night. The peaceful weekend is interrupted by a shadowy threat and the safe country getaway turns into a fight for survival.

Blindsided is set for release on August 13th.

The post Horror-thriller Blindsided gets a trailer and poster appeared first on Flickering Myth.
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Henry Winkler Looks Back on His Iconic Scream Death Scene

Henry Winkler Looks Back on His Iconic Scream Death Scene
Henry Winkler once appeared in an uncredited role for the 1996 slasher movie Scream, and the actor recently opened up on what it took to film his iconic death scene. The former Happy Days star might be an Emmy-winning actor based on his performance in the Showtime series Barry, but horror fans still fondly remember him as Principal Himbry in the popular horror movie.

Perhaps because dying in a slasher movie was new territory for him, Henry Winkler revealed that his death scream was at first inefficient. After some direct coaching from director Wes Craven, however, Winkler got further into the character and totally nailed the principal's demise.

"This one shot, with the bad guy with the mask coming into my eyeball, it took two hours to shoot. As he was stabbing me, Wes, in his professorial way, came up and he said, 'Do you think it might be more excruciating?
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Alsion Brie: "Women's Health"

Sneak Peek actress Alison Brie ("Community") in "Women's Health" magazine:

Brie is best known for her starring role as 'Annie Edison' in the sitcom "Community" (2009–2015) and as 'Trudy Campbell' in AMC's "Mad Men" (2007–2015).

Brie currently voices the character 'Diane Nguyen' on the Netflix animated series "BoJack Horseman" (2014–present) and as 'Ruth Wilder' in the Netflix "Glow" (2017–present).

Brie has also starred in several feature films including "Scream 4" (2011), "The Five-Year Engagement" (2012), "The Lego Movie" (2014), "Get Hard" (2015), "Sleeping with Other People" (2015), "How to Be Single" (2016), "The Little Hours" (2017), "The Disaster Artist" (2017), and "The Post" (2017).

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek Alison Brie...
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No Promotion Necessary: ‘Lords of Chaos’ Gets Must-see Unrated Blu-ray Release This May

No Promotion Necessary: ‘Lords of Chaos’ Gets Must-see Unrated Blu-ray Release This May
Jonas Åkerlund‘s Sundance drama Lords of Chaos is making its way to DVD and Blu-ray May 28th, Bloody Disgusting learned. In the brutal, unapologetic, and scarring must-see film, Rory Culkin (Scream 4) stars as Euronymous, a teenager who quest to launch Norwegian Black Metal in Oslo in the 1980s results in a very violent outcome. Lords of Chaos tells the true story of […]
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