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Interesting but flawed miniseries biography of childstar Marisol
alanbobet23 June 2009
Being myself a fan of famed Spanish 60's childstar singer/actress Marisol and having seen all her films during my youth living in Puerto Rico, I was naturally interested in seeing the Antena 3 Spanish TV 2 part miniseries of Marisol/Pepa Flores(her real name)based on the biographical book by Javier Barriero. After seeing this miniseries on DVD, I was somewhat disappointed with it, because the three actresses casted as Marisol/Pepa Flores in her three stages of stardom(child-teenager-young adult)don't resemble the real Marisol at all, except the teenage version that kinda looks like her and the child version of her that does sing like her. But the miniseries plays free and loose with the important facts of Marisol's career, although it does put emphasis on the abusive and exploitive relationship of Marisol's producer/manager, Manuel J. Goyanes with the childstar and the loss of childhood and family relationships Marisol experienced in her career. The first part of the miniseries works best in the most part while the second part is too melodramatic with a bit much nudity and coarse language for this kind of biography and there is very few musical numbers performed by Marisol in the film. Hopefully someone in Spain will do a better theatrical film version of Marisol's life, especially if it's based on the much recent & better biographical book on Marisol by Jose Aguilar & Miguel Losada that had the consent & cooperation of Marisol/Pepa Flores herself.
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