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Season 2

14 Mar. 2010
Walk a Mile in My Pants
Sonny wants to raise money for books and libraries, while Chad wants to raise money to convince kids not to read books, so they can watch more Mackenzie Falls. Tawni is selling her own skinny jeans line and she is willing to help Sonny raise money if they all wear her pants. It eventually becomes clear that these pants have a nastly little side effect.
21 Mar. 2010
Sonny Get Your Goat
Sonny and Tawni are mad at eachother and don't want to do the "Check it Out Girls" together anymore.
28 Mar. 2010
Gassie Passes
The cast of So Random! gets to play in a movie with Gassie, named: "Gassie and we". Sonny thinks Gassie isn't getting enough love and decides to give him treats and play with him, but then he suddenly can't do his job anymore.
11 Apr. 2010
Sonny with a Song
A pop singer steals a song that Sonny wrote.
18 Apr. 2010
High School Miserable
After sending a complaint letter to Mr. Condor, Sonny, Tawni, Nico, Grady and Zora are fired and are forced to go to public high school. They try to fit in; with disastrous results.
2 May 2010
The Legend of Candy Face
Sonny wants to end the feud between "So Random!" and "Mackenzie Falls", by all going camping together. Their campleader tells them a scary story, which leads to them believing there's a monster named "Candy Face" out in the woods.
9 May 2010
Gummy with a Chance
Tawni makes a rule that that eating gum is not allowed anywhere on the set.
16 May 2010
Random Acts of Disrespect
The cast of So Random promised a fun day to the winner of a contest, but as it turns out the winner is very old and they don't know what kind of activities they can do with her.
23 May 2010
Grady with a Chance of Sonny
Sonny and Grady pretend to be a couple, so Grady's brother will stop giving him mean comments about not having a girlfriend.
13 Jun. 2010
Falling for the Falls: Part 1
Sonny secretly cannot get enough of the Mackenzie Falls show, and goes to ask Chad the plot line of the show.
20 Jun. 2010
Falling for the Falls: Part 2
Sonny and Chad had their first date, but it didn't quite go as planned.
18 Jul. 2010
Sonny with a Secret: Part 1
After one year of being at So Random, Sonny is framed for plagiarism, theft and betrayal and she needs to prove her innocence.
18 Jul. 2010
Sonny with a Secret: Part 2
Sonny needs to prove her innocence.
8 Aug. 2010
The Problem with Pauly
Sonny gets to meet Pauly, who she adored when she was a kid, but he doesn't turn out to be what Sonny was expecting. Meanwhile Chad thinks he's being stood up by Sonny on their 7 week anniversary.
29 Aug. 2010
That's So Sonny
Chad wants to reach a million fans, so Sonny calls the president of his fan club, Amber, to help him with that.
19 Sep. 2010
Chad without a Chance
Sonny fakes being sick so that her boyfriend and her friends will get along.
26 Sep. 2010
My Two Chads
Chad has a double named Chaz who went on a date with Sonny as Chad's replacement.
17 Oct. 2010
A So Random Halloween Special
This Halloween episode is comprised of mostly sketches, including a very special guest appearance by Shaquille O'Neal and Allstar Weekend. Sonny sings her new song, "Work of Art."
24 Oct. 2010
Sonny with a 100 Percent Chance of Meddling
Sonny helps Zora when she has a crush on a boy on the Mackenzie Falls show.
14 Nov. 2010
Dakota's Revenge
Sonny and Tawni break Dakota's bike, they mist fix it before her birthday party starts.
21 Nov. 2010
Sonny with a Kiss
In a interview, it is shared that Sonny and Chad have not had their first kiss.
28 Nov. 2010
A So Random Holiday Special
We see sketches inspired by Christmas. Chad Dylan Cooper is the host and the episode has a guest appearance from Joe Jonas. Joe and Sonny sing a song at the end of the episode.
5 Dec. 2010
Sonny with a Grant
Grady's brother, Grant, comes to visit and wants to try "the whole Hollywood" thing, but Grady isn't too happy about that.
12 Dec. 2010
Marshall with a Chance
Marshall quits his job at "So Random!", but the cast is miserable without him and wants him back.
19 Dec. 2010
Sonny with a Choice
"So Random" and "Mackenzie Falls" are up against eachother for the same award and it's starting to affect Chad and Sonny's relationship.
2 Jan. 2011
New Girl
Sonny writes a song about her break up with Chad. Grady starts hanging out at a restaurant called The Patio and develops a crush on a new waitress.

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