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Carly Schroeder: Kim Garnet



  • Kim Garnet : Who are you?

    Kathleen Stabler : Kathleen. I'm a friend of Olivia's. I was sitting in here a couple of months ago.

    Kim Garnet : She put you in jail too?

    Kathleen Stabler : Yeah. And my dad's Detective Stabler.

    Kim Garnet : How could you do that to your partners kid?

    Kathleen Stabler : I'm glad she did. Helped me stop hating my self.

    Kim Garnet : What makes you think I hate my self?

    Kathleen Stabler : Because I was a lot like you. I let boys use me, have sex with me, even hit me. Kim, I was too scared and too ashamed to say anything. Things got so bad, I went to jail. But I finally let someone help me. Same person's trying to help you.

    Kim Garnet : I don't know what to do? I love him How can I betray him?

    Kathleen Stabler : He's betraying you everytime he hits you. Afterwards, he says he's sorry, he'll never do it again, so you forgive him but he hits you again, he makes you feel like you're nothing, like he's the only one who will ever love you and then he hits you some more and says that you deserve it, doesn't he?

    Kim Garnet : The first time, we were at a party, I spilled punch on him and he slapped me in the face for messing up his new shirt and then it was after school for talking to another boy and it was just for no reason at all.

    Kathleen Stabler : Kim, If someone really loves you, they'd never hurt you, they'd treat you with respect. Please let them help you.

  • Miranda Pond : [to Copeland]  How low can you get, Samantha? What you're doing to this girl is repugnant.

    Samantha Copeland : I'm trying to save Kim's life.

    Kim Garnet : By putting me in jail?

    Samantha Copeland : If that's what it takes.

    Miranda Pond : Kimberly hasn't committed a crime. This charge is a transparent ploy to intimidate her into naming her abuser.

    Samantha Copeland : Dating violence in this city is up nearly 50% in the last decade. I am not about to let another girl get victimized or murdered. If your client cooperates, I'll drop the charges.

    Miranda Pond : Blackmailing her isn't going to get her to cooperate.

  • Miranda Pond : Your Honor? The defense rests and moves for dismissal.

    Samantha Copeland : Corporation Counsel has no objections.

    Judge Hilda Marsden : The Defense's motion is denied.

    Samantha Copeland : Your Honor? The respondent's testimony clearly showed that she had no intent to make or distribute child pornography.

    Judge Hilda Marsden : Respondent will rise for my decision.

    Miranda Pond : Your decision? We haven't even delivered closing arguments yet.

    Judge Hilda Marsden : I'm not required to hear closing arguments.

    [to Kim] 

    Judge Hilda Marsden : Stand up, young lady.

    [Kim stands up] 

    Judge Hilda Marsden : Kimberly Garnet, I find you guilty of producing, possessing, and distributing a sexual performance by a child. I sentence you to incarceration in a secure facility for juvenile sex offenders in Wellsburg, Ohio, for a period of one year. Court is adjourned.

    [bangs her gavel] 

    Kim Garnet : [to Olivia as she's being taken into custody]  This is all your fault. I listened to you and you lied to me. You said that if I told the truth, I would be safe.

  • Miranda Pond : [to Kim]  Kimberly, you can't let him do this to you anymore.

    Kim Garnet : [referring to Olivia]  Now she's on her side.

    Olivia Benson : Kim, we're all on your side.

    Kim Garnet : Then leave me alone.

    Olivia Benson : I can't do that.

    Kim Garnet : Get out.

    Mrs. Garnet : Kim...

    Kim Garnet : I want her out of here now!

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