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claudio_carvalho20 November 2016
In New York, after the lecture of the Massive Dynamic executive Mark Young, he is attacked by a swarm of butterflies with razor wings and he jumps out of the glass window, falling and dying on a car parked on the street. Agent Olivia Dunham is assigned to investigate the crime scene with her team and Dr. Walter Bishop examines the lacerations on the body. Olivia sees John Scott in the crowd watching her. Then she receives an e-mail from John and finds a hidden laboratory with frogs. In Harvard, Dr. Bishop finds a powerful hallucinogen in the frogs and in Mark's blood and concludes that the lacerations were produced his brain. Olivia discloses to Dr. Bishop her visions of John and he tells that she has recollections of John in her brain. She insists to be submitted again to the experiment to visit her memories of John. Will she discover anything new about her case?

"The Dreamscape" is another great episode of "Fringe", increasing the mystery about the Massive Dynamic. The greatest flaw is Olivia leaving the witness in the hospital without any special protection. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "The Dreamscape"
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The Butterfly EFFECT
XweAponX26 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I ought to explain why I rate every episode of Fringe a #10 - In my opinion, the whole series is 10/10. I understand that quality fluctuates throughout a season of a series or throughout the series as a whole, but as far as I'm concerned I have been pleased with every iteration of Fringe from the moment I started watching it in 2008.

And so, this may be visually the weakest Episode of Season 1 - Because of "The Butterfly Effect." But other than that, there are some fascinating things here. A drug that can cause a person to experience an alternate reality? Or, "What you Believe is What is Real."

In the Massive Dynamic building, a man named Mark Young is giving a presentation to a group of people which goes over well. But after the rest of the people leave the room, a lone Monarch Butterfly lands on Young. Intrigued, he inspects the butterfly. Until its razor-sharp wings cut him.

And if that is not bad enough, HUNDREDS of Monarch Butterflies emit from a ventilation grill and cut the guy into slices of meat-Before he jumps out of the window to fall to his death several stories down.

A great beginning to an equally great episode, even if the Monarch Butterflies seemed a little CGI-ish. And so Olivia, who is wearing a DRESS! Is called by Broyles-Spoiling her plans to go to a surprise party, in favour of getting to fly up to NYC to see Mark Young's lacerated body at the Massive Dynamic building. BODIES! So while Walter is in Heaven, Olivia is a bit miffed because she couldn't wear her Party Dress.

Walter blissfully notices the lacerations on Young's body, which could not have been caused by shards of Glass in the fall out and down. It's a shame Walter does not have a lab to bring the BODIES to... Oh Wait! He does, HIS lab, At Harvard. But Olivia - Did she see Agent Scott? Nah - Table that for later.

Nina Sharp seems a little distant when asked about Young, a Rising Star at Massive Dynamic. A man she knew, and what he was doing. Nina always seems to be hiding something, she is not averse to telling the Truth, but only when cornered by it. But Nina talks to Olivia about "Realities" - Something, she suspects Olivia knows something about.

In Young's apartment, many drugs are found. Charlie wonders out loud how Mankind as a species can exist without them.

As Walter examines the remains he notes the lacerations. As an aside, he happens to mention the "foreign compound in Young's Blood," as well as the amount of "surprisingly legal" medications in his bloodstream.

Peter is called by an ex-girlfriend who is being beaten by one of Peter's old Boston Associates, who we've met earlier in the Season- This is a good way to explain Peter's prior existence before being dragged from Iraq to Boston to work for Fringe Division.

But Olivia is getting emails from a ghost, it would seem. A Ghost who is telling her where to find material related to Young's death. In the form of a box of Amazonian Frogs that happen to have hallucinogenic compounds on their skin. She has the frogs transferred to Walter's Lab, Agent Francis notices this. In the confrontation, Olivia tells Charlie about seeing Agent Scott, and that she is reluctant to see the FBI Shrink, because she does not want that on her record.

But as crazy as she thinks she might be going, the Frogs are the pivotal piece of Evidence of the Fringe File. Walter discovers that the Frog Compound was given to Young in "Massive" quantities and that as Young "imagined" he was being cut by the Butterflies, it so happened to him. The hallucinogen was simply a way to convince Young that there were Monarch Butterflies with Razor Sharp Wings in his conference room.

Peter meets his girl, where he sees the bruises - And this sends him on an extracurricular "Peter" activity to beat the crap out of the guy who did it to her.

And so this episode serves to tell that pre-Fringe Peter story along with the Hallucinogenic Frogs - Which Walter has ascertained were used to create the substance Mark Young was laced with and that he was in fact murdered - And so? To find the Murderer - Follow the Frogs.

But can Olivia protect the person the Frog-Evidence leads her to, or will Olivia's visiting Ghost get there first?
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It was good but I expected a little more out of it.
Darwinskid25 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
If your one of those people that are still scratching their heads as to why there were toads and monarchs in the promos before this show even aired, this will explain why they exist in such.

After a Massive Dynamic employee is killed and thrown out of a window from the top floor of the building Olivia starts seeing John more often as she gets messages and even an e-mail from him telling her more of the murder. She is lead into her basement to find a box full of toads. Dr. Bishop thinks that toads could've been what killed the victim. Because of John Scott haunting her and the possibility of her finding more clues Olivia has Dr. Bishop put her in the tank once more, but with more power, drugs, etc. The experiment succeeds and she starts to relive some of John's memories, two of them-Their first date and a secret meeting between John, the victim, and two other fellow regarding Massive Dynamic. With two being dead( She witnesses John kill one of them after the other two left) Olivia and Charlie go after their only lead-Geroge( Played by Yul Vazquez). Once they capture him like a trapped rat he tells Olivia some dirt on Massive Dynamic. In the meantime Peter has his own agenda as he deals with an old lady friend and someone who's threatening her.

I had high hopes for this episode, but I was a bit disappointed by it. Don't get me wrong, the good totally outweighed the bad here but I felt the first act needed more work, especially the opening sequence, I felt the victim's entrance into the Massive Dynamic should've been more slower paced than fast paced and it would've been nice to have heard his all important presentation to those execs.

Besides that I thought the whole tank sequence was a pretty interesting experience to view, very creepy and eerie, and had a nice dark atmosphere to it. It was also nice to see more of this father-daughter-like relationship between Dr. Bishop and Olivia start to grow.

I also liked the guest appearance by Yul Vazquez, his role isn't bigger than four scenes at least but it was nice to see him on this show.

Oh and yes, there was a nice little twist at the end, and involves both George and...John. I'll stop there...

Overall, this probably won't make it to my favorite episode list but I thought it was a good episode nonetheless.

Hopefully the next episode will be much better.

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Beyond belief even sci-fi belief
Wirefan12221 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The premise of this episode (one of them, anyway) is that some guy gets drugged with a narcotic that can make him believe his own hallucinations so forcefully that they come true! One guy believes that the butterflies in his office have wings sharper than razor blades and they end up basically killing him before he jumps through the plate glass window (which for some reason in a high-rise building is not safety glass but I digress) and falls to the ground.

The other part is Olivia going back into the tank for some repressed memories of John in which she sees the previously mentioned dead man in some nefarious deal involving two other gentleman...one of whom John Scott kills. The other one Olivia et al manage to track down because she recognizes his voice on the phone (phew!).

Anyhoo they catch this guy and he says he will spill the beans if the FBI can protect him. Surprise surprise he soon thereafter gets killed! I wouldn't want the FBI protecting me from the people who can drug you with something that makes you believe your throat is getting cut and then it actually happens.

Almost done...Olivia confronts Nina at MD and more or less tells her that she is onto her. At this point if I were Nina I would drug Olivia and wait until she got home to get rid of her...just in case.

Alas, no.
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