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Aloha is identity crisis masquerading as a movie.
lnvicta12 December 2015
Aloha has absolutely no idea what it wants to be. If I had to count, I'd say there are about 10 subplots in this movie which is about 9 too many for a romcom. Sure, it's based on real-life, but that's no excuse to make a terrible movie. It's a chore to watch this thing, it took me three separate sittings before I can make it to the end without falling asleep or dying of boredom. Its tone is probably the worst offender. Like I said, it has no idea what it wants to be, so it tries to be everything. A love story, a political statement, a bittersweet comedy, a tense drama-mystery about a guy trying to control space - it does not mesh well at all. I had forgotten Alec Baldwin was even in the movie at one point, and that was probably the most interesting storyline in the damn thing. It's frustrating because there is a good story in there! Somewhere! I think. It's hard to tell with all the surrounding sh*t.

The cast is the only good thing about this movie. It's just a shame watching them have to recite this terrible dialogue to one another. They even have chemistry at times which helps during the cringe-y moments, but convincing acting doesn't make a bad script good. It just makes a bad script... somewhat watchable. But don't watch it. It sucks.
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A farce
Vanillaalmond9 August 2015
This movie is somehow all over the place, threads begin but do not end, connections exist but how and why is not explained. I felt like I was watching a movie that is great inside the head of the writer/director but he knows the story to well and forgets to tell us half of it.It's like it is trying to be everything for everybody and while doing that failing in all aspects. The whole military plot thing is strange, lots of people are just there and we are never told why or even who they are.

This is not a feel good movie, it is a feel strange movie leaving you with lots of questions, the main one being why?
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A mess holding gems, as pearls in cow flop
Grimmell73-212-55284912 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I sat stunned as the credits began to roll. "What the bleep WAS that?" I asked my wife. "What just happened?" She shrugged and smiled. I took that to mean she didn't know, either.

Nor was our confusion unfounded. The filmmakers threw into "Aloha" just about every plot device they could find, hoping at least one of them would work, and in one or two cases they succeeded, but my God, at what terrible price?

Forget Emma Stone not being Hawaiian, although that actually did start to bug me. Far more important is that for the first third of the film, she played her part as if she had just shot meth. Many lines were delivered so rapidly (and perkily) that neither my wife nor I could understand what she had said. Body language, gestures, even breathing all way too fast. Creepy and unsettling. And she was all over Brad Cooper in a way that makes "cartoonish" seem somehow inadequate as a description.

But of course, she's part-Hawaiian, possibly from the Scandinavian portion of the Big Island, so of course she saves the big deal with the native Hawaiians to enable the building of the new industrial plants for the not-Space-X CEO, played by a Bill Murray whose face seemed permanently caught in a Vise Grip, possibly because he was as inappropriately cast as if he had been tapped to play Queen Elizabeth. And of course he's decided to conceal inside his new South Pacific satellite a single nuclear warhead, because I guess that would be a big win. And Stone has warned Cooper (who acts as if "corporate tool" is tattooed on his forehead) that Bill Murray is weaponizing space just as the wise yet simple island natives feared, so when he grunts and twitches his eyebrows to indicate his intent to Do His Job she dumps him, in a scene that screams "you're way better off without her."

So we have the wise-primitives-trying-to-stop-evil-modernity-from- ruining-our-planet plot, and the will-they-or-won't-they plot, and Rachel McAdams as the One He Left Behind plot, but now things get really confusing. Because Cooper suddenly turns into James Bond, wiping out the Chinese attempt to hack the satellite (which they do because, uh...) and then he and his fat buddy (because fat guys and computer guys are the same thing in Hollywood) hack the satellite themselves and stop Bill Murray from taking over the world with his single nuclear warhead by essentially distributing plutonium dust over half the planet. Thereby killing millions of people. But we don't get to see that part; that's the hook for the sequel.

But we're not done yet! We have to throw in the general-blowing-his- stack plot, and the "you mean I'm a father?" plot, and oh Lord I'm sure I forgot a plot or two. I had to go home and hide. What a mess! It was like the execrable "Cannonball Run" with Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise, except those guys actually hired James Bond (Roger Moore), they didn't have one guy play his part and all the others to boot.

In the midst of this polymelic chopped salad of a movie, three things stood out as actual redeeming features. First, Rachel McAdams plays her character perfectly, and it's a well-drawn character. Second, her husband, played by John Krasinski, was equally excellent in a very understated part that got the only intentional laughs of the film. And finally, their daughter, played by Danielle Rose Russell, showed an emoting capacity which, at her age, portends an excellent future. Those things worked, and could have been the whole plot line of a much better movie.

The rest stunk.
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Ignore the media on this one
nesdon-27 June 2015
As a film maker and former film school professor, I have a lot of my students as friends on Facebook. Many of them, most notably ones of Asian descent, came out full of vitriol and condemnation of this film, many of them before they had even seen it, as did a lot of the popular media.

IGNORE THEM! This is Cameron Crowe back in form. The film in no way disrespects Hawaiian culture or ignores its aboriginal and Asian populations, in fact it celebrates them. Emma Stone as a character named Allison Ng ("My dad was half Chinese and half Hawaiian... so I'm 1/4 Hawaiian") had to be played by a white actress in that she is referencing exactly that desire of some white people to pawn themselves off as ethic. She does it marvelously.

In fact the whole cast is amazing, with a script that absolutely sparkles, especially in its frequent nods to non-verbal communication. The last, most moving and completely wordless scene is worth the price of admission. Danielle Rose Russell's performance in this scene is breathtaking, and she is completely luminous through out, even though she has only a handful of lines.

Others with only handfuls of lines who make the film really shine are John Krazinski, Bill Murray and Alex Baldwin. The three leads are all amazing, with Stone a little over the top (tho appropriate for her character) and I think this is as good a work as Rachel McAdams has ever done.

I have to admit that the plotting of the whole military contractor subplot had a few too many little deus ex machina bows tied around it, but it was all maguffin for the beautiful insights into human heart and its connections anyway. And not nearly as preposterous as the embarrassing Elizabethtown.

I put a lot of store in IMDb ratings, and I have never seen them as far off the mark as they are with this film. I am a progressive, and expect cultural respect from Hollywood, but this may be another sad case of the hidden ability for random accusations of political incorrectness to cow the media.
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jackburto20 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was a cinematic mess. The movie was disorganized and filled with subplots. There really wasn't a hard plot. If you want to be pulled in several directions without a destination, then this is the movie for you. There was one neat foreshadowing scene that led up to an interaction between Brian Gilcrest, played by Bradley Cooper, and Woody Woodside, played by John Krasinski. This scene and the scene between Brian Gilcrest and Grace, played by Danielle Rose Russell, near the end were the only redeeming quality to the film; otherwise the movie would have received one star. Do yourself a favor and wait until its been released on DVD for about a year before giving it a look. Caution: you may still regret it.
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This isn't really a rom-com
rrrrrrrush1 June 2015
This isn't really a rom-com. It's the story of a broken man trying to pick up the pieces after a contractor-deployment injury left him 18 broken bones; there's a line in the plane in the first few minutes that indicate he might have lost more, which changes the entire story and nature of possible romantic encounters. Romantic attachment is part of the story but it's way more serious than rom-com. The kind of comedy isn't as light as the "com" in "rom- com" either.

It's a strong film with a light mystical side to it, courtesy of a magical child-character and Emma Stone's character.

Peripherally it sheds light on the privatization of the military, and gives the viewer in inside view of Air Force culture in a place cut off from the mainland.

The acting is solid, the plot is inextricable from the setting, and there is a pretty clear plot.
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What did I just watch?
dryanmorr10 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this movie based a trailer, so I expected it to be a romance of some sorts.

I have absolutely no idea what was going on, this plot was all over the place, and just flat out awkward. Why in the world would a man be hanging out with his ex girlfriend 13 years with her and her husband and family I still can't get. The beginning of the movie sets it off to be a serious but the blatantly thrown down the drain when the taps are being played and they are talking with complete disrespect and soon everything was just a joke.

Don't watch this disaster, I am still confused, and with all Hawaiian myth non sense.
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Don't listen to jaded critics; "Aloha" has the top quality of "Say Anything"
janisongs28 August 2015
Yesterday I watched "Aloha," and loved it. I've watched it twice, and I want to watch it again. I don't understand how it could have been panned repeatedly by the critics. "Aloha" is quirky, often funny, sweet, and endearing, even though it's a sprawling, rambling, story with intentionally cinema-verite-flavored camera work at times. Unpredictable, it's not your typical romcom!

Set in the magnificent and mystical landscapes of Hawaii, with the soothing backdrop of lilting Hawaiian music, it's simply unforgettable! And, the cast is stellar: Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, John Krasinski, Alec Baldwin, Bill Murray, and so many other top performances. We need more films that demand our attention and our intelligence, which show us characters who struggle with ambiguity, recognize life's joys, mysteries, and heartbreaks, and yet still manage to keep their integrity intact. This film will have you talking afterwards ~ and at the least, it will make you happy! Thank you, Cameron Crowe.
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Feel Good Movie
katewodiuk31 May 2015
It is not often that I see a movie that leaves me feeling good, but this one did. The characters were likable people. The relationships between the characters were interesting. The plot was simple and sweet. It is a romantic comedy, so it's easy to see how things are going to turn out, but the ending was still a pleasant surprise. There are plenty of things throughout the movie that made me laugh.

I love the cast. Bill Murray is an all time favorite. Rachael McAdams is adorable as always. John Krazinski is handsome and silently funny. Emma Stone is beautiful and goofy. Bradley Cooper is hot and complicated. What more could you want in a romantic comedy?
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Flat out adorable
hickchickmom29 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Light Spoilers:

I had high hopes for this movie because of the stellar cast. The beginning was a bit confusing. I had to really pay attention to understand the plot. Some people have said there's no plot but there is. It's definitely a character driven movie, but it is NOT plot less. I loved Rachel McAdams, but I always do. And my husband said, after walking out, you could watch Emma Stone in any movie. She's just so stinking cute and spunky. Bradley Cooper has not always been my favorite, but he's really come around the past couple of years and he was very likable in this one.

I loved John Krasinski and Bradley Cooper in the scene where they talk without saying a word. So true to way some guys are. Very touching. Not gonna lie—there were a few (outerspacey) parts that I thought were weird but it all connected eventually. By the end I was in love with every single character and the story line. Will definitely watch again when this comes on DVD. I'd probably buy it if it didn't have that one token F-bomb.

Lastly, the final scene nailed it for me. So beautiful and just...human. Loved it.
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JohnnyLee128 April 2018
Loveable actors playing mostly unbelievable characters in an unbelievable plot that hinges on a boy's video recording. Mixed soundtrack as confusing as rest of the movie. The elements were all there for a great film but writer/director Crow didn't know in which direction to take it.
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I have no idea what I just watched
jim_flowers30 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I have no idea what I just watched. It was so disjointed and random it made no sense. The story line, well, there was no single story line and the hodgepodge of back stories contributed nothing. Emma Stone, lily white, was supposed to be 1/4 Hawaiian and another 1/4 Asian, what a casting FIASCO. The Hawaiian lure added nothing to this sinking (stinking) ship either.

I can NOT think of a single reason for anyone to watch this movie other than the same reason I watched it, to see if it was as awful as it was portrayed to be, IT WAS! It's kind of like rubbernecking at an accident on the freeway, you shouldn't, but you must!
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Aloha is a Hit Worthy of the Writer/Director of Say Anything
ydnarkoocob6 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Cameron Crowe's authentic voice and epic lack of cynicism is as refreshing in Aloha as it was in his cult classic Say Anything. That this masterpiece of the emotional journey of life and love is panned by critics is a testament to how jaded, broken, cynical and pathologically narcissistic the gatekeepers of taste and political correctness have become. Emma Stone was a brilliant casting decision, and she delivered with all the energy, enthusiasm, and intensity of a roman candle, a perfect counterpoint to Cooper's darkness. She illuminates him, and by the end of the movie he finally sees himself, his life, and her in the fullness of that light. For folks whining that Stone didn't look Asian I submit that we are all mutts in this country and there are many, many people whose ethnic heritage doesn't register visually. What Stone brought to the role should be evidence enough of the brilliance of her casting. Anyone who saw Crazy Stupid Love would see this as a no-brainer. Emma Stone, hands down. The chemistry with Cooper was perfect, and Cooper is emerging as THE leading man in the very best of contemporary cinema. Rachel McAdams and John Krasinski were an amazing duo of supporting actors. Krasinski's solid performance as an emotive but speechless husband was another real treat. Stellar comedy cameos from Alec Baldwin, Bill Murray, and Danny McBride. IGNORE THE CRITICS, this is a GREAT FILM !!!
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I loved it I don't care what the critics say. I say see it
brendadonargo-881045 June 2015
I think they are being way to hard on this movie. And it's not just another rom com. I laughed and cried ...the acting was great, the story was touching and dimensional as were the characters. It might have been a little predictable in spots but in the best way. And I loved the soundtrack. I think Mr. Crowe is a genius and that the cast chemistry was inspired. I could see real life situations in the movie and most rom com's can't really say that ( though they are enjoyable and have their place). This is a movie that will appeal to a lot of people of many ages and of both sexes. I give it two thumbs up. Take a chance I think you will agree.

A movie buff.
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Give it a try. This lives up to its All-Star cast.
simcard-4079930 May 2015
I am well aware of all the shade and low reviews thrown at this movie, however this did not stop me from seeing it and frankly I'm glad it didn't. To me it lived up to the All-Star cast, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams AND Bradley Cooper, do I even need to bring up all their academy award nominations?? And they did not disappoint in Aloha. There couldn't be a better setting for the movie than Hawaii, the whole scenery in the movie is beautiful and fits the characters and story well. I will say that a couple parts of the story line fell a bit flat and were slightly disconnected but the overall plot and story played out well which I personally thought made for a great ending. Oh and the subtle humor satisfies the comedy side quite well (thank John Krasinski and Alec Baldwin for a lot of that).

So overall I was very pleased with this film and if you are on the fence as to see this film or not all I have to say is give it a shot!
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So bad it will make you cringe with discomfort
er_ouz29 September 2015
Rarely have I seen such a bad film from a major studio release and with A or B list stars in it, but this truly is one of the worst movies I've seen recently. I would try to sum up the plot, but it's meaningless, as this movie is not a whole,flowing story, but rather a checklist of markers through which the scenes pass and tick the box, and hurry on to the next marker on the list.

By eliminating any character and story growth and simply jumping to the bottom line in every scene, some scenes are just so awkward and... just bad, they will make you cringe with discomfort, not only because they're so lame in themselves, but because they're so obvious and scripted that it's pathetic.

I really like light Rom-Com's, and I enjoy a film that doesn't take itself too seriously- but this one is so bad it actually made me sad.
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I enjoyed it
btookey29 May 2015
If you've traveled to Hawaii, have read or experienced anything about the culture, you will appreciate this movie. I especially liked how they expressed the meaning of 'Aloha'- peace and mercy, through the characters and their relationships,and the way they used Emmas character to showcase the nuances of the Hawaiian people and their beliefs. There were some plot holes, but they were, for me, easy to overlook because the relationships and the Hawaiian scenery and culture were the central themes of the movie. Its not an 'in-your-face' type of movie, its very subtle and you have to watch and listen softly; you'll find your internal motor down-shifting a few gears before the movie ends, much like Hawaii itself. If you enjoyed Elizabethtown, you'll like this movie.
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Fun Summer flick!
leslie_mac6 June 2015
I really enjoyed this cute, light-hearted romantic comedy despite some of the negative reviews I had been reading. I'd reluctantly joined a friend and really wasn't expecting much, but surprisingly found Aloha to be very entertaining, heartwarming and fun. Perhaps it didn't have the most complex plot, but both of us thought it was a great story about relationships, past hurts, and love - bringing lots of laughter and some twists and tears in the end. I found that the mix of characters worked very well together and they really grew on me as the movie progressed. The Hawaiian scenes and music brought back some fond memories of days spent on the Islands. Loved the mix of cast and characters and would definitely recommend this story for a fun, light, summer flick!
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great cast but plot not so great
novagirl117 January 2018
Great cast, but unfortunate movie to be hired for. plot was difficult to follow and character development weak. at times comical when it wasn't supposed to be. oh least I watched it while in Hawaii which made it slightly more interesting...better luck next time for these actors!
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A little gem, to see without prejudice
joaquinnq19 December 2016
It is not easy to encapsulate Aloha in a genre. It's not the usual Rom-Com, although the argument might lead one to believe that yes. The main thread describes the dramatic arc of a man centered on his work, capable of loving, but with difficulty to engage in lasting relationships. In addition, the film explores some manifestations of Hawaiian culture and parody some clichés about military conflicts and conspiracies, with unequal effectiveness.

The speed with which Aloha travels from one genre to another, sometimes in the middle of the same scene or dialogue, must have confused more than one viewer. It is understood that it has not reached a greater success, between the public and the critic.

But Aloha has beautiful details to watch and taste, combining serious and emotive subjects with a fine humor, in a delicate balance.

Also, it is a film with an outstanding casting. The protagonists do their work. Rachel McAdams is charming. It's a pleasure to see Bill Murray. And it is remarkable the discovery of Danielle Rose Russell, a young actress who delivers a memorable performance, to close a light and touching film, that tackles serious issues without taking them too seriously.
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Wonderful Film
senseandsense30 May 2015
I read these reviews and people are so mean . While there are a few disjointed elements. the film has a solid story, broad character development and in hallmark Cameron Crowe tradition great integration of story, emotion and music.. Good filmmaking make one root for the characters and we loved every lead character and their pure humanity/vulnerability which is a hallmark of Cameron Crowe. So we are lucky to have seen such a heartwarming film and the performances of Emma Stone, Bradley Cooper Bill Murray and John Krashinski. Boo to film snob. I am sure they nave no clue how hard it is to make a film ( I do) and more importantly how to touch people's hearts.
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Glad I didn't read "reviews" before watching this movie!
annettedhall29 May 2015
The movie features an all star cast each having an amazing talent for expressing the emotions of their characters into fully 3 dimensional people: emotions, brokenness, past history, failures, etc. I actually expected this to be a "low brainer" movie. How wrong I was and so glad that I took the time to discover this movie is rare gem. .... OK some reviewers were / are expecting these actors to revive past roles that blew minds just to drag in an audience. Nah, that would be too simple! Instead Cameron Crowe utilized the known strengths of each of the actors in a truly romantic (comedy) using their individual skills to tell the story. (I will leave up for debate whether he (Crowe) was capitalizing on past performances) . Love the cast and the story. Only sort of negative would be to include more local Hawaii natives to flesh out their love of culture. That said the natives that do appear are delightful. Enjoy this movie with these thoughts in mind. As for me I must see it again soon!
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Cute Film In An All Star Cast
ShelbyTMItchell31 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Sure the reviews are mean spirited as it seems that nobody can enjoy a movie for entertainment. Unless you are a critic though it will not win rewards for this.

Bradley Cooper stars as a celebrated former Air Force soldier turned contractor Brian Gilchrist as he goes to HI to help out on the space station. In the militarization over the launch of a weapons satellite under his boss, played by Bill Murray.

He is given an escort of sorts, played by Emma Stone who was suppose to be Asian originally. Still sparks fly as the Cooper character runs into his old flame, his "Wedding Crasher" co-star Rachel McAdams who's a married mother of two, married to a Air Force pilot John Krasinki. Which has a secret over on there.

Still Cooper the headstrong contractor finds himself falling himself in love with Emma Stone. Despite learning something about his job. That could end up destroying them and Cooper's reputation.

It is a cute movie as it includes Alec Baldwin who should have had a bigger role in this.
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Give Aloha A Break
theRetiree6 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Full Disclosure: I'll watch anything about Hawaii, including 50 First Dates, Lilo and Stitch, and Blue Crush (but not Hawaii 5-0), and I went into this movie well aware of the IMDb drama, trolling, and hysteria. Emma Stone blah blah blah, No real Asians blah blah blah, even some chat board criticism from some who admitted not having even seen the movie or that devolved into racist and religious abuse--seriously, are there no moderators on this site at all??? So wife and I watched with heightened awareness if not pre-loaded outrage, and found this movie altogether unobjectionable and appealing. Did all the critics miss all the scenes full of Hawaiians playing "himself"?? Did they miss Stone's earnest and respectful (if a bit fawning) approach to pre-colonial people and culture. The music, the dance, the irredentism??? So its not Dances with Wolves, but its no ethnic outrage either. And on its own terms as a complicated rom-com love quadrangle about two very appealing actresses and two studly but flawed men, we found it enjoyable and reasonably believable. I did find the final scene at the dance studio a bit creepy: I guess little girls grow up awfully fast now, but that's going to make for some awkward conversations with Mom and Dad. Good thing Dad comes equipped with subtitles. Go or don't go, but don't be swayed by the hysterical static. I'm buying the DVD to add to my Hawaii collection.
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Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone are watchable
DarkVulcan2929 May 2015
The Hawaii setting here pretty much becomes a character here. Bradley Cooper does a descent job as Military man trying to bring closure of his past mistakes, so was Emma Stone as a female pilot who befriends Coopers character. Together they have incredible chemistry, and make on screen magic. Emma Stone seems to make any film, either good or bad, memorable. Rachel McAdams is alright, so was John Krasinski. But other actors like Alec Baldwin and Bill Murray feel like wasted goods here. Although is was nice to see Danny McBride not play an overly vulgar character for once.

Writer-Director Cameron Crowe has always been good for unique storytelling in his films, but this seems like to much was edited out. I may be the only one here who didn't think this movie was to bad, but I no way would say this movie was great, I certainly didn't love this film. It's a film for me to say the movie is only good seeing one time. But I wouldn't say it's all terrible either.
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