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(I) (2015)

Bradley Cooper: Brian Gilcrest



  • Brian Gilcrest : In any of its many forms, I have found that nothing beats fun.

  • Allison Ng : And here I am complaining about my sunglasses.

    Brian Gilcrest : And here I am complaining about nothing.

  • Brian Gilcrest : Oh, the hat. You must be wondering about the hat. This hat serves no purpose. The entire idea of including sunglasses in the hat is ridiculous in theory and unwieldy in execution. Yet, somehow, you lost your sunglasses, and somebody stole your badass look. Anyway, you may now wear the hat. I understand your reluctance with the hat. I know what it represents - my first civilian gift to you. And really, what do I really have to offer you? I think that everybody I have gotten close to I have managed to detach myself from in some hideous way. And frankly, just floating the idea of you and me as a couple - all I see are problems. I mean, I am talking about world chaos, panic in the streets. I am talking about demonstrations, riots, problems with your promotion, strange incidents throughout the Midwest! And let's just be honest, it'll end as it began. It will be a flicker of an impossible dream and an avalanche of emotional chaos, and I am sorry, but... I'm in. For, *all* of it.

  • [first lines] 

    Brian Gilcrest : [narrating]  There was a time I knew everything in the sky. Every satellite, every constellation, souvenirs of space walks and astronauts and rockets launched by NASA in the '60s. As a kid, I looked up and felt the future. It belonged to me.

  • Mitchell : Did you almost marry my mom?

    Brian Gilcrest : Many, many times.

    Mitchell : Why would anybody break up with my mom?

  • John 'Woody' Woodside : [walks into the house and a wordless conversation ensues]  I know you're Gracie's father.

    Brian Gilcrest : I'm glad you know.

    John 'Woody' Woodside : [hugs him]  Yes, this is awkward. And yes, I want my family back

    Brian Gilcrest : It was always you family, Woody.

    [indicates the whole house] 

    Brian Gilcrest : They're all crazy in love with you.

    John 'Woody' Woodside : Did you sleep with my wife?

    Brian Gilcrest : No, I slept with Ng.

    John 'Woody' Woodside : [this time hugs him suddenly and hard] 

  • Allison Ng : I'd rather be alone. Mostly it's been guys who are like me. I call them "Alone Togethers."

    Brian Gilcrest : Maybe you should go civilian next time.

    Allison Ng : Heh, heh, are you kidding me? Can you think of a way to make "I'm a fighter pilot" sexy?

    Brian Gilcrest : Well, you just have to work on your delivery, Ng.

    Allison Ng : [perky]  I'm a fighter pilot.

    Brian Gilcrest : Try going a little lower.

    Allison Ng : [sultry]  I'm a fighter pilot.

    Brian Gilcrest : See, that's just strong stuff. I think that just works.

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