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John de Lancie: Donald Margolis



  • Donald Margolis : Well played. They found water on Mars.

    Walter White : They have indeed.

    Donald Margolis : Don't exactly know what to with that information, but, hey, God bless them, they found it.

    Walter White : Oh, well, actually, they theoretically can separate the hydrogen from the oxygen and process that into providing fuel for man's space flights. Ostensibly, turning Mars into a giant gas station. So it's a... Yeah. We live in an amazing time.

    Donald Margolis : To water on Mars.

    Walter White : To water on Mars.

    Donald Margolis : So, what did you have? Girl or boy?

    Walter White : Oh. Little girl.

    Donald Margolis : That's nice. Congratulations.

    Walter White : Thank you.

    Donald Margolis : I have a daughter.

    Walter White : Yeah. How old?

    Donald Margolis : Old enough to know better. Twenty-seven next month.

    Walter White : Oh. You have other kids?

    Donald Margolis : Just the one.

    Walter White : I've got a 16 year old boy. Well, he's almost 16. Jeez. There's a spread, huh? But he helps out, though. He's even changing some diapers now, so. It's more than I managed to do when I was his age.

    Donald Margolis : Kids today grow up faster. I think.

    Walter White : Yeah, maybe so. So any advice? Having a daughter. Any advice?

    Donald Margolis : Oh. No, not really. Just love them. Just... I mean, they... they are who they are.

    Walter White : Yeah. I've got this... nephew. This nephew who is, I mean, he's an adult. But you can't infantilize them, you can't live their life for them. But still, I mean, there is that frustration. You know, that... God, that frustration that goes along with, you know: "Yes, as a matter of fact, I do know what is best for you, so listen." But of course, they don't. I mean, what do you do with someone like that?

    Donald Margolis : Family.

    Walter White : Yeah. Family...

    Donald Margolis : You can't give up on them. Never. I mean, what else is there?

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