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The Immortal (NES)

From his creepy dungeon beneath his game room, the Nerd reviews the flawed, unfair and super hard Nintendo game simply known as The Immortal.


26 Mar. 2015
Hong Kong 97
The Nerd stumbles across a super rare Super Famicom game that is said to be the worst game ever made. He's reviewed some horrible titles before, like Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, CrazyBus, Big Rigs, Desert Bus and Superman 64 to name a few, but this takes this crap factor to a whole new level.
13 May 2015
Darkwing Duck Turbografx 16
Unable to find any games shitty enough for a review in the cartridge department, the Nerd turns to a console he's yet to cover: The Turbographx 16. And no better way to introduce the black sheep of the 16-bit era than a game featuring that web-footed righter of wrongs, Darkwing Duck.
29 Jul. 2015
The Nerd talks about a game on the Sega Dreamcast, the final Sega home console, and while he doesn't have much beef with it, he gets to review a crappy Dreamcast game. Simply known as "Seaman," it's a game about the aquatic reproductive system (what can you expect from a game named after jizz), it's interactive, it's freaky, and the has the voice of Mr. Spock for some reason.
30 Oct. 2015
The Crow
On Halloween night, the Nerd finds a flaming bag of shit on his doorstep. And in that bag is The Crow for Sega Saturn. Not based on the 1994 movie, but the inferior 1996 sequel, and plagued with horrifying graphics and ghastly game-play.
2 Dec. 2015
Bad Game Cover Art: Mega Man
The Nerd takes a look at the cover art from the first Mega Man game on the first day of Shitsmas.
22 Dec. 2015
Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero
The Nerd is a big Mortal Kombat fanatic, and yet he never checked out a little N64 game called Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero. In light of the Christmas season and the subzero chill in the air, he decides to fire up his Nintendo 64 and see what he missed.

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