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"Eight Is Enough" vs. "Family" is my first review of an all-star "Family Feud"
tavm9 September 2010
When Richard Dawson came on he went to this joke: "They may issue a stamp of W.C. Fields. When you lick it, it may taste of martini. If the Rams get one, it may taste of defeat. And one of Billy Carter's may have no taste at all." You may have to read about Pres. Jimmy Carter's brother to get that last one. Anyway, it's the cast of "Eight Is Enough" (Dick Van Patten, Susan Richardson, Willie Aames, Laurie Walters, Dianne Kay) vs. that of "Family" (John Rubinstein, Meredith Baxter-Birney, David Birney, Quinn Cummings, Louise Foley). Kay's upcoming movie 1941 is mentioned as well as Cummings' Oscar nomination (for The Goodbye Girl). After all the questions are answered, it's "Family" in the Fast Money round with Meredith answering mostly No. 1 replies. In fact, it only takes two of John's answers to get past the 200 points required to get whatever large amount goal needed for the charity they're donating to. As always, Richard kisses the pretty female contestants though only Meredith (in deference to husband David) and kid Quinn get it on the cheeks with the others on the lips. A great episode of an all star "Family Feud". I'm going back to YouTube to watch another...
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My tribute to Richard Dawson continues with my review of "Family Feud: Welcome Back, Kotter vs. The Love Boat"
tavm3 June 2012
With the passing of Richard Dawson yesterday, I decided to pay tribute to him by watching one of his "Family Feud" eps on YouTube. This was the second part of the All-Star Champions special with the casts of "Welcome Back, Kotter" (Ron Palillo, Charles Fleischer, Marcia Strassman, Stephen Shortridge, John Sylvester White) competing against that of "The Love Boat" (Gavin MacLeod, Fred Grandy, Lauren Tewes, Ted Lange, Bernie Kopell). Among the survey questions: "Name something you suck". Since this was the late '70s network television, there was no way anyone was gonna mention a certain appendage! And no one did. Anyway, the "Kotter" cast won so it was Palillo and Fleischer to Fast Money. Ron's answers weren't very high survey-wise and he couldn't think of the last one-"Name a bug in a house" but Fleischer's replies were enough to get them past 200 points. Very enjoyable episode. Think I'll watch another one involving the "Love Boat" cast now...
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