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Patton Oswalt: Joel Mynor



  • Joel Mynor : [Agent Ballard is talking to a Dollhouse client, the "dotcom billionaire"]  You put me in front of a judge, he'll take *you* down. He'll-he'll throw The Kindle at you.

  • Joel Mynor : [Having previously explained how he'd always been one step behind the trend]  I mean, I finally got one step ahead.

    Paul Ballard : Bouncy the Rat. Kids love it.

    Joel Mynor : Oh, they do. I mean long story still kind of long, my first check had more zeroes than the Luftwaffe.

    Paul Ballard : The Japanese. They had the Zeroes, not the Germans.

    Joel Mynor : [sighs]  It was money!

  • Joel Mynor : Why don't you tell me what you're looking for?

    Paul Ballard : I found what I was looking for.

    Joel Mynor : Really? Figured you'd be a lot happier right about now.

    Paul Ballard : Tell me about the Dollhouse.

    Joel Mynor : [chuckles]  The Doll... Uh, it's pink and it opens up, and there's, uh, teeny furniture, and you put the boy doll on top of the girl doll and we learn about urges.

  • Rebecca Mynor : Please put the gun away. My name is Rebecca Mynor and this is my husband, Joel. We just bought this house. We did, right? You didn't just break in to impress me?

    Joel Mynor : No, it-it-it's paid for. This is all a big mix up. Please tell me your name.

    Paul Ballard : I'm Paul Ballard. I'm with the FBI.

    Rebecca Mynor : I knew it.

    Joel Mynor : What?

    Rebecca Mynor : It's... porn, isn't it? The internet venture that suddenly pays off. You did porn. My husband does porn!

    Joel Mynor : No, I don't do porn.

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