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Since now i am a TF2 fan i really enjoy this game.
LucaElliot12325 June 2014
According to how much good stuff there is about Team Fortress 2, the game is awesome, hilarious and many awesome characters.

The game with 9-amazing-mercenaries and many psychopaths, the game revealed to be "one of the best games ever made". The camera was stupid but the whole entire game is awesome.

My fav. character is Scout and Heavy, both hilarious and mean in a good way and i think the multi-player mode is the best thing to use.

The game is better on PC then it is on XBOX 360. This game is so awesome and deserved to be "one of the best games of all time"


P.S. The game is highly made for fun and it is filled with light-hearted animation and fun
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Deserves more attention than fortnite
samewest-7827522 September 2018
An amazing game with some fun community severs that you can play on if u have a pc, seriously people should play this more than fortnite
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hardynathan4 March 2017
Amazing I recommend for all please ignore the bad complaints about recent updates it's still the same great game, it's now competing with a similar game over-watch but amazingly this 10 year old game is far superior. With this game use can play with different play styles so it never gets old and there are many game modes to keep it fresh
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A brilliant game that definitely deserves more
SyoKennex28 August 2017
From developer and published Valve, comes Team Fortress 2. Released all the way back in 2007, TF2 has been a popular game for ten years now for many different reasons. With more players joining every day, there's something about TF2 that keeps bringing players back for more.

Maybe it's the 500+ achievements that prove to be a challenge for all achievement hunters out there. Maybe it's the hats and upgrades constantly being added to the game over time. Maybe it's the constant servers always online for players to head online and battle each other.

With servers all over proving to be a challenge for even experienced players, there's somewhere for everyone. There's a class for everyone to play and there's things all the time for people to enjoy. There are numerous different maps and play types.

I personally love this game because each round is something new. There's never a round that is exactly the same. I love playing this game both with my friends and without my friends. There's never a dull moment. Although a simple team versus team game, there is a lot of strategy that's needed. You really need to think about things, and you can't just go flying into battle. (Well, you can, but usually it ends in you being killed countless times.)

Each round lasts approximately 10 minutes, without overtime. With numerous different types of levels to play, there's sure to be one for you that you enjoy. I personally love King of the Hill and Payload. I find them really challenging, especially when it's a full team of 12 versus 12.

Of course, the in game chat can be really horrible at times, especially with such a prejudice to certain players and classes (new players are often screamed at, and some classes are just hated for their roles in the game – snipers, spies and pyros mostly). Also on some maps, if you play the game how you're meant to, people will have a go because they'd rather have a death match (rather than play the level, get the experience and move on with the game and their lives). However, I've met some lovely people on the in game chat, and you'd be surprised at how many people are actually happy to help the new players out with tips and tricks in team chat.

Overall, this is a really fun game if you like shooters. It's fun to play online with your friends, it's fun to play without your friends, and it's one of those that really gets you thinking on strategy. I really recommend this to everyone who likes to play shooters, and it's definitely a massive challenge for achievement hunters. (I've played 29 hours, and I still only have 18 out of 520 achievements.)
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Gamesearcher19 December 2018
Some of my greatest hours online in a video game have been in this game. No it's not dead, 11 years after its initial release, and it has been changed with hundred of updates over those years. Team Fortress 2 is a class-oriented, team-based, first-person shooter, and the key to the magic of the game is that it ticks all three criteria perfectly. There are nine distinct classes, all of which with different personalities, although the game (thankfully) doesn't use this too much, except in the well-written banter, playstyles and weapons. I'm a Medic main myself, and even within the confines of a class, there is so much variety to choose from. I might want to change my melee weapon for the specific type of game-mode or switch my medi-gun to one catered to my team. Every one of the nine classes is a blast to play, although I do definitely have my favourites. The second aspect of Team Fortress 2, is how team-based the game is. It's usually a harsh 12v12 (in Casual) fight out there, and so relying on your team is vital, especially for a Medic main. This doesn't mean one extremely skilled player can't dominate an entire team, with enough luck. But the massive player count also lets you ease out a bit, and play whatever you want, adding to the casual atmosphere. And then comes the first-person shooter, and, damn are weapons. A pivotal part of the game is how much damage everything does. It heavily encourages dodging instead of taking the hit, even as a slower class like the Heavy. But when you're not avoiding, you're shooting, and there is an amazing amount of variety of weapons. A weapon slot that is one of the best is the knives for Spy. From the iconic stock one to the Kunai and the Big Earner, both of which reward Spies that take the risk of having severely lowered health, for a massive payoff on a backstab, to the Spy-cicle, which mitigates the Spy's arch enemy, the Pyro, to the Your Eternal Reward, which morphs you into who you backstab, the best for a multiple stab-streak. And all this for one selection of weapons, and every class has at least three of these selections. But a fundamental problem is that except in scenarios such as that, there's almost always a clear winner in the best weapon for the category. And while the argument that the game is free is valid, you only start off with stock. But this could be countered by the fact that very quickly, you will find a whole lot of weapons, and with services like, you can gain any weapon you want. There is a soundtrack to this game, but mostly, all you'll hear of it is in the main menu. Most of them are actually from the Meet the Team series, something almost any whose heard TF2 has seen. The story is even less included but is explained the over-the-top comics that can be accessed on the game's official website. There are hundreds of maps, and some are incredibly bad, such as Mountain Lab, most let each class serve its true potential. The game's casual nature is also another true key nature, and while you will come across an occasional crybaby, no-one is ever that bad. A key memory was when we were losing, and then eight, including me, of us switched to Scouts, and we demolished the opposition. Moments like that aren't rare, though, and even in a balanced team, you'll have a boatload of fun. Overall, Team Fortress 2 is the pinnacle of what it strives to be, and inspiration for basically every class-based shooter after it. Oh, yeah, and hats.
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troyblancke3 November 2019
This game. this game is one of the best games. it of course needs to be fixed. like the hitboxes. unbalanced weapons, Random Crits... this game gets the least attention of Valve and the people that use Steam. which i don't find it all fair. this game has been alive more then a decade and it uses the "you do something wrong, you get punished" like if you walk into a sticky trap. you get punished. i find that good to let people play more to improve. i highly reccomend this game and don't think about quitting cause its hard. practice
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Superior to both fortnite and overwatch
budd-1738326 August 2019
I discovered this game in the summer of 2015 through a friend. At first I didn't really fully understand it, like the vast majority of new TF2 players, but i tell you, I was HOOKED, and did I never want to stop playing it. Despite only being loosely story driven and much more of an online FPS, the characters still somehow manage to be some of the best in fiction. Even with the pyro, a faceless maniac with little to no identifying bodily features still thrives with personality. Instead of the full cosmetic packages that you're unable to mix and match in OW and Fortnite, TF2 allows you to create different combinations of cosmetics, and you can even paint them and add attributes to them (strange, unusual, etc.). Also, unlike many, many other online FPS games, TF2 takes the vastly unique route of being cartoony, self-aware and silly, instead of the COD/OW route of being serious all/most of the time. Also, the community, (despite having some unfavourable people in it, as with most fandoms) is very creative, especially those who contribute to the workshop. Although, it's quite disappointing that everyone worships fortnite and overwatch like it's going out of fashion, they ignore the much, much better alternative that was there the whole time.

10/10, would certainly recommend.
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Better than Overwatch
randyfromscream14 October 2017
I hate Overwatch it looks terrible. This is pure childhood right here. I don't care about PC getting updates as long as it's still fun. This is the best shooter game I've play since Call of Duty. Scout is my favorite class because he's a fast runner when collecting data and Heavy is good for capture points. I don't care what people think I still like this game.
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Great Game But
Anger24610 August 2019
This is the best game ever made. people needs to play this more than fortnite. the only problem is kids playing this game. this game is not for kids. there should be a age update to see if you are old enough to play. the age should be 20 or up. so everyone watch your kids uninstall this game and let the grown ups play. so the age thing should be a update where ages 20 or up can play. anyway lets move on to the game. I do love all the maps like 2fort which is the best map ever. and buying hats and awesome weapons by unlocking them. I mostly love the hats. hear are some reasons why you people should not let your kids play tf2. 1. they're to young to play. 2. they will brag that they are good when they are not. 3. they will rage and get swears out. 4. they will act like a sore winner these are reasons why you shouldn't let your kids play this game. so those who have kids and that play tf2 make them uninstall it I made my son uninstall it
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