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“The First Belgian Action-Fantasy Film” Looks Like a Larp-ing Documentary

I woke up this morning to an interesting email regarding Reiki: The Movie, an action-fantasy film that apparently screened at the most recent Cannes Film Festival and cost only 6000 euros to produce. Those 6000 euros were spread over a period of 10 days of production, and it shows in the trailer below.

The moral of the story is this: you can make a cheap film in the woods and screen at Cannes, if you play your cards right.

The plot description, from the official press release, is as follows:

“Early in the 15th century, during the inquisition, led by Tomás de Torguemada, The Order was created. It was created to eliminate all the reincarnations of witches for centuries to come. Their member were trained assassins and monks, known for their cruelty. In their possession was the sword Reiki. Killed by this sword, witches were no longer able to reincarnate. However, the
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