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Liked it
valexander695 December 2009
Lots of blood and guts (you know it's going to be bad when the first scene involves decapitation and blood spurting everywhere) but all around I enjoyed the movie. I went in with an open mind, after only seeing one movie trailer I didn't know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised I liked it as much as I did. If you're not into very violent movies, this isn't for you. It was action packed and pretty intense, squeezing in an actual storyline with all the gore was pretty seamless. The fight Choreography was fantastic and the cinematography was beautiful (reminiscent of the Kill Bill series as far as blood and choreography). The last fight scenes have to be my favorite out of any action/martial arts film and had me in awe. The lead actor (Rain) does a good job and the overall storyline was fairly well written. I read that the screenplay was rewritten in 50some hours, I'm not sure what it was before but the outcome was decent. All in all, a good flick and I recommend it highly.
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rivertam2625 November 2009
Who knew that the most insanely violent, ridiculously brutal and psychotically gory film of the year would be Ninja Assassin. Look there's not much to it think 300 with Ninjas or Braveheart with less emotional involvement and ninjas. It's quite obvious that the people responsible for this film set out to make the most ass kicking Ninja movie ad they even one uped themselves. i remember when I was younger Ninjas were kinda cool but since than they've lost their flair and so has the martial arts genre in general this one brings all that back with a hellacious gut punch. Visually the film is incredible. It's unlike anything you've ever seen. The fighting is quick, furious and the story although not completely involving is involving enough so that we kinda like the characters. What the film does explosively well is decapitate, disembowel and explode it's victims across it's blood soaked screen. Imagine slow motion shots of a man diving out of the way of 100's of ninja stars, slicing people in half with samurai swords and being born out of shadows literally. It's an exciting piece of cinematic brilliance. i can't speak for the actual quality of this film despite the visual flair but I don't think anyone seeing Ninja assassin will be going in with a too critical eye. It delivers on its title and the trailer's promises and more. It's just freaking crazy as hell.
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T_h_e_Punisher27 January 2010
After reading a couple of reviews, i was prepared to come out of the theatre disappointed, but what i saw on screen was a fantastic homage to a a genre that has become a bit of a joke... the Ninja is back! I cannot understand why this movie could get a negative review. You are paying money to watch a film about violent assassins and this is exactly what you get. Blood by the bucket load, dismemberment, decapitation, all the things you would expect from a Ninja movie. I would pay to watch this again, and can only hope that 18 rated movies are not a thing of the past, and that this one does well at the box office so a sequel can be made.

A must see.
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only 1 ninja was harmed during the making of this film, the rest of them were killed
The-Arbiter25 November 2009
First off I would like to say that anyone who thinks this movie sucks because it has very little plot is an idiot.

Now let me tell you what Ninja Assassin isn't.

Its not a serious thinking movie, it's not a Gandhi, it's not a Saw type movie.

And it isn't a Twilight that's for sure.

The reason why Ninja Assassin is so friggin cool is because you know that the people making this movie had one thing in mind... Have a ton of Ninjas kill each other. Ninja Assassin is a fun guys night out type movie, at least that's how I saw this movie. Though some people walked out booing I walked out cheering because I came in and honestly just wanted a huge body count and a ton of blood and boy did they deliver.

My only major critique was the CGI blood... Though there were gallons of it coming out they could have stepped it up some more...

In a way this movie was like Rambo...Equal budget of 50 million, unbelievable carnage and pure fun... But the difference is that its acrobatic, its hacking slashing, gallons of blood and Ninjas with blades on chains = )...

So all in all a solid 8/10 for me.

PS. Watch out for the opening scene and the police station scene because those scenes are epic awesome.
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Bloody good entertainment
paul_haakonsen16 February 2010
This is by far the best ninja movie I have seen.

Right from the very beginning this movie is up in fast pace, action-filled and soaking in blood. There is a lot of bloodshed in this martial arts fest.

The story of the movie is good and keeps going at a good pace, so you never feel bored. Of course the story is straight forward and have no surprise twists to the plot - but an action movie of this caliber doesn't need plot twists.

The martial arts choreography and fighting scenes are brilliant, fast and hard punching. There are lots of really cool weapons being used in the movie as well.

There is just one bad thing to the movie, and that is why would an ancient clan of Japanese ninjas speak English? It makes no sense, as Japanese people are bound to traditions. But of course, I suppose this is kept in English to reach a wider audience. But had they actually done it in Japanese, there would be a much more wholesome feel to the movie. And also, again why would a Japanese clan take in non-Japanese children and train as ninjas?

Anyway, the cast of the movie is good, and it is refreshing to see new faces to the martial arts scene. The dialogue is straight to the point, no clumsy, half-hearted dialogue going on here, which also helps the movie to keep going.

So if you like ninja movies and action movies, this is definitely a movie you cannot allow to miss out on. Top notch action from beginning till end. But do take notice that there is a lot of blood in this movie!
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Wicked weapons, killer moves and Bloody battles at its all-time Best.
xamtaro26 November 2009
If the Wachowski brothers' Speed Racer was the ultimate tribute to family friendly classic cartoons, Ninja Assassin is the ultimate tribute to 80s martial arts B movies like "Enter the Ninja", video games like "Ninja Gaiden" and the Ultra-violent anime genre titles like Ninja Scroll.(Already noticed the name "ninja" in all the titles mentioned? well, what a coincidence!). It is violent, it is bloody and packed to the gills with action. Every thing else ends up playing second fiddle to the fights.

Unfortunately, "every else" also includes the story which is, a hodgepodge of very familiar elements. Raizo (played by Korean star Rain) is an orphan raised by a cruel master Lord Ozunu(played by Sho Kosugi, famous for his starring roles in, what else, 80s ninja movies like "Enter the ninja".) to be part of a secret clan of ninjas that have been responsible for countless assassinations over the centuries. Through a series of flashbacks (intercut with scenes of a half naked hunky Rain training with some vicious looking weapons), Raizo's tragic story is fleshed out. We see his tormented childhood days as a ninja trainee; his only emotional refuge, an orphan girl who, like Raizo, is part of the clan. One day, his friend tries to escape from the harsh ninja way of life and is executed, prompting a change of heart in Raizo who eventually betrays his clan after a narrowly botched mission. Now on the run, hunted by both his former comrades and a special international task force, Raizo finds an unlikely ally in the form of Mika Coretti, a Europol agent who is close to exposing the secret existence of the Ninjas and hence targeted for assassination.

Simply put, the unoriginal storyline is highly predictable and filled with B movie clichés from stem to stern. It is a definite step down from the philosophical Matrix trilogy or the sophisticated and political V for Vendetta.

Characters are, at best, cardboard cut outs and at worse painfully bland. None of them come across as emotionally engaging. Raizo is especially underdeveloped despite being the main character. His internal motives for his betrayal are never fully explored and the cheesy romance bit, not to mention the whole big about "the heart' feels like a tacked-on afterthought. The acting is passable; nothing better than the level of a TV series, but the script manages to have a couple of witty lines of dialog.

Though Ninja Assassin is no work of storytelling perfection, it delivers what it promises: lots of fights and lots of violence. Limbs are lobbed off, stomachs are split open and heads are busted as the movie slashes its way from one fight scene to the next, delivering scenes of wicked weapons and bloody carnage that make even Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre look like a tame PG film. The fight choreography is well executed with a good mix of slow motion and frantic close-ups. Special effects and CGI are used to effectively give the movie a very comic book-like feel (not surprising since the Wachowski brothers are avid comic fans and one of the screenplay writers is also a comic book writer). Thankfully some erratic camera work (especially during the scene where Raizo is being chased through a busy street) does not feel distracting but enhances the frantic and lightning fast pace of the fights. Blood flows like rivers as Raizo proceeds to disembowel enemies en masse; definitely not for the squeamish.

On a whole, Ninja Assassin feels like a hack-and-slash video game come to life from the first skirmish to the climatic showdown involving modern day special forces taking on an army of ninja warriors . Some cheesy bits here and there require a certain suspension of disbelief but the film's portrayal of ninjas in general is gritty and realistic yet preserves their mysterious and legendary status. It is refreshing too to see that Raizo is not some invincible killing machine as he does tire and he does take his fair share of hits, even going down a couple of times.

Forget Naruto and all those brightly dressed, magic power spewing ninjas of recent anime. Ninja Assassin is the butt-kicking, face slashing answer to all that. A respectable re-imaging of a dated genre and 99 minutes of non-stop violent escapism once you look past its narrative flaws.
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really good movie
dusouljah20 November 2009
Great movie, A lot of good action, and fun all around. I was really worried about them messing the genre up by being too modern..but i think it was a really good effort...

i'm really into a lot of old school samurai, king fu, and martial art movies, and this one was about as good as a modern day ninja film could be...

lot's of gore and violence, which is great to me, simply because too many movie water down the violence in an attempt to draw in younger audiences, but this film knew exactly who their target audience was...and received a standing ovation as a result...

if u are expecting something fun, definitely check it out.....
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Amazing action sequences, enough blood to keep fans satisfied
NorrisBadLand1 December 2009
This movie is as cool as ninja can get ! The action sequences are jaw dropping, the choreographies are stunning, the chases are pulse accelerating.

The story begins in a building where a yakuza henchmen is getting himself a tattoo. As they argue about trivial things, the clan receives a letter with black sand inside. The tattoo master warns them about their imminent death, but they laugh at him. The next scene is one of the goriest one I've ever seen. The ninja hired to assassinate them makes salsa out of their body. Ninja Assassin.

The plot is centered around two federal agents who are on their way to reveal the secret ninja society. Their lives are in great danger as this secret must be preserve at all cost by the clan. Raizo (Rain) just escaped from his clan and wants to protect Mika, one of the two agents, as a way to redeem himself from all the sins he's done.

As this story spins and runs, we get to see a young orphan (Raizo) grow up in a Ninja clan lead by his sadistic master who brutalizes his students to prepare them for the path that a ninja have to walk.

All in all this movie was hands down an awesome Ninjitsu experience, with enough blood to keep fans satisfied.

8/10 !

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Escapist and Bloody "Ninja Assassin"
jon.h.ochiai27 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Teen ninja protégé Raizo (Joon Lee) confesses to the love of his life, fellow student Kiriko (Anna Sawai), "I have no heart…" in "Ninja Assassin". Raizo has sacrificed all to transform himself into the perfect weapon. His Sensei Ozunu (the great Sho Kosugi) reminds the grown Raizo (charismatic Rain), the orphan he trained as a son, "Never forget who you are." The Way of the Ninja is merciless and unforgiving, and Kiriko's life is forfeit. Raizo, now renegade, seeks only vengeance upon the Ozunu Clan. The perfect assassin must now become benevolent protector and avenging angel? Raizo discovers who he really is.

This is the paradox of Director James McTeigue's bloody and stylish "Ninja Assassin". Although the story by Matthew Sand and J. Michael Straczynski glosses upon this internal conflict in a standard issue vengeance tale, the spectacular bloody mayhem, and Rain's cool presence overcome much of the routine narrative exercise. "Ninja Assassin" does not always make sense, but it is captivating to watch. Whether it is blindfolded Raizo wielding his chain and blade against sword wielding rival Takeshi or Raizo fighting to the death in a burning clan compound, the movie is engrossing.

Rain as Raizo has a commanding screen presence. I don't think Rain is a trained martial artist. However, he is a trained dancer, handsome with a shredded body. Working with martial arts choreographer Chad Stahelski (student of Dan Inosanto), Rain generates a graceful deadly fighting style. McTeigue's quick cut editing may mask some of the martial arts precision, or may be this is just his kinetic visual style. The sword fighting is more kung fu than bushido, but the effect is slick and powerful. Martial arts master Kosugi as Ozunu displays the more traditional katana technique in the climactic duel with Raizo. "Ninja Assassin" has visually stunning and bloody martial arts fighting scenes.

Set in Berlin, Europol Agent Mika Coretti (intrepid and spirited Naomie Harris) believes that the recent series of brutal political assassinations are the work of a mythical Ninja Clan. Her boss Maslow (solid Ben Miles) is reluctant to engage Mika's theory; however, he too discerns a shadowy conspiracy. When Mika get too close to uncovering the Ozunu Clan, Takeshi (strong and malevolent Rick Yune) and his ninja seek to kill her. Raizo (Rain) is forced to protect Mika, who inadvertently interferes in Raizo's revenge and his deadly score to settle with Takeshi.

Raizo is now compelled to protect Mika with his life. During the Ninja attack at Europol Headquarters, he tells Mika, "They won't stop until you're dead." Mika finally gets that Raizo is the only one who can save her. Aside from some trite attempts at skewed martial arts wisdom about pain and vanquishing weakness, "Ninja Assassin" is a decent hero story. Raizo is sympathetic in his transformation. Trained to be the perfect shadowy assassin, one must know that he is not really a good guy. Rain as Raizo is compelling in this paradox. Raizo's vengeance is very human, but as noble protector he becomes hero.

"Ninja Assassin" ultimately works despite itself. Director McTeigue brilliantly avoids tripping over himself by allowing the visceral action to morph and evolve. And Raizo is not some invincible cartoon—he is brutally bloodied in his horrendous battles. "Ninja Assassin" is thoroughly engrossing escapist fare.
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5 points just for having Ninjas
kemicon5 April 2010
This is a movie about Ninjas doing Ninja things, being stealthy, practicing bad-ass moves, and killing lots of other Ninjas.

If you don't mind a plot that comes straight out of a not very good video game there is enjoyment to be had here. Sho Kosugi is excellent as the master ninja, and a great choice for throwback fans of much better Ninja films like Revenge of the Ninja (last time I saw it I was 8 years old so...) . Rain (the hero ninja) barely says a word through the movie and when he does he sounds a lot like another immortal swordsman, Christopher Lambert.

Unfortunately the Wachowski siblings seem to be getting much worse at special effects. Some of the scenes look absolutely unbelievable and the Ninja training ground almost looks like a student work for a 3D class. It must be noted that the extremely graphic decapitations look great though. Each decapitation is enhanced with buckets of blood that will make any Tarantino fan giddy with dark and kind of disturbing joy.

If you're looking for a realistic Ninja movie (I know I am) I guess you'll have to Watch Leon again and pretend he's Asian. There are a billion plot holes here, Ninjas are un-killable until the movie decides they should be cannon fodder. Your suspension of disbelief will be pushed into overdrive but in the end, a movie about Ninjas doing Ninja things is always going to be at least decent. Well if you're into low art anyway.

Oh and the movie gets an extra point for playing Being Boiled by Human League during the end credits.
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Ninja...Assassin....any questions?
Robert_duder2 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I read several reviews that were harping on the film and making comments about how many people walked out of the theater after the first 15 minutes. If any human being actually went into a film called Ninja Assassin and walked out in 15 minutes...they deserve losing their ticket money. How can you possibly go into a film called Ninja Assassin even if you had no idea what the plot was and be disappointed because the film gives you exactly what the title says it is. So I went in with the expectations of seeing Ninjas and Assassins and low and behold that is exactly what I got. But imagine my shock when it turned out that critics were once again wrong!! The film actually does have plot, and in fact they give a solid back story on the main character, set up a really solid story and deliver the most blood splattering, ridiculously over the top violent film I've seen all year and sometimes that's just fun!! Are there gaping plot holes? Yes of course. Is some of the story cheesy, a little but hey I expected the entire film to be nothing but cheese and much to my surprise it was remarkably serious with decent performances and some very classically artistic special effects. Well worth the price of admission for a solid action flick with a throw back to Ninja films of old.

Korean music star Rain heads the cast as the outcasted Ninja trainee Raizo. Rain moves like a dancer, and his martial arts is literally pure poetry making this film less cheese and more stunning just by his work. His quiet brooding character isn't exactly full of flare but he still makes a decent hero although he feels a little empty. I'm not sure he's come to his own in acting. Naomie Harris is lovely, and plays Europol Researcher Mika. Much like the character of Raizo she isn't given a lot to work with but she has a good screen chemistry and her and Rain make a good team. She actually almost makes it believable she could go up against unstoppable Ninja's with a gun and pure wit. Ben Miles plays a sadly small role since I think he could have done something with the role. He plays lead Europol agent Maslow and I just felt like I wanted to know more about his character but he's basically supporting at best.

Director James McTeigue certainly has an action career ahead of him. Having worked on the Matrix series, Dark City, and a Star Wars sequel he certainly has some great experience under his belt. He also scored big with V for Vendetta which was brilliantly made. You can see McTeigue's style even in this film with the incredible way the Ninja's move in the shadows without making it seem cheesy or chock full of CGI. The story which critics harped on claiming none existed is not full of depth but it is still there. On top of that we get a complete background on the main character and where he grew up and how he was trained to be what he is. The battles were brilliant and blood was flying everywhere. The death scenes were ridiculous and over the top but still horrendously gore filled. This is truly a red blooded action flick that will leave you cheering. Will it walk away with awards? Definitely not but is it worth the price of admission? Hands down yes! An awesome action flick which is harshly critiqued. 8.5/10
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Excuse me, I think you dropped some blood over there...
Danterandal1928 November 2009
I like dumb action movies. I especially like dumb, over the top, gory, violent martial arts movies. Gimme some "Ong Bak" or even some "Bloodsport" and I'll be satisfied.

This is not a martial arts movie. This is not even an entertaining action movie in the slightest.

The story amounts to "REVENGE!" (like all good action movie plots, huh?), and of course the acting and dialogue is never up to par. But you don't come into a movie called "Ninja Assassin" looking for Mamet-like dialogue, do you? The prerequisite action is here...kinda. If by "action" you mean "we're going to CGI the crap out of these fight scenes, and make everything all blurry and dark so you don't see how bad they actually are". That's what you meant, right? Rain, I feel, is a pretty good looking chap, who's about as charismatic in the role as an Asian pop star pretending to be a martial arts master can be. And when he's laying waste to dozens upon dozens of pajama clad ninjas in some fairly slick & well-choreographed fight scenes (that comes maybe 50 minutes into the movie) you almost find yourself enjoying the film. But then we see a ridiculous amount of blood being shed, heads being cut off and severed arms flying at the screen. That's the exact moment where you'll find yourself completely taken out of the action. You'll then realize how stupid all of this is, and how there's absolutely nothing entertaining about CGI fight scenes in a live-action martial arts movie. It's a cop-out; you start to wonder whether "Ninja Assassin" is an actual movie or just the trailer for the video game tie-in.

At this point, your mind begins to wander. You find yourself asking questions, such as "Why is this movie so fake? What's the point of having cool fight scenes if you just crap it up with ridiculously fake CGI blood and gore? Why does "Ricky-Oh" seem like a far more realistic and realized martial arts film when compared to this mess? Why did I spend my money to watch this film?".

Luckily for you, you have the ability to spare yourself from asking that last question.
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Pure Ninja Awesomeness
ahooa7723 November 2009
Rain is not only hot and funny in it but you can tell the amount of training he had was tough, Sho Kosugi gives a great performance (& in English) as leader of the clan.

In general a great production & direction, it gives praise to the classics of it's genre. Tho there are kids in it doing martial arts (which are pretty good actors as well) Don't bring yours to see this movie, unless you don't mind them watching the hyper violence, which the public I screened the movie with enjoyed quite much; those swords are pretty sharp, trust me.

by the end the audience had applauded, cheered, LOL, and where very quiet in those sad moments of Raizo's childhood.

Certainly recommend it.
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One of the best (and very messy) ninja films of all time.
evilresident09727 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Plot: When Raizu(Rain) was just a child he was kidnapped by the Ozunu Clan and trained to become one of the most notorious types of assassin: a ninja. But when he was still in training, his friend was killed and later Raizu betrayed Lord Ozunu(Sho Kosugi) and his clan of ninjas. Now Raizu must protect Europol agent Mika Coretti(Naomie Harris), who has discovered the clan and made herself a target for Ozunu. What follows is an hour and forty minutes of full blown carnage and mayhem, ninja style.

It may sound wacky, but this sweet adrenaline rush shouldn't be missed. The plot is pretty hazy, and that ends up being the only fail point for the entire film. The action is INSANE. Every fight scene/shootout is really fast paced and action packed. It's also very gruesome and gory. In the first scene, a group of everyday thugs get decapitated, dismembered, and impaled with nasty ninja instruments of destruction. And don't forget the limbs flying all over the place in nearly every fight scene.

All in all, don't let that rancid "New Moon" hype keep you from buying a ticket to 99 minutes of pure ninja fun. And for all the squeamish, please don't forget your barf bags as well. This ain't no kiddie ride. I give it a 9 out of 10.
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Plenty of blood & martial arts fights if nothing else.
poolandrews17 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Ninja Assassin is set in Berlin where Europol researcher Mika Coretti (Naomie Harris) has a possible lead on several assassinations, Mika believes that Government's are paying a Japanese clan of Ninja assassins to take out anyone they want. The last bureau investigator to make the connection Alexsei Sabatin (Wladimir Tarasjanz) was thrown out of Europol & was then murdered, Mika is convinced she is right & continues to pursue her theory & talks to Alexi's widow who gives Mika a file about the Ozu Ninja clan that her late husband had built up. Going back to her apartment Mika is attacked by the Ozu Ninja who now want her dead as she is too close, but Mika is saved by another Ninja who introduces himself as Raizo (Rain) who was once a member of the Ozu clan but turned his back on them after they killed his girlfriend & now wants to bring them down. On the run from the Ozu clan & Europol both Raizo & Mika have to deal with Ninja assassins & armed police as they go on the run...

This American & German co-production was directed by James McTeigue & if you want lots of bloody Ninja fighting action & martial arts moves then Ninja Assassin is the film you need to see, if your a Ninja, martial arts or action film fan then it's very hard not to like Ninja Assassin. First of all the plot isn't anything groundbreaking, a superhuman Ninja assassin decides killing people isn't the life for him so turns against his master & clan & sets out to put an end to the Ozu Ninja assassins. The first half of Ninja Assassin is split between the present day action of Europol agent Mika uncovering the existence of the Ozu Ninja & flashbacks from Raizo chronicling his brutal training & the events that had lead up to the present situation, I will certainly give the script credit for trying to inject some heart & feeling into the Ninja & giving him some proper strong reasons for his bloody revenge even if it is still a little simplistic. At 100 odd minutes the pace is good & the second half features some truly spectacular Ninja & martial arts fights the likes of which I can't remember seeing before. I did question the climax somewhat though, how did Mika get Raizo to swallow that homing device? Why did Europol turn up at the motel if the homing device was on Raizo? How did Mika know the Ozu Ninja would just take Raizo rather than kill him & her there & then? I suppose you could come up with plausible answers for these questions though so it's not a deal breaker or a film killer.

I watched Ninja Assassin on Blu-ray last night & it looked mightily impressive, the Blu-ray also features a few deleted scenes which expand on the investigation by Mika a little bit but nothing major was cut. Where Ninja Assassin excels is with it's fight scenes, there are some fantastically cool martial arts scenes here from the Ozu Ninja attacking a Europol building to a great fight on a road with speeding cars zooming past the fighters to the climax set inside a burning dojo with embers floating in the air everywhere as sworn enemies fight to scenes of Raizo slicing the bad guy's up with a razor sharp blade on the end of a long chain. Ninja Assassin is probably as good as the final Ninja scene from Tarantino's Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) only in colour so the copious amounts of blood splatter can be seen in it's full glory. Make no mistake about it Ninja Assassin is maybe the goriest big budget Hollywood flick to get a theatrical release, heads are chopped in half, bodies are cut in half, arms, legs, fingers & heads are severed, people are stabbed, cut, chopped up & the amount of blood is often quite staggering. I also liked how the makers made the Ninja assassins of stealth who moved silently through the shadows & only show glimpses of them for the first few action scenes. There are plenty of cool poses & stylised action moves to keep one entertained & amused, some of the Ninja weaponry is cool too with some seriously dangerous looking Shruiken.

With a supposed budget of about $40,000,000 this is very well made, even on high definition Blu-ray the CGI blood looked alright, actually filmed in Berlin in Germany. The acting is fine, Rain is apparently a Korean pop star but does look the part here & he obviously trained hard. Shô Kosugi comes out of retirement to play the bad guy in his first film role since Drug Connection (1993).

Ninja Assassin isn't going to win any awards for it's intellectual storytelling although it does try to give it's main Ninja character's a bit of depth, it's the gloriously gory, violent & stylish martial arts fights where Ninja Assassin really delivers the good. The Blu-ray looks great too, by the way.
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Criticizing the Reviewers
shadowman111582429 November 2009
Criticizing the Ninja Assassin Reviewers

After reading a few of the reviews of the movie "Ninja Assassins", one thing you will notice is that each of the critics is using the same phrases to describe this movie. Either these online critics are plagiarizing themselves or one critic is selling his review to multiple news agencies. I have been noticing this trend in movie reviews for some time now. If these so called critics are selling their reviews then it is unfair to print their messages without alerting the readers that these messages have been re-circulated. If these reviews are from multiple sources then the news agencies that pay for them should seriously review their plagiarism policies. I checked the bylines and most have different authors if they are listed at all.

You will notice the use of "fan boys" to describe the lover of martial art movies. The term "fan boy" is a new nomenclature, only recently used within the past three years, and cannot possibly be used to describe the decades long viewers of martial arts movies.

My last complaint is with the reviews themselves. We do not need dialogue from the movie presented in the review. What is the purpose of including dialogue in the review; is it to prove to your publishers that you actually attended the screening, or is it that you cannot give a review without spoiling the show for the next potential viewer. Of the many reviews I have read, only one offered a semblance of originality. M. Faust, who writes for Art Voice a weekly newspaper, the review can be read at www. titled his review "Overkill". Faust at least attempted to analyze the plot of the movie, although the reviewer believes that plot was miniscule, the writer at least acknowledged the existence of one, most reviewers of this film claimed to not be able to find a plot to "Ninja Assassins". I can only assume that the writers of some of these reviews were asked by their publishers to see the movie, why else would they go unless they were a fan of the genre.

Also see the reviews at the links below. The first two reviews use the term "fan boy" and you can find others by simply typing "Ninja Assassins" and "fan boy" in your web address search block. And incidentally, go see the movie for yourself, only you know what you will find entertaining.
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I don't know what to say
alltimebest30 November 2009
I feel that a 4 is generous for starters. Let's first of all start with the complete lack of plot. I mean these are the same guys that brought us V for Vendetta and then they give us this nonsense. The horrible plot which is usually forgivable in an action flick just feels so overplayed throughout the entire film. You also feel no connection to the characters at all. Frankly that's all you can even say about it.

The action is laughable and yea there is tons of gore but it looks so terribly fake you'll be laughing the entire time.

Frankly the best recommendation I can give is consider getting it on bluray if only to show off your home theater setup but most of the film is so dark its hard to even consider that.

I'm sorry if I seem harsh but this movie didn't even manage to keep me mildly entertained
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my type of film
lora286 December 2009
This was my type of film. Non stop action, interesting and believable martial arts scenes and other aspects I won't mention because they could be spoilers. I found the story realistic and believable. I felt the lead actors were excellent. I was really impressed with Rain. I had never heard of him before this movie. When I researched him I found out that he was in Speed Racer (I have the DVD, but had not watched it)and so I watched the movie and enjoyed his part in that one also. I can't figure out why the major critics didn't give this movie high marks, however several critics mentioned that NINJA ASSASSINS is redundant leading me to believe they didn't understand the movie at all. The lead character is a NINJA who kills other NINJAS and other NINJAS are trying to kill him.
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Super Market Sushi
tedg1 August 2010
More junk for kids. Superficially the most talented folks here were the guys that added the snickersnack sounds of the blades and the crew that composited in all the exploding blood. But there are two things that hold the interest.

One, believe it or not, is the story. It is reversal on the Karate Kid grasshopper pattern. The head guy here was more of a Darth Vader and his top student rebels out of some sense of morality. This is one of the few times we have been reminded that ninja were the bad guys. Though they still have magical powers here, there is the hint that they would rely on treachery over skill. There is of course no suspense regarding the outcome.

But the other is the manner in which the action scenes have been framed for cinema. All these martial art movies emphasize the performance more than the combat. Sometimes the camera gets involved; these things are inherently cinematic which is why we have them. But rarely is there some camera-aware innovation.

A reader put me on to this, otherwise I never would have bothered. Lana Wachowski seems to have had a hand in the middle action sequence. The ones at the beginning and end are ordinary. But the one starting with our young hero escaping from captivity is clearly an experiment by Wachowski and his support team.

You don't need a great movie to have these cinematic advances. "Transformers," and then "Speed Racer" were dumb, as dumb as this, but they added to the visual imagination in ways that matter. In this case, it is all about slicing time, manipulating light in extreme ways and suspending ambiguous causality.

I almost imagine that this got made in large part as experiment for whatever the Wachowskis do next. They are working for us, and it brightens my day.

Ted's Evaluation -- 2 of 3: Has some interesting elements.
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Gore and Cartoonish Action Movie
claudio_carvalho19 October 2014
In Berlin, the Europol researcher Mika Coretti (Naomie Harris) shows evidences of the existence of a network of assassin ninjas in the murder of politicians to her chief Ryan Maslow (Ben Miles). She is hunted down by the ninjas and protected by the mysterious ninja Raizo (Rain).

Mika learns that Raizo is an orphan raised by the Ozunu Clan in Japan and brutally trained since childhood to be a heartless killer by his master Ozunu (Sho Kosugi). Raizo has been attracted by the kind Kiriko (Anna Sawai) since when he was a boy. When Kiriko decides to runaway from the Ozunu Clan, she is captured and executed by Raizo's ninja brother Takeshi (Rick Yune). Soon Raizo turns against Ozunu and cuts his face. Now he is also hunted down by his ninja brothers. Mika convinces Raizo to meet Maslow, but they are betrayed. Will they survive the attack of the Ozunu Clan?

"Ninja Assassin" is a gore and cartoonish action movie that follows the violence of Takashi Miike. The plot is flawed, the characters are poorly developed but the action makes this movie worthwhile watching with violent fights like in a video-game, great choreography and lots of gore. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Ninja Assassino" ("Assassin Ninja")
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Ninja KickAssassin!
pixelblink23 November 2009
I had no expectations going into this movie except for a crap load of blood and guts and pure cheese. It delivered that and more. I think I expected a bit of a throwback to the classic 80s ninja movies but it really took it beyond that realm and made into something new and awesome.

Director James McTeigue (V For Vendetta) took a simple script and created a serious take on a laughable genre, providing great action scenes that made me actually clap out loud with the rest of the audience - an amazing feat if you consider the lack of any recognizable actors.
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IMDb Failed Me For The First Time Ever
wspeedc26 November 2009
I have always relied on IMDb. I have found that any movie receiving a 7 or above has something to offer. Whether that be solid acting, a great plot, or tremendous cinematography a 7 or above meant it had something. This movie had nothing.

If you really like pointless violence then by all means go see this movie. There is plenty. The acting is beyond terrible. There are line after line of poorly delivered material waiting for you as you enjoy the only good thing about this movie, your drink. One line in particular (I cannot say what it is because it may be considered a "spoiler") brought the entire audience around me to laughing out loud. The only good part about this movie was the big guy next to me who lost it at the end of the movie because of how corny and cheesy it was.

Perhaps I should have waited for the weekend to end before seeing this movie to allow IMDb to get votes from people other than the 13 year old boys who can't get enough blood. 7.7? Hahahahaha. I don't think so.

1/10 for being the first bad movie I have seen in a very long time. IMDb has be solid until now. It wasted my money and my time. Save your money and watch College Football this weekend.
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Way too much credit is given by saying to check your brain at the door
DonFishies27 November 2009
I loathed the very existence of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I knew I would hate it, but somehow managed to go in hoping for the best with lowered expectations. It made things worse. After surviving that obnoxiously loud and repugnantly offensive film, I figured I could make it through anything. Even something as silly looking as Ninja Assassin. But sadly, I was incorrect.

After a ridiculously awesome and gory opening scene setting the stage for what is to come, Ninja Assassin jumps headfirst into the story of Raizo (Rain), a ninja living in Berlin who wants to claim revenge on the makeshift ninja orphanage that raised him. Through mindlessly edited flashbacks sequences, the audience discovers how he became the ninja he is, and why he seeks revenge. And there is even a subplot about Europol agents trying to find ninja gangs, corrupt governments, and kinds of other ideas better stuffed down the rabbit hole.

In a word, Ninja Assassin is just awful. I realize action flicks are usually left mindless for a reason, but this film brings the word mindless to a new level. The confusing plot line is held together by mere threads throughout the film with no semblance of even attempting to try and make sense of itself. I realize I managed a description of the film, but trying to piece together motivations, actions, and reactions is simply an exercise in futility. There is simply no point. And even looking at it simply as a genre flick made simply for people to either laugh at its stupidity during a drinking game at home, or the type of movie people go to see to be wowed by the sheer amount of carnage on screen, it simply fails to live up to any measure of decency that any good movie should.

I was impressed by how much story the filmmakers manage to stuff into the film, but after an hour of watching a half baked storyline padded out with heavily effects driven action sequences, the film just became more boring than anything else. And for a movie that practically drowns in how much blood is spilled, that says a lot. After the opening scene, the film just fails to live up to its own desire to be a ridiculous actioner. It knows it has the ability to be the film that brings ninjas back to the box office in droves, but it lacks the capacity to go the distance and truly be that film. Some scenes are just so horribly written that one wonders why anyone ever thought it was a good idea to make this movie.

For anyone who argues that the action sequences that drive the film are what make the film acceptable, think again. These scenes are so effects heavy, so filled to the brim with CGI that I began questioning if Rain was a CGI character or not. I realize it is hard to make throwing stars fly through the air and look realistic when impaled into someone's chest or eye, but there must have been a much better way to put some of these action scenes together than like this. It just feels so haphazard, so badly choreographed. Remember when Bruce Lee and his stuntmen could pull sequences like these off in real life, without the aid of a computer? Remember when the Wachowskis made The Matrix back in 1999, with all the fight scenes and sparingly used CGI (well, at least in comparison to its two effects happy sequels)? Ninja Assassin is nothing like either of those examples, and it is a real disappointment as a result. Some of the movements and money shot-style deaths are simply incredible, but they lose their lasting effect because of how silly and fake some of the effects look.

Worse yet is the extremely obscene use of blood. Now I am not one to wince or be disgusted at the sight of a film simply filled to the top with blood. I adore Kill Bill: Volume 1 and had a great time watching the absurdly no-holds-barred ending of Rambo. But even at their silliest, the blood in those films stayed remotely realistic (key word being remotely), and was not overdone, as much of an oxymoron as that sounds. But Ninja Assassin cakes on the blood in every scene, ridiculously shooting out of every possible angle, in every possible direction. And none of it looks real. The scars and after effects of what causes the injuries this blood spills from are really well done, but every cause of injury is not. The blood is just too digitally animated for this kind of movie. It needs more in the way of realism, in these wonderful makeup effects. Hell, some of the shots are so dark and so quickly edited that it attempts to mask how horrible some of the blood effects look. Sure there are plenty of wow moments, but not enough for any of this overused CGI to be acceptable.

Getting into any pretense of discussing the acting is to acknowledge that there is, in fact, acting occurring during the film. Yes, Rain surprised me, but only because he spends most of the film grunting, yelling or staying mute. As for the rest of the cast, they either look uninterested, confused, or doing the same thing as Rain.

It simply boggles my mind to think Ninja Assassin was ever made at all. It has a really bad ass opening sequence, a few cool moments of action, but no other redeeming qualities. It does not even become so bad that it becomes good. It quite honestly, wallows away in silliness from beginning to end. I wish I could say this car crash of a film kept me mildly entertained, but even that is giving it too much credit.

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Finally A Ninja Movie that feels it has Ninja's
pradhyoth28 November 2010
Although I've seen it like an year ago, I have seen it again today. Of all the movies that have Ninja's this one seems like it really had, unlike the other ones where ninja's were mostly very good swordsman and martial arts. This one has almost all of the ninja characteristics like Stealth, Healing, Speed and Accuracy Coming to the plot its an extra-ordinary one but enough to show case the Ninja-ness. Even though there might be lot of blood and violence its realistic and justifiable. The graphical effects could've been a little better If you love Ninja's and can tolerate a bit of violence then this is the movie for you. Don't justify this movie based on the rating from here as lot of people don't like to see blood n gore content and also its lack of plot would not satisfy people. There are a couple of scenes which you wouldn't like to miss if you love ninja stuff so watch out
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Watchowsky + Tarantiono = Ninja Assassin
reach_urs_abhi29 November 2009
As entering an empty theater on the 2nd day of the release , was a little of tension moment on what am i gonna see in this. But man the intro scene itself just blown me away as am seeing a Kill bill volume. High flying action n gore n blood to the extreme. One of the most bloodiest movies i had past through as throughout the movie my little brother was closing his eyes on seeing the blood spill. No story base is seen in this one , to be true. But the action sequences adds the mush spice to the movie which holds back the viewers to the seat. Some sequences like those fight inside the toilet n the closing fight sequences were just rocking as this much thrill is what that lacks in now a days action flicks. Chinese teenage girl was cute by the way n emotional aspects did worked out on the flash back sequences. If you are an hardcore action lover who enjoys humor + cables + sword + blood , then Ninja Assassin is a sure watch. The genre is back guys. Am giving a perfect for this insane action flick.
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