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Sex & Nudity

  • A man and woman kiss passionately in a college staff room.
  • Sex scene (song - Rasiya) The woman later seduces the man, she kisses him and leads him up the stairs, half-way there he pins her against the wall and kisses her (not seen directly). When they get to the bedroom, she takes off his shirt, his naked torso is shown, she proceeds to take off her own nightgown (shown from behind). She pushes the man on the bed and crawls on top and starts kissing him, he rolls her over and continues kissing. The camera cuts to the woman straddling the man, the man is then shown on top.

Violence & Gore

  • A husband slaps his wife several times as she tries to escape.
  • A few men rough handle Avantika as she tries to scream and escape.
  • We briefly see dead bodies charred from a grenade blast.
  • Ehsaan is hit by a bullet in the chest. Avantika is horrified at the sight but helps him out of his shirt and removes the bullet. He asks her to stitch up the wound and as she inserts the needle streams of blood start running down his body. When she can't do it anymore, Ehsaan does it himself. A very gory scene.
  • A scene shows the outcome of a bombing. Dead bodies lying around and wounded people covered in blood.
  • Many shootouts between terrorists and police, when someone is hit, blood spurts out, disturbingly realistic.
  • An old woman is shot in the head and blood is scattered all over.


  • None. Although people describe several attrocities of the Iraq Afghanistan bombing.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The scene where Avantika finds out about Ehsaan and her neighbours can be considered intense.
  • The bullet retrieval scene described above and the climax may also disturb very young viewers.

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