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  • September 1998: A recent spate of unusual suicide incidents where several high school girls fell to their death, but left no suicide note and had apparently no reason to commit suicide. In this case, no apparent relationship. Shiki discovers that there is one thing in common and there is a strange force in the shadows behind this bizarre deaths. Will she discover the culprit before someone else's life is in danger?


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  • "If it is alive, even if it is a God, I can kill it." This is the story about a girl who unwillingly obtains the ability to see "death lines" - the seams of life - in all creation. Her name is Ryogi Shiki. In the beginning, she accepts the state imposed on her indifferently. However, the moment she questions her life, she ironically falls into a coma for two years. When she comes to, she finds that the world had changed Or rather, the change is in herself. So, wielding a shining knife, hunting monsters living on the borders of the normal and abnormal worlds becomes her only purpose to live All the while knowing that there is someone keeping an eye on her.

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